The Pine Valley Bulletin

ENGLISH, Laura Kirk
Portrayed by
: Lauren Roman (1995-98); Laura Allen (2000-02)
Family: Brooke English (Adoptive Mother); Jamie Martin (Brother); Laura Cudahy (Sister); Janet Green Dillon (Adoptive Mother); Pierce Riley (Adoptive Father)
Marriages: Leo duPres

1995: Teenage Laura Kirk’s life was turned upside down when her mother died in a tenement fire. Laura did not want to be taken into state custody, so she ran away. Her old neighbor, Nellie, had told her of a beautiful Pennsylvania town named Pine Valley, where one of her old Carnival friends, Myrtle Fargate, ran a boarding house. Upon arrival in the small town, Laura was quick to alienate her only potential contact by stealing from Myrtle’s store, The Boutique.
Laura needed a place to stay and found refuge in one of Brooke English’s shelters. That night, another resident physically abused her. When Laura got wind of Brooke being honored for her philanthropy, Laura decided to crash the party. The wounded teenager openly berated the shelter’s patron saint.
Laura began camping in the woods near Willow Lake. She stumbled across anw injured Janet Green, and began nursing her to health. A man named Pierce Riley took them in. Pierce was staying in a cabin by the lake. The three formed an instant family. Pierce wanted Laura to go back to school. But, when the state found out where Laura was staying, them wanted to make better arrangements.
Laura fell ill with appendicitis. Janet and Pierce left her at the hospital alone. Upon recovery, Pierce thought it best for Laura to remain in Pine Valley. Myrtle offered her a room in the Boarding House despite her early indiscretion.

1996: Family Services placed Laura in Brooke’s care. Laura’s hatred for Brooke was fueled by her friendship with Janet. When Laura caught Brooke and Pierce in an embrace, she thought it as a betrayal of their unique family bond. Pierce did not want to hurt Laura anymore, so he left town.
Brooke refused to give up on Laura, no matter how hard she tried. Laura finally saw Brooke’s affections as genuine. Brooke offered to formally adopt her and offer her a life of privilege that she never thought she could have. Pierce came back to Pine Valley to give Laura his blessing.
Laura became consumed with life at Pine Valley High School. She began dating Scott Chandler, her summer school tutor.

1997: Laura’s past caught up with her when Tim Dillon distributed pornographic photos of her in the halls of Pine Valley High School. Laura came home to the sight of the man who was responsible for her exploitation, Jim Thomasen. Laura had succumbed to Jim’s plan so that she could get some extra money to buy medication for her ailing mother. Laura wanted to tell Brooke the truth, but she had believed Jim to be a hero after helping her save Maddie Grey after the crash of TransGlobal Flight 149.
Ricky, the model who posed with Laura, kidnapped her. Jim saved Laura from Ricky before he could hurt her again. Laura agreed to keep Jim’s secret. Unknown to Laura, Jim had hired Ricky to kidnap Laura. Laura explained to Brooke why she had posed for the photos, leaving Jim’s name out of her story. When Ricky was found dead a result of foul play, Laura knew her ordeal was not yet over.

1998: Laura left Pine Valley for Boston to get away from Jim. She only came back to Pine Valley upon hearing of Brooke’s plans to marry Jim. She finally broke her silence about what Jim had done to her. Brooke told Laura everything was going to all right. For her own protection, Brooke sent Laura away with a friend to China while she dealt with Jim.

2000: Laura returned from China to help Brooke cope with meeting her daughter, Laura Cudahy’s, murderer, Elliot Freeman. Laura grew up a lot while away. She became very protective of Bianca Montgomery. Bianca confided in Laura that she was gay. Laura knew what it felt like to be an outcast in Pine Valley, and did not want to see Bianca go through the same ordeal.
Laura became romantically interested with Leo duPres. Greenlee Smythe had her own plans for Leo, and did not want Laura getting in the way. At the launch party for, Greenlee threw Laura overboard.

2001: Laura celebrated her admissions to Pine Valley University by rolling on ecstasy. Bianca found her before she overdosed. At the hospital, doctors revealed she had a pre-existing heart condition. Dr. David Hayward did his best to help her condition, but Laura was going to die if she did not get a heart transplant. Laura told her family she was afraid to die.
Leo did his best to make Laura enjoy what he thought was his last days. With some coaxing from Brooke, Leo proposed to her. They married in her hospital room. A miracle happened when a donor heart was made available. Laura’s body accepted the heart without difficulties. No one wanted Laura to know whom the donor was. Laura was heartbroken to learn it was Gillian Lavery. Gillian had only filled out the donor card after learning of Laura’s condition.
Married life with Leo proved to be a difficult transition. Leo tried to hold off consummating the marriage on account of Laura’s heart. In reality, Leo was in love with another woman: Greenlee. Laura became obsessed with Greenlee. She falsely accused Greenlee of trespassing and robbery. But nothing helped her win Leo over. At their vow renewal ceremony, Greenlee declared her love for Leo. Leo left Laura at the altar. Laura vowed to get revenge.

2002: Brooke confronted Laura about her erratic behavior. Laura claimed she could hear people talking about her. Laura knew she needed help. She voluntarily admitted herself into a recovery clinic outside of Pine Valley.