The Pine Valley Bulletin

HUBBARD, Angela “Angie” Baxter
Portrayed by
: Debbi Morgan (1982-90, 1993-95 (LOV), 1995-97 (City), 2008-present); Saundra Quarterman (1990-91)
Family: Les Baxter (Father); Pat Baxter (Mother); Frank Hubbard (Son); Cassandra Foster (Daughter)
Marriages: Jesse Hubbard; Jesse Hubbard; Charles Harrison; Jacob Foster; Jesse Hubbard

1982: Angie Baxter had wanted to be a doctor as long as she could remember. She was working at Pine Valley Hospital as a candy striper while handling a full load of work at Pine Valley University. Dr. Frank Grant introduced Angie to his nephew, Jesse Hubbard. Jesse and Angie hit it off in a strange way. Their differences in upbringings caused them to clash. But behind their fights was a mutual attraction. Soon, they were a couple.
Angie convinced best friend Jenny Gardner to commit to her one true love Greg Nelson. But as much as she worried about Jenny’s relationship, her own with Jesse faced a great challenge. Jesse was on the run in New York for the rape of Liza Colby. Angie knew the Jesse had to be innocent, but in the court of public opinion he was already guilty. This was especially true for Angie’s disapproving father, Les Baxter.

1983: Angie and Jesse wanted to bring their relationship to the next level. But, Angie was having troubles being intimate. She had long held the belief that she was going to save herself until marriage. Jess proposed to Angie, and they rashly eloped.
Realizing what they did, both of them got cold feat. But Angie’s dissonance was even greater after she learned she was pregnant. Determined to keep it a secret, Angie went about her life as if nothing had changed. She finally broke down and told the truth to her mother, Pat. Pat encouraged Angie to tell Jesse if they had any hopes of staying together.
When Angie asked Jesse about how he felt about children, Jesse told him that he was not ready for them. That was enough of a hint for Angie. She filed for divorce and arranged for her child to be adopted.
But holding her child in her arms for the first time changed her mind. She admitted the truth to Jesse. But before they could do anything, Angie’s father, Les, had already given the baby up for adoption. Jesse and a recovering Angie went on a desperate search for their son. When they found the child, they hid out in Sea City to escape Les. They named their son Frank Hubbard after Jesse’s uncle. Together again, Jesse and Angie wed. But marital bliss had to wait: both were wanted for kidnapping.

1984: Cleared of all kidnapping charges, Angie and Jesse embarked on their life as newlyweds. Money was always tight, so Angie and Jesse looked to invest in a new business venture with Jenny and Greg. Together, they bought the Steam Pit nightclub. But, Jesse had trouble finding the seed money to invest, so he borrowed from a loan shark named Murray. Unable to pay Murray back, the Hubbards were forced to sign their rights over to him.

1985: Jesse began a signing career while Angie continued her studies at Pine Valley University. The pressures of home and school began to take its toll on Angie. She noticed Jesse was growing especially close to his new singing partner, Yvonne Caldwell. Angie was also unsettled by the appearance of Jesse’s half-brother, Eugene Hubbard. Angie did not want Jesse to fall back into the bad habits of his past.
Angie’s professor, John Voight, began to make inappropriate advances. Angie was determined to make it through the semester without telling Jesse. John offered to improve Angie’s grades if she agreed to an affair. This was the breaking point for Angie. She told Jesse everything. Jesse admitted to having been unfaithful himself. He had slept with Yvonne. Angie reported John to the university and graduated with honors.
Eugene and Yvonne left Pine Valley, leaving room for the Hubbards to repair their marriage.

1987: Yvonne came back to Pine Valley pregnant and claiming the child to be Jesse’s. Angie helped Yvonne through the ordeal, causing her to admit that she and Jesse never actually slept together. Yvonne arranged to put the child up for adoption. When she had second thoughts, Yvonne was told that she would not be getting her baby back.
Jesse uncovered an underground baby-selling ring in Pine Valley lead by a criminal mastermind named Mr. Big. Jesse staged a sting, revealing Mr. Big to be none other than Les! Angie arrived on the scene just in time to see Jesse overpower her father, who had pointed a gun at him. Les stumbled down a staircase, to his death. The scene haunted Angie so much, she asked Jesse to move out.
Angie befriended Cindy Parker, a recent widow who learned she had contracted HIV from her drug-using husband. Cindy had trouble finding a job to support her son, Scott Parker. Angie opened her home to the Parkers. Jesse worried about Angie and Frankie’s health. Little was known about how HIV was transmitted. Angie assured Jesse that Cindy was not going to hurt them.
Angie had the difficult job of telling Cindy that her HIV had become AIDS.

1988: Angie worked tirelessly to hold off the virus from affecting Cindy’s daily life. But it was evident that her time was running out. Angie told Cindy there was not anymore that she or the hospital could do for her.
Angie and Jesse’s home was attacked by a vigilante group who wanted to drive Cindy out of town. Cindy almost died when the fire was set to the Hubbard home.
Angie’s family fell victim to another criminal. While in the line of duty, Jesse was shot with a bullet meant for the criminal, John "Remy" Remington. Jesse hung on long enough to tell Angie how much he loved her. Not even Angie’s greatest efforts at the hospital could save him.

1989: Angie suffered another great loss when Cindy succumbed to complications from AIDS. Mortality never seemed so real to Angie. Angie found support in her colleague, Cliff Warner. Though they had worked together for years, Angie never saw Cliff in a romantic light before.
Angie’s happiness with Cliff was compromised when his ex-wife, Nina Connelly returned to Pine Valley. Nina’s son, Mikey Connelly, fell ill with a strange disease. The doctors at Pine Valley Hospital helped cure Mikey. In the process, they discovered that Mikey was in fact Cliff’s son. Angie did not want to come between a family. She knew she had to end things with Cliff.

1990-91: Angie began dating Dr. Cal Cummings. Only, Cal also had eyes for Pat. Angie did not want a man to get between she and her mother.
She moved on to Derek Frye. They were quickly engaged to marry.
Angie could not go through with marrying Derek. Angie realized there was nothing really left for her Pine Valley. She took a new job in California, hoping she and Frank could start a new life there.

1993-95: Angie moved back to Pennsylvania, taking a job at Corinth Hospital. Corinth was not far from Pine Valley, but Angie was not ready to return to her old home, where there had been so many memories of Jesse. Angie had a hard time as a single mom. Frankie had a rebellious streak, just like his father, and could not seem to stay out of trouble.
Charles Harrison came to Angie after he caught Frankie filming him in a private conversation. Charles revealed he was working with FBI in Corinth to protect Cooper Alden. Frankie's tape compromised his work. Charles had an undeniable attraction to Angie. He rescued Angie after she was kidnapped while on a lecture trip to New York City.
Angie faced a health scare after she was pricked by a needle that she believed exposed her to HIV. Though tests were negative for the deadly virus, Angie did contract a condition that compromised her health. She needed a transplant to save her life. After a plane crash that nearly killed a dozen of Corinth's residents, Angie found a match in Buck Huston's daughter Jenny. Only, Buck did not know Jenny was his daughter. When he learned the truth, he consented to the transplant that would save Angie's life. Jenny died from injuries sustained in the crash.
Angie married Charles. Their happiness was compromised by the arrival of Jacob Foster, someone who looked exactly like Jesse. Angie was drawn to Jacob. Jacob and Charles shared a past. Charles failed to protect Jacob's family from mob related violence. Charles grew distant from Angie during a serial killer investigation and after learning Frankie's new girlfriend, Bree, was his daughter with Lorraine Hawkins. Angie could not deny her attraction to Jacob. Angie left Charles, and moved to New York City with Jacob. Frankie was also moving to New York to attend film school.

1995-97: Angie opened the Front Street Clinic in New York City at 212 Greene Street. She treated an eight year old girl named Kayla. Out of nowhere, Kayla pulled out a gun and demanded money from Angie. After the police intervened, Angie learned Kayla was a runaway with nowhere to go. Angie volunteered to be her foster mother. Angie and Kayla quickly bonded. When Angie began the process of adopting Kayla, she faced many hurdles because she was African American and Kayla was white.
A group of white supremacist bombed the clinic, and Jacob's City Bar. Frankie was caught in the City Bar explosion. Social workers deemed the situation unfit for Kayla, and took her away. After Frankie recovered, he decided to move to California. Angie thought she was going to be along, until Jacob surprised her with a proposal to marry, one she quickly accepted.
Lorraine decided to move to New York too. Charles and Jacob both had a relationship with Lorraine. Lorraine had made her continued attraction for Jacob very apparent. Angie was preoccupied trying to secure a divorce from Charles, and Lorraine's presence in New York did not help the situation.
Unable to carry a child, Angie turned to surrogacy. Lorraine positioned herself as Jacob and Angie's surrogate, but Angie would have none of it. A drunk Lorraine confronted Angie about the issue. Angie accidentally pushed Lorraine, and fell into oncoming traffic. Guilt ridden Angie did everything she could to save Lorraine, but it was too late. In her dying breath, Lorraine told Angie she saw a baby alone in an alleyway. Lorraine told Angie to find "Cassandra."
Angie followed Lorraine's lead. She found a baby by a street sign named "Cassandra," just as Lorraine had said. Her mother had abandoned her. Angie and Jacob adopted the girl and named her Cassandra Foster. Finally divorced from Charles, Angie and Jacob married.
Wedding bliss was not to be, and Angie and Jacob separated. Angie continued to work in New York City specializing in infectious diseases. Jacob moved to Paris to pursue his love of art and music. Cassandra grew up splitting time between her parents across the Atlantic.

2008: Dr. Joe Martin asked Angie to come back to Pine Valley to consult on a series of toxin cases. Angie had been working for the Center for Disease Control. When she arrived, she was surprised to see Frankie was her patient. She had lost touch with Frankie after he enlisted in the army. Frankie and Greenlee duPres suffered from asphyxiation after ingesting a toxin in the woods. The ordeal brought Angie and Frankie back together. It also brought another surprising face back to Pine Valley: Jesse.
Jesse had been on the run for the last two decades from a crime lord called the Papel. He was afraid that the Papel would hurt Angie and Frankie. Tad Martin’s new wife, Krystal Martin, staged it so that Angie would see Jesse before he skipped town. Jesse agreed to stick around Pine Valley. When Cassandra came for a visit, Angie finally had everyone she loved under one roof again.
The papel turned out to be Tad’s uncle, Robert Gardner. Robert wrongfully thought Jesse was in possession of a priceless diamond. The diamond was hidden in a doll given to Angie by John Remington. Robert made his move at the day of the Hubbard wedding, kidnapping Angie as a hostage. Luckily, Jesse was able to subdue Robert. With the Papel in custody, Angie thought her family could finally be happy.
Against Angie’s wishes, Jesse became the Chief of Police. One of his first cases was the murder of Richie Novak. Cassandra was wrongfully implicated in being part of a hit and run that killed Richie. The ordeal compromised her relationship with her daughter. Cassandra decided to live with Jacob in Paris.
Jesse was keeping a secret from his family. While on the run, he had a child named Natalia. Natalia was injured the night a tornado passed through Pine Valley. Jesse was forced to tell Angie the truth so that he could consent to Natalia’s surgery. Natalia’s mother, Dr. Rebecca Fowler, came to Pine Valley to retreive her. Natalia revealed Rebecca had a brain tumor and refused treatment. She signed a DNR with Angie. But when the time came to treat Rebecca, Natalia begged Angie to ignore or mother’s request. After Rebcca made it through her seizure and coma, Angie invited Jesse’s other family to stay with them while Rebecca recovered.