The Pine Valley Bulletin

ENGLISH, Brooke Allison
Portrayed by
: Elissa Leeds (1976); Julia Barr (1976-81, 1982-2006); Harriet Hall (1981)
Family: Edward English (Father); Jane Dobrin (Mother); Peg English (Step-mother); Phoebe English (Aunt); Laura Cudahy (Daughter); Jamie Martin (Son); Laura Kirk English (Adopted Daughter)
Marriages: Tom Cudahy; Adam Chandler; Tad Martin; Edmund Grey

1976: A rebellious Brooke English was dropped off at the Tyler Estate in hopes that her strict Aunt Phoebe Tyler would whip her into shape. To Phoebe, Brooke could do no wrong, she was her beloved brother's little girl. But Brooke had a different personality when she was alone at the pool house. She was secretly sleeping with Phoebe’s new chauffer, Benny Sago. All the while, she was seducing clean cut Dan Kennicott. The summer visit turned into a permanent arrangement when Benny caught Phoebe plotting against Kitty Shea and blackmailed her into letting Brooke stay for the school year.

1977: Brooke was becoming bored of flipping between Dan and Benny. She set her sights on Tom Cudahy, a former pro-football star. Tom entertained her flirtations, but something stood in their way. Erica Kane proclaimed Tom her territory. Brooke, like Erica, was used to getting what she wants. Brooke would be the first woman to challenge her. Phoebe warned Brooke that fighting Erica was a task that even she may not be ready to undertake.

1978: Brooke had successfully seduced Dan. Though he was now technically dating Devon Shepherd, Brooke was the one who had him in bed. Phoebe rolled into the pool house and caught them in the middle of sex. She demanded that Brooke pack up and head back to her father’s home.
Before Brooke had a chance to leave, she caught Phoebe in a precarious position. The supposedly crippled woman was walking around her study. Empowered with this information, Brooke was able to blackmail Phoebe into allowing her to stay in Pine Valley.
Brooke had given up on Tom the year before when he and Erica began dating. But, this did not stop her from claiming Erica’s position at The Goalpost while she recovered from viral pneumonia. She became one of Tom’s closest friends and confidants.

1979: Brooke met Mark Dalton after he drowned himself in the bottle over his breakup with Ellen Shepherd. Brooke seduced him into her bed. Mark told Brooke that all he had wanted was sex, but Brooke wanted more. Dan walked in on them together. When Brooke told him they were over, he left Pine Valley.
But, the more Brooke tried to win Mark over, the more distant he became. Brooke moved in to his apartment. Mark was annoyed and threw her out.
Dejected, Brooke met Eddie Dorrance. Eddie gave her all the attention that Mark did not. But, Eddie was engaged to be married to Kelly Cole. Eddie’s attention turned to obsession. Brooke tried to break it off, but Eddie overpowered and raped her.
The rape transformed Brooke. She began working at The Goalpost again. Tom saw Brooke had changed, and they became even closer. When Brooke learned she was pregnant was Eddie’s child, she made the difficult decision to have an abortion.

1980: Brooke could not believe she was falling in love with a married man. Though Tom and Erica’s marriage was all but over, Brooke still felt guilty. When Erica returned to Pine Valley after a failed stint in Hollywood, Brooke ended her relationship with Tom.
Brooke, Sean Cudahy, and Nina Cortlandt were trapped in the Pine Valley bank during a robbery. Brooke helped Nina through her diabetic stroke. Sean was able to overpower the robbers. Nina and Brooke were now best friends.
Tom and Erica’s marriage finally crumbled. Tom began dating Brooke again.

1981: Tom surprised Brooke in the middle of the night with a marriage proposal. He had worried about getting married because he needed his marriage to Erica annulled. Brooke accepted, but did not know Tom meant that very night. She married him in her pajamas.
Brooke’s parents returned to Pine Valley. Her father, Edward English, suffered a sudden heart attack. Brooke invited her mother, Peg English, to move in with her. But things were not as they seemed. Brooke realizes her mother was in fact the criminal drug lord Cobra. Peg took Brooke hostage. In the commotion, Peg revealed that she was not in fact her mother. She had secretly fostered a strong resentment for Brooke, the daughter of her husband’s infidelity. This caused enough of a distraction for the police to break in and save her.
In the aftermath of Peg’s revelation, Phoebe made deliberate moves to comfort her niece. She had come to think of Brooke as her own daughter.

1983: Brooke was now working as a cub reporter for Tempo. She was willing to do anything for a story. Her biggest break came about covering the Kent Bogard murder trial. She had found Erica, the mains suspect, in hiding and convinced her to give Tempo an exclusive interview about what actually went down the night of Kent’s death.
But, the interview compromised Erica’s safety. Someone overheard their conversation and turned Erica in for the murder. Erica blamed Brooke for her arrest.

1984: Brooke’s marriage with Tom crumbled as she moved up the ranks at Tempo. She had grown weary of Tom’s houseguest Gil Barrett. Brooke tried to kick Gilout. In his rage, Gil attacked Brooke and tried to rape her. Brooke told Tom, who had trouble believing what his old friend had become.
She learned that Tom and Erica had a one-night-stand the night Erica was to marry Adam Chandler. Brooke left Tom. Not soon after, she learned she was pregnant with his daughter.
Tom sued Brooke for full custody of their unborn daughter. Brooke found support in the most unlikely of people, Mark. Mark was no longer just Brooke’s teenage crush. He helped Brooke deliver her daughter, Laura Cudahy.
Laura helped Tom and Brooke reconcile their differences. Tom dropped his claim. He also finally agreed to go to rehabilitation for his alcoholism. Tom and Brooke rekindled the friendship they had before they married.
Brooke went head to head with Adam when he tried to build a casino in Pine Valley. Brooke led a grass roots campaign for an initiative that banned gambling in the town. Adam did his best to charm Brooke, but she was not impressed.

1985: Brooke’s life as a hard-hitting journalist began to put her in harms way. Mark had tipped her off to a municipal scandal. When she was questioned about her source, she kept Mark’s identity a secret. The judge proclaimed Brooke in contempt, and sent her to prison. The judge could only pressure Brooke so much. When she was released, she realized the judge was a player in the scandal. He sent out a hit man to gun her and Mark down. As the assassin took aim, Mike Roy stepped in the way of the bullets. He was fatally injured in the mealy.
Erica blamed Brooke for Mike’s murder, but Mark knew it was out of her control. Mark asked Brooke to marry him.
Mark and Brooke’s engagement had a rocky start. Brooke was fascinated with a daredevil named Giles St. Clair. She also had to balance her career with a newborn daughter. Mark was offered a job as a pianist on a cruise ship. Brooke knew their engagement was over.

1986: Brooke’s lavish lifestyle with Giles worried everyone around her. Tom believed she was neglecting Laura and again sued for custody. Giles turned up dead, and Tom was the main suspect. Even Brooke knew he would not go that far. Brooke uncovered Giles’ secret affair with another woman, named Solange Garavas. Her husband, Spiros Garavas, killed Giles. With Brooke hot on his tail, he sent out another hit on her. Tom saved her before Spiros’ plot came to fruition.

1987: While doing research for a story for Tempo, Brooke met a homeless woman named Jane Dobrin. Something about Jane struck Brooke. Jane was in possession of a priceless English family heirloom. When she went to Phoebe with the information, Phoebe dropped a bombshell: Jane was Brooke's mother. Edward’s affair was what caused Brooke’s rift with Peg years before.
Brooke took her mother in. Phoebe became jealous of Jane. Brooke assured Phoebe that she would always be like a mother to her. She needed to give Jane a chance. Jane pulled her life together and met a kind man. They moved to Chicago.
Brooke and Erica’s rivalry came to heads at Tempo. On an assignment, they were held hostage at a spa. The women were forced to work together to get out of the situation alive. Jeremy Hunter and Matt Connolly came to their rescue. Adam Chandler wanted to use their animosity to his advantage. He wanted to make Brooke the new Editor-in-Chief to make Erica desperate enough to turn to him for a favor. But, Brooke was not ready to take on the job that required a lot of travel to New York. Adam enticed Brooke by moving headquarters to Pine Valley. She took the job.
Brooke began dating Jeff Martin. Erica called on both of them to help her stage an intervention for Mark. He had been living in Erica’s attic since his return to Pine Valley. His addiction to cocaine had gone too far. It was the love of all his friends that convinced Mark to go into rehabilitation.

1988: Brooke and Adam’s working relationship quickly became something much more. Brooke was able to break Adam’s hard shell and reveal the loving man underneath. At Tom’s wedding to Skye Chandler, Adam announced his engagement to Brooke. They married in a small ceremony in Chandler Mansion.
Brooke and Adam tried hard to conceive. Unfortunately, Brooke was diagnosed with early ovarian failure. Brooke confided her insecurities about not being to provide Adam with a male heir to Laura’s new nanny, Dixie Cooney.
During a romantic dinner with Adam, Tom arrived at the mansion with devastating news. Tom had left Laura with Barbara Montgomery. Laura had wandered off into the street without Barbara knowing. A drunk off duty police officer, Josh Waleski, ran her down. Laura laid brain dead at Pine Valley Hospital. Brooke had to come to grips with the tragedy. She agreed with Tom to donate her organs so that others may live.

1989: Brooke believed she and Adam were going full steam ahead with their plans to adopt a child. But Adam had other plans. Brooke became suspicious when Laura’s nanny, Dixie Cooney, became pregnant. Adam arranged for them to adopt Dixie’s baby. But Brooke had many questions still unanswered. Brooke hired Tad Martin to investigate who the father of Dixie’s child was. But Brooke would have her answer sooner than she expected. After Dixie gave birth to Adam “Junior” Chandler, jr., Brooke caught she and Adam in a precarious position. Dixie admitted the child was really Adam’s. They had been having an affair. Brooke left Adam for his deception. She enlisted the help of attorney Jackson Montgomery to settle her marriage. In the end, she walked away with half of Adam’s vast fortune.
After Adam’s failed marriage to Dixie, he came crawling back to Brooke. Things looked like they were going to work out between them until Brooke discovered Adam’s plot to runaway to England with Junior. Brooke confronted Adam at the Masquerade Ball. Adam had bigger fish to fry. He just learned Palmer Cortlandt had bought Chandler Industries out from under him. All the stress of the evening caused Adam to have a massive stroke.
Brooke tended to Adam by his bedside. He proposed to her again. Brooke would only accept if he promised to stop trying to steal Junior away form his mother. Adam could not make that promise. Brooke left Adam lying in his hospital bed.

1990: Tad and Brooke began working together at Tempo. Tad confided in Brooke that his own marriage with Dixie was crumbling. After Dixie had filed for divorce, Tad spent the night with Brooke. Brooke wanted to comfort her friend, but things went too far. They slept together. Brooke promised to keep their one night fling a secret.
Tad died in a bridge explosion set by Billy Clyde Tuggle. Brooke watched helplessly as Dixie mourned the loss of her husband. Brooke mourned quietly, for she just learned she was pregnant with Tad’s child.

1991: Brooke turned to Tom with her secret. Tom came up with the plan to pass off Tad’s child as his own. Brooke at first went along with the charade. But, she could not bear to see Dixie in pain over Tad’s loss. She told Dixie the truth. Instead of lashing out against Brooke, Dixie wanted to be a part of the child’s life.
Jackson Montgomery was driving Brooke home when Arlene Vaughan drunkenly crashed into them. Their car fell into an embankment. At that moment, Brooke went into labor. Tom found the csar and helped Brooke deliver a healthy baby boy, James Edward Martin.
Brooke caught Dixie’s new husband, Craig Lawson, in the arms of another woman, Gloria Marsh. Brooke threatened to tell Dixie but Craig insisted that he would break things off with Gloria. Brooke gave Craig another chance, knowing Dixie would not be able to bear another loss.

1992: Brooke played matchmaker for Tom. She recognized his attraction to attorney Livia Frye. With Brooke’s coxing, the couple married.
Brooke met Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Edmund Grey. He was in Pine Valley investigating the murder of Will Cortlandt. Their relationship went beyond the job, and they fell into an affair. Brooke saw a vulnerable part of Edmund as he sought the truth behind his parentage. Brooke worried about Edmund as he became determined to prove that the late Hugo Marick was his father.
While at Wildwind, Brooke saw a face from her past. Dimitri Marick told Brooke it was his business associate Ted Orsini. But, Brooke knew otherwise. The man was the father of her son, Tad Martin, back from the dead.

1993: Brooke reached out to Tad who could not believe what she was telling him: he had another life in Pine Valley. Tad believed he was Vineyard heir Ted Orsini. The visual cues in Pine Valley prompted him to flashback to his old life. Brooke reintroduced Tad to the Martins, and to Dixie.
It was not Tad’s turn to return the favor to Brooke. He wanted to offer Brooke and Jamie the stable life they deserved. But Brooke was in still in love with Edmund. Phoebe pushed Brooke to follow her heart. But, she chose to do what was best for Jamie. She broke up with Edmund and entered into a loveless marriage with Tad.
Edmund and Brooke continued their professional relationship. Together, they uncovered a senior citizen scandal that was fleecing Pine Valley’s elders of their life savings. Edmund posed as Phoebe’s gigolo to make her appear as a potential victim. Brooke found the supposed location of the soon to be built condominiums only to be greeted by quicksand. As Brooke sank into the ground, Edmund found her. He was able to save her in the nick of time.

1994: Brooke learned she was pregnant again with Tad’s child. Only this time, it was an ecliptic pregnancy. Not wanting to face the fact that she was going to die if she did not abort the child, Brooke went on the run. She did her best to deal with the growing pain. When she realized that she could die, she called Edmund to bring her home.
Back in Pine Valley, Brooke suffered a miscarriage. She realized her marriage to Tad was over. She divorced him with her blessings to finally marry Dixie.
Brooke and Maria Grey mourned together when they thought Edmund had died in car explosion. Brooke admitted that she would always love Maria’s husband. On the night of the funeral, Edmund miraculously appeared. He had faked his death to secure his investigation into Matt Callaway.

1995: Brooke was named the Media Woman of the Year for her work with local homeless shelters. She had founded the shelters because of Jane's years living on the street. While giving her acceptance speech, a runaway teenager named Laura Kirk broke in. Laura publicly berated Brooke for the bad treatment she experienced at one of the shelter Brooke had endorsed. Moved by Laura’s words, Brooke took time off from Tempo to fully dedicate herself to the shelters. She hoped her work would prevent a case like Laura’s from happening again.
Phoebe introduced Brooke to her special guest, Pierce Riley. Phoebe did not tell Brooke much about Pierce other than that he had a hard life living in El Salvador and returned to Pine Valley to recuperate. Brooke and Pierce became good friends. Brooke was shocked to learn that he had taken Laura in off the streets.

1996: Laura was discovered living with Pierce in the woods. Family Services wanted to put her in a better arrangement, so Brooke volunteered her home. Their relationship was as contentious as their first meeting. But Brooke hoped with time she could win Laura over.
Brooke began a secret affair with Pierce. Pierce was afraid of hurting Laura with their relationship. When Laura caught them in an embrace, she lashed out against both of them. Pierce decided it was best that he leave Pine Valley so as to not cause any more pain to a fragile Laura.
Brooke slowly won Laura over. Janet Green became envious of Brooke. After all, Brooke was dating her former lover and had adopted her little girl, Laura. Janet began a plot to gaslight Brooke, going so far as to read Jamie bedtime stories dressed as Brooke
When Laura’s adoption was finalized, Pierce returned to give his blessing. Brooke and Pierce tried to pick up where they left off, but the ghosts of Pierce’s past threatened their happiness. Brooke tracked down Christina Vargas, Pierce’s lover in El Salvador. Pierce had thought that he lost Christina to some jungle rebels. Christina revealed that she had a child with Pierce that was being held captive by the rebels. Brooke understood Pierce’s need to seek out his daughter and let him go.
Adam told Brooke that he was going to marry Liza Colby in hopes of getting her jealous enough to stop the wedding. Only, Brooke would never make it to the nuptials. Adam married Liza, but he really only had feelings for Brooke.

1997: Brooke, Edmund, Maria and their daughter Maddie Grey were flying home from New York on TransGlobal Flight 149. There was a sudden explosion that caused the plane to crash on the Jersey shore. Brooke and Edmund were safely on the ground, but Maria and Maddie were stuck in a part of the plane that was dangling off the side of a cliff. Brooke went to help Maria, but she pleaded with Brooke to take Maddie to safety first. Maria made her promise to care for Maddie in case anything happened to her. Before Brooke could make it back to Maria, her part of the plane fell overboard into the icy waters below. Brooke was going to jump in after Maria when a Jim Thomasen grabbed her. Jim calmed Brooke down as the rescuers arrived to search for survivors. Maria would not be among them.
Back in Pine Valley, Brooke tried to help Edmund cope with the loss of his wife. But life in her own home was turned upside down when Laura was kidnapped by a druggy named Ricky. Tim Dillon revealed Laura had been exploited into doing child pornography with Ricky while living in the slums. Brooke was ready to give in to Ricky’s ransom request for Laura's safe return. Jim intervened once again, and recovered Laura. Jim was not only Brooke’s hero, but her new love interest.
Adam offered Tempo Magazine to Brooke and Edmund. Brooke wanted to bring Jim in on the deal. Adam confided that he was weary of Jim. Brooke wanted to know more about Jim but became consumed in her investigation into the crash of Flight 149. She had blamed Adam’s cost cutting measures as the cause for a mechanics failure. But an investigation revealed that there was a bomb on board that actually caused the plane to crash.

1998: Brooke began to unravel the truth of Jim’s past. The luggage shard that they found at the crash site of Flight 149 turned out to be Jim’s. He was responsible for the crash. Laura also revealed that Jim was the photographer who manipulated her into taking the pornographic photos. Brooke sent Laura to China while she dealt with the situation in Pine Valley.
When Jim left Edmund in the Wildwind aqueduct to die, Brooke knew she had to make her move. She confronted Jim with what she had found out. Jim told Brooke that he would hurt Jamie if Brooke ever went to the authorities. Brooke took matters into her own hands, and shot Jim dead.
Brooke was afraid that she would go to prison for Jim’s murder, so she went on the run. Trevor and Belinda Keefer took on her case. With Edmund’s help, they pieced together evidence supporting Brooke’s claim of self-defense.

2000: Brooke’s work at her shelter brought her into contact with Reverend Elliot Freeman. Brooke and Elliot’s working relationship turned into romance. Elliot became very hesitant around Brooke. Elliot revealed that he was Josh Waleski, the officer responsible for Laura’s death. Brooke did her best to forgive Elliot, but she was not ready to confront the demons in her past.
Laura came home from China just in time to help her mother through the ordeal. Brooke needed to help Dimitri and Edmund who had fallen back into another brotherly feud. Dimitri imprisoned Edmund at Oak Haven thinking he was responsible for Alex Marick’s disappearance. Brooke convinced the brothers to work together to find Dimitri’s missing wife.

2001: Brooke faced loosing another child when Laura was diagnosed with a pre-existing heart condition after overdosing on ecstasy. There was nothing the doctors in Pine Valley could do. Brooke needed the best, and there was no one was better than Dr. David Hayward. David was in prison on drug charges. Brooke turned to Erica who had levied the drug charges. Erica dropped the charges. David was awarded bail and performed a life saving surgery on Laura, but she still needed a transplant.
Brooke noticed how Laura brightened up whenever she was around Leo duPres. Brooke confided in Leo that Laura was dying. He asked Leo to make her last days special. Leo would propose to Laura though he was still very much in love with Greenlee Smythe.
Brooke had her own issues of the heart. She began to rekindle her old feelings for Edmund. But, she wrongfully thought Edmund was in a relationship with his new sister-in-law, Anna Devane. Brooke finally told Edmund how she felt. Edmund responded by asking her to be his date to the Crystal Ball.

2002: Brooke and Edmund picked up where they left off a decade before. Edmund wasted no time in proposing to Brooke. Brooke became very protective of Tad after Dixie’s sudden death. Jamie became excited at the thought of his parents reuniting. Brooke assured Edmund that she only loved him.
Enzo Santos was on the brink of liver failure. Brooke led a nationwide search for a donor. The only viable donor on record was Maria. Brooke’s search brought her to Nevada where a woman named Maureen Gorman was a prospective match. Brooke was shocked to see Maureen was Maria. Instead of calling Edmund, she called Tad. Tad told Brooke what she was saying was impossible.
Brooke went through with her wedding with the image of Maria in her mind. At the ceremony, Maddie told her that she had seen her, “Angel Mommy.” Maria revealed herself to Edmund and Brooke. Brooke admitted to Edmund her suspicions: Maria was alive.
In her fragile state of mind, Brooke was ripe for seduction. She fell into an affair with Adam. Jamie drunkenly revealed their affair at the Venetian Ball.

2003: Brooke became concerned about JR and Jamie’s strained relationship. Jamie revealed he had slept with JR’s new wife, Babe Chandler, not knowing she was his wife. Jamie admitted that he had feelings for Babe.

2004: Brooke worried about what Babe was doing to Jamie and JR. She had seemingly pit the brothers against each other. Jamie was convinced that JR was responsible for drugging Babe. He agreed to go undercover in prison to find out the truth. In his jail cell, JR’s drug provider stabbed him in the chest after discovering Jamie’s wire. Seth, the drug pusher, had in fact implicated JR. Distraught over seeing what JR had become; Brooke went to confront Adam with a gun. She told him to get his son back in line.
Babe and Jamie ran away together after successfully kidnapping her son from Kevin Buchanan in Llanview. Tad helped the couple run away, but Brooke never got to say goodbye to her son. She had some closure when Jamie surprised her with a secret Christmas phone call at Pine Valley Hospital. Though she missed her son, she understood why he had to skip town.

2005: Jamie was brought back to Pine Valley in handcuffs. Brooke was relieved when Krystal Carey, Babe’s mother, took the fall for Adam Chandler, III.’s kidnapping. Even after the ordeal, Jamie continued his relationship with Babe. Brooke confided her worries in a surprising source of comfort, Adam.
Tragedy struck when Edmund was found murdered at the Wildwind barn. Brooke consoled Maria in their shared loss. Surprisingly, Brooke was named the executor of Edmund's estate, and Maria was left with nothing. Edmund’s children acted out against their mother. Maria decided they needed a fresh start away from Pine Valley. Sam asked Maria if he could stay in Pine Valley to learn more about his biological family. Brooke agreed to care for Sam so that he could learn more about the Martins. Sam’s acting out concerned Brooke, especially after he was caught drinking underage on the 4th of July. Brooke told Sam about the dangers of alcohol, relating it to the loss of her daughter to a drunk driver.
Before Brooke’s tears for Edmund were dry, Phoebe passed away too. Brooke did not think she was going to make it through the memorial service. But Phoebe had taken Brooke’s recent loss into consideration. She had arranged for Benny to take care of her funeral arrangements and make for certain Brooke made it through her mourning.
Jamie was named the sole heir to the English Estate on the caveat that he leave Babe. Brooke knew that the money and influence would assure his dream of becoming a doctor.
Adam and Brooke’s rekindled romance came to an abrupt end when he drunkenly married Krystal.

2006: Jack turned to Brooke when his marriage to Erica began to go sour. Erica wrongfully thought they were having an affair. Erica in return turned to Jeff. Brooke had no romantic interest in Jack anymore. She just wanted to help out an old friend.
Brooke took Amanda Dillon in after they discovered Janet had killed Trevor. Amanda needed someone to help her cope with Janet’s break from reality
Brooke continues to reside in Pine Valley.