The Pine Valley Bulletin

SMYTHE, Greenlee
Portrayed by
: Rebecca Budig (1999-2005, 2008-09); Sabine Singh (2007-08)
Family: Woodruff Greenlee (Grandfather); Millicent Greenlee (Grandmother); Roger Smythe (Supposed Father); Jackson Montgomery (Father); Mary Greenlee Smythe (Mother); Lily Benton Montgomery (Sister); Reggie Porter Montgomery (Brother)
Marriages: Leo duPres; Ryan Lavery; Aidan Devane


1999: Greenlee Smythe left provincial Pine Valley for the fast paced life in Los Angeles. At college, she met fellow transplant Scott Chandler. Scott was part of Pine Valley's upper crust, a group that Greenlee was fortunate to be a member of too. Scott and Greenlee got caught up in the party circuit and wild sex romps.
Greenlee followed Scott back to Pine Valley. Only, Scott had moved on and was pursuing the virginal Becca Tyree. Greenlee arranged it so that Becca would discover a sex tape that Scott and Greenlee had made. When Scott found out, he went to confront Greenlee. His fury soon turned to passion, and Scott found himself back in Greenlee’s bed.

2000: Greenlee teamed up with Leo duPres to seduce Becca away from Scott. Greenlee’s attention had gone elsewhere. She was infatuated with Ryan Lavery. Greenlee and Ryan had spent one night together at the Crystal Ball. When Ryan looked for investors in his new company,, Greenlee convinced her grandfather, Woodfruff Greenlee, to invest $1 million.
Ryan used that $1 million to rescue Dr. Jake Martin who was lost in Chechnya. Greenlee realized Ryan could be sent to prison for embezzlement. When Woodfruff refused to invest any more money, Greenlee turned to a loan shark named Wade Randall to supplement the company's funds. When Greenlee was unable to return the money in time, Wade took her for ransom.
Woodfruff sent Leo to rescue Greenlee. They made a run for the Carribean. Leo began spending Woodruff’s ransom money not knowing it was marked. When Woodruff found them, he gave Leo an ultimatum: either go to prison or never see Greenlee again. Greenlee did not want to admit it, but she now had feelings for Leo.
Leo became the confidant to Erica Kane’s daughter, Bianca Montgomery. Greenlee thought Bianca liked Leo. She was shocked to discover Bianca at a lesbian bar.
Leo was now dating Laura English. While under the influence of Libidizone, Greenlee pushed Laura overboard during the launch party on the Fidelity yacht. Bianca witnessed Greenlee commit the crime. She threatened to tell Erica the truth about Bianca’s sexual orientation if she ever told anyone, especially Leo, what she witnessed.

2001: Greenlee admitted to Leo that she had feelings for him. He reciprocated with a proposal. The couple was set to marry until Greenlee’s father, Roger Smythe, sauntered back into Pine Valley. He brought Leo’s ex-wife Katerina to tell Greenlee about how he fleeced her of her inheritence. Greenlee broke things off with Leo. Unbeknownst to Greenlee, Roger was only back in town because Woodruff had threatened to disown her. He and her mother, Mary, were living off of Greenlee’s trust fund.
Greenlee had made plans to move out of her loft into the Penthouse in her building. Unfortunately, the Penthouse was still being renovated. She already rented the loft to Jake. Jake was kind enough to let her stay. On the rebound, they began a romance.
Leo married Laura. Greenlee tried to keep her distance but realized she still loved Leo. Laura caught on and launched false accusations at Greenlee to keep her at arm’s length. At their vow renewal ceremony, Greenlee set off the sprinklers. Leo left Laura at the altar to be with Greenlee. At Christmas, he proposed to her again.
Greenlee accepted Leo’s proposal, but still realized that she had feelings for Jake. She became jealous after seeing Jake at the Crystal Ball with Mia Saunders.

2002: Greenlee took over for Erica Kane at Enchantment while she went on trial for the murder of Frankie Stone. At the conclusion of the trial, Greenlee did not think she was being given the respect she deserved. She jumped ship to Revlon, and proceeded to bad mouth Erica. Greenlee’s tenure was short lived after co-worker Kendall Hart sabotaged her new ad campaign.
Greenlee befriended her new tenant Simone Torres. Greenlee thought Simone was making moves on Leo, but she assured him he was not her type. Greenlee needed a girlfriend to help her plan her upcoming wedding. Roger was let out of prison after Leo's mother, Vanessa Bennett, was revealed to be the drug lord Proteus, and not Roger.. Greenlee’s mother, Mary Smythe, came back to help with the wedding too.
Greenlee’s new perfect life came to a crashing halt on her wedding day. An assassin clamoring for Vanessa’s Proteus fortune threatened to kill Leo if Vanessa did not hand over her diamond fortune. Roger took the bullet for Greenlee. As Leo and Greenlee went through with their vows, Roger did not make it through the night. Mary revealed Roger and Simone had an affair before he died. In retaliation, Woodruff revealed Mary would never have returned to Pine Valley if he did not pay her off. Greenlee was infuriated with her family and pushed them all away as she mourned her father, alone.
Greenlee and Leo’s marital bliss was short lived. Vanessa kidnapped Greenlee as she tried to skip town. She told Leo where her diamonds were. They were to make a trade at the top of Miller Falls. Leo arrived and confronted his mother. They struggled for her gun and fell into the abyss. Greenlee’s new husband was dead.
Greenlee pushed everyone away as she mourned the men she loved. Kendall approached her about starting a new cosmetics company to rival Enchantment. Greenlee fueled her grief into starting her new business venture. Along the way, Greenlee began to see Kendall as her best friend.

2003: Greenlee threw herself in her work. Every time she stopped, she could only think of Leo. As she spent late hours at the office, she began to be greeted by mysterious love notes in her Inbox. These love notes gave Greenlee hope. She learned the writer was the janitor, artist Carlos Reyes. Though Greenlee hesitated, she began seeing Carlos.
Mary had a bombshell for Greenlee: Roger was not her father. Mary had married Roger thinking he had money. Jackson Montgomery, Erica’s fiancée, was her father. As proof, Mary revealed Greenlee had saved Jack’s life by donating her blood after he was shot. Greenlee broke up Jack and Erica’s wedding with the truth. Greenlee found out Kendall had known the truth all along. FUSION was too small for the both of them, and Greenlee was not going anywhere.
Greenlee found comfort in the arms of Argentinean businessman, Juan Pablo deVasquez. Juan Pablo turned out to be Carlos’ wealthy brother. Carlos was in hiding in Pine Valley after killing a rapist who was a member of the Calvatras crime family. Greenlee had unsuspectingly put Carlos’ life in danger when she put him in a FUSION ad. Greenlee and Carlos got in a car accident. Carlos did not survive. His death was linked to the Calvatras family. Though Juan Pablo had feelings for Greenlee, he kept her at arm’s distance to protect her from the Calvatras reign of terror.
Ryan returned to Pine Valley as heir to Cambias Industry Fortune. Only, Kendall was claiming to be the heir as she was married to the late Michael Cambias. Greenlee saw her opportunity to steal full control of FUSION. Cambias had bought out FUSION from under the women. If Ryan allied with her, she would have enough power to throw Kendall out.

2004: Greenlee almost lost her life when the Calvatras family attacked Juan Pablo at his cabin. Already having her fill of danger, Greenlee broke things off with Juan Pablo.
Greenlee began to lean on Ryan, Leo’s old friend. Greenlee wanted to keep him from falling back into his ex-fiancee Kendall’s drama, especially during the Michael Cambias murder trial. Greenlee already knew that Kendall had faked her marriage to Michael. When she found out her pregnancy was ruse to inherit the estate, she revealed Kendall’s lie in open court. In reality, Ryan, the new Cambias heir, and Kendall had concocted the plan to protect Bianca, who was pregnant with Michael’s child after he had raped her.
Bianca’s baby, Miranda Montgomery, died in a helicopter rescue leaving Ryan as the only heir to the Cambias fortune. He approached Greenlee with a business proposition. If they married, their shares together would give them ownership of FUSION again. Kendall was still in love with Ryan and asked him not to go through the vows. But Greenlee would win out. The couple had to move in together so as to not arise suspicion from the SEC. Kendall went into overdrive to break them apart, going so far as to hire Bobby Warner to seduce Greenlee.
Ryan hired his little brother, Jonathan Lavery, as a financial analyst for FUSION. Greenlee was surprised by his lack of business savvy. Greenlee found out that he had lied about having a MBA. Greenlee promised to keep Jonathan’s secret.
Greenlee had been acting erratically. One day, she climbed on the FUSION rooftop thinking she was a trapeze artist. Kendall found her moments before she jumped off the rooftop. Tests showed Greenlee was being drugged. Ryan accused Kendall because of all she had done to try and break them up. But Greenlee defended Kendall because if not for her intervention that night on the rooftop, she would be dead.
Greenlee and Ryan had genuinely fallen in love in spite of all Kendall did to break them apart. Greenlee and Ryan made plans to have children.

2005: Jonathan was revealed to be behind Greenlee’s poisoning. He told Ryan that their wayward brother, Braden Lavery, was back in Pine Valley and threatened him with bodily harm if he did not act as his accomplice. Ryan told his wife he needed to protect Jonathan from Braden. He moved-in with Jonathan into the Valley Inn.
Greenlee’s new sister, Lily Montgomery, was the only witness to Edmund Grey’s murder supposedly at Braden’s hands. Greenlee agreed to go into hiding with Lily. Only, Jonathan somehow tracked them down. Jonathan was revealed to be the real culprit behind all the crimes. He had a psychotic break after killing Braden and took on a dual persona. Ryan and Kendall attempted a rescue mission. Kendall and Greenlee were lucky to escape in spite of their bickering. At first it did not seem as if Ryan would be so lucky. He was presumed dead when the cave exploded with he and Jonathan inside. Luckily, the rescuers found Ryan alive, but he was a changed man.
Afraid that he would pass on the Lavery’s disposition towards violence to his child, Ryan got a vasectomy without telling Greenlee. But Greenlee still wanted children. She and Simone broke into Dr. Greg Madden’s fertility clinic to retrieve a sample of Ryan’s sperm. With Kendall’s help, they were able to bring the sample to Dr. David Hayward, who attempted to impregnate Greenlee with Ryan’s sperm. David confided in Greenlee that Ryan approached him for an anti-psychotic to subdue his violent tendencies. David had given him a placebo.
Kendall helped Greenlee arrange a romantic evening to reveal her pregnancy to Ryan. But Ryan did not take the news well. He began taking the medication; afraid he would go into a rage. Greenlee revealed David gave him a placebo. Ryan stormed off on his motorcycle. Greenlee witnessed as his bike went over a cliff and into the abyss.
Greenlee struggled to come to terms with losing her husband. Kendall was her pillar of strength. They bonded over loosing the man they both loved. But all the stress still caused her suffer a miscarriage. Greg revealed Greenlee’s body was not able to carry a child to term. Kendall came up with a solution. She would carry Greenlee and Ryan’s child for her. The thought of finally having Ryan’s child gave her the will to live.
Greenlee was shocked to see Ryan alive. He had survived his motorcycle accident. But their happy reunion was short-lived as Ryan revealed he had found Jonathan alive too. The final straw came about when Greenlee learned the child Kendall was carrying was actually Kendall's. A citywide blackout had compromised Ryan’s sample. Kendall impregnated herself, and planned to give the child to Greenlee.
Betrayed by her best friend and the man she loved, Greenlee packed her belongings and stormed out of Pine Valley.
To hurt Kendall even more, Greenlee gave her shares of FUSION to Babe Carey, the woman who had kept Bianca away from Miranda for the better part of a year.

2007: After learning of Simone’s murder, Greenlee came back to Pine Valley determined to reclaim the life she had left behind. She arrived on the eve of Ryan’s wedding to Annie McDermott, the mother of his daughter, Emma McDermott. Greenlee tried to break up the wedding, but Kendall and Jonathan intervened. To make her presence known to Ryan, she had him arrested for bigamy, as she had never signed her divorce papers.
Greenlee came to the stark realization that life in Pine Valley had moved on without her. After reluctantly divorcing Ryan, Greenlee continued to try and insinuate herself in Ryan’s life. Her focus became Spike Lavery, Kendall and Ryan’s baby that was supposed to be hers. Greenlee learned Zach Slater, Kendall’s husband, was behind the blackout that caused Spike’s conception. She wanted Zach prosecuted for his crimes.
Greenlee reclaimed her shares at FUSION from Babe, and tried to force Babe out. The other women made it clear she Greenlee no longer welcome. On a trip to New York to launch FUSION’s new campaign, Kendall went into labor. Kendall wanted Babe to take her to the hospital. Greenlee was to follow in her car with Spike in the backseat. But Greenlee had other plans. Finally alone with Spike, she would go on the run with the son she felt she deserved. But as she tried to get away, her car swerved off an embankment.
Greenlee and Spike were rescued and brought to the same hospital where Kendall went into premature labor. The doctors revealed Spike was now deaf. Greenlee thought it was all her fault. She tried to console Kendall, but Kendall did not want to be anywhere near her.
Zach hired Aidan Devane to keep Greenlee away from Kendall. Aidan saw Greenlee was really hurting from what she had done. Greenlee wanted to make things right with Kendall again, but she would never get the chance. Kendall would frame Greenlee for kidnapping. Aidan broke Greenlee out of prison, and they went on the run.
Greenlee found an injured Zach in the middle of the forest. As she tried to help him, they fell into a bomb shelter. Richie Novak had hit Zach with his car. To cover up his crime, he sealed Zach and Greenlee in the shelter. The one time rivals were forced to work together to survive. On the brink of death, Greenlee and Zach were finally able to put aside their difference. Greenlee loved her family. She knew she had to stop hurting them if she wanted to be welcomed back.
Aidan and Kendall rescued Zach and Greenlee on Christmas Eve. At the hospital, Aidan revealed his feelings for Greenlee. Kendall also told her Spike’s condition was not her fault, but a rather was a genetic disorder that had gone undetected. But Greenlee was still not out of the woods. The police were still holding her in custody for the crime Kendall had framed her for.

2008: Greenlee wanted to put her time in the bomb shelter behind her. She began working at FUSION again, and it appeared as if her indiscretions had been forgiven by Kendall. Greenlee began to have lapses in her breathing. She had drank water from a plant that proved to be toxic. If not for specialist Dr. Angie Hubbard’s intervention, Greenlee would be dead. Aidan stuck by her as she struggled to survive. They were engaged to marry.
Greenlee and Aidan’s perfect romance came to an end when she learned from Jack that Aidan had slept with Kendall while she was stuck in the bomb shelter. Greenlee turned to old friend Jake for comfort. Jake and Greenlee commiserated about their shared hardships. They even moved in together. But it would be Josh’s bed that Greenlee would find herself in.
All the while, Ryan suffered from retrograde amnesia after taking a bullet to the head. At first, he relived the moments of his life when he was in love Kendall. Greenlee and Annie had a shared animosity for Kendall because of her persistent presence in Ryan’s life during both their marriages. Greenlee thought she had an ally in Annie, until Ryan turned his attentions back on Greenlee. Ryan admitted he still loved Greenlee. Though Greenlee did not act on Ryan’s affections, Annie turned on Greenlee. Annie was slowly descending into mania over Ryan’s inability to love her again.
Greenlee and Aidan found their way back to each other after Greenlee nearly drowned in a boating accident. They eloped in Las Vegas. Ryan’s constant presence threatened the new marriage. Greenlee and Ryan were trapped together when a tornado came crashing through Pine Valley. Greenlee gave in to her real feelings for Ryan and kissed him.
In the aftermath, Annie revealed Emma had been kidnapped. Greenlee agreed to help Ryan find his daughter and pay her ransom. Their search brought them to the Pine Keys with Aidan and Annie. The kidnapper seemingly appeared to be Di Henry, Greenlee’s former associate and Annie’s best friend. Before they could ask Di any questions, she was shot in a struggle with Annie.
Greenlee could not ignore her feelings for Ryan after Emma’s rescue. Their reunion did not go unnoticed. Greenlee and Aidan agreed to begin divorce proceedings. Annie’s mind finally broke. She appeared at ConFUSION in a bloody wedding dress. She had stabbed Erica in the bathroom. The police investigation revealed Annie had faked Emma’s kidnapping. Di was another victim of Annie’s fall into insanity.
Ryan turned to Greenlee to help him with Emma during the holidays. That Christmas, they made love again.