The Pine Valley Bulletin

FLAX, Margo
Portrayed by
: Eileen Letchworth (1974-76)
Family: Claudette Montgomery (Daughter)
Marriages: Paul Martin

1974: Paul Martin sought out Margo as an integral character witness in Jason’s murder. Margo saw this as the perfect time for her to uproot to Pine Valley. She moved into a room at the Linden House. As she befriended Mona Kane, Margo was bad mouthing Erica to Paul.
Margo loved all the attention Paul was paying her. She would slowly give him the information he needed so as to spend more time with him. There relationship hit a roadblock when they identified the murder weapon to be Margo’s gun. Margo adamantly denied the allegations. She admitted to seeing Jason earlier that evening with the intent on killing him, but could not go through with it. She left the gun in his hotel room in defeat. Paul was her greatest defender, eventually finding the real murderer: Mona.
Without the trial, Margo was afraid she was going to loose Paul. Her greatest fear was realized when Paul’s wife, Anne Martin, came back to Pine Valley. Margo befriended Anne with the intent of securing her own position in Paul’s life. Margo made it clear that Anne had left him a shell of the human being. Margo was by Paul through the biggest trials of his life. Anne agreed to the divorce, and Margo came in for the kill.
Margo’s final plot to win Paul over was to get a facelift. Margo lied that she was leaving town to spend time with her daughter, Claudette Montgomery. Claudette arrived in Pine Valley and almost blew Margo’s cover. Paul did not stand a chance. By the end of the year, Margo was the newest Mrs. Martin.

1975: Margo felt her husband slipping away. He was spending more and more time with Anne. She knew desperate times called for desperate measures. She turned to the black market for a baby. For the next nine months, she was going to feign pregnancy to hold on to Paul. Then, miraculously, a baby was going to arrive on her doorstep.

1976: Paul found our about Margo’s plot to adopt a child. He felt betrayed and pushed Margo to the curb. Margo knew the only way she could hurt him like he hurt her, was to hurt Anne.
She began volunteering at The Boutique. One day, she called Anne to work inventory with her. She pretended to get an important call and left. Secretly, she had turned on the furnace that was leaking carbon monoxide. Paul saved Anne at the last minute. Margo learned Anne was pregnant with Paul’s child. With no chance to reunite with her husband, Margo agreed to a divorce and left Pine Valley behind her.