The Pine Valley Bulletin

DOYLE, Allison "Allie"
Portrayed by
: Alla Korot (1997-98)
Family: None
Marriages: None

1997: Dr. Allie Doyle made her way to Pine Valley after standing out as Dr. Jeff Martin’s star intern in San Francisco. Allie saw Pine Valley as a chance to start her life anew. She began a romance with Jeff’s little brother, Jake Martin. But before she could be serious with Jake, she needed to deal with a man from her past.
Dr. David Hayward was a visiting doctor at Pine Valley Hospital. David had followed Allie from San Francisco. When Allie told him their relationship was over, David did not take the news well. Allie had confided in David that she had faked a credit to get her bachelors degree. The truth would compromise her career. The only way David was going to keep her secret was if she agreed to marry him.

1998: Allie and Liza Colby teamed up to exonerate Jake who was accused of trying to kill Adam Chandler after he had a stroke. They drugged Stuart Chandler to act like Adam so as to corner David who had lied about the allegations. In shame, David left town, but not before he forced Allie to reveal her secret to everyone.
Allie tried to make amends with Jake, all the while trying to reinstate her medical license. But Jake had moved on with Liza. He had given her his sperm sample to have a child. Adam came to Allie with a proposition. He wanted Liza back. Adam told Allie to switch Jake’s sample with his own so that Liza’s child would be his.
David came back to Pine Valley. He caught on to Allie’s deception. Adam was afraid that Allie was going to compromise his chances with Liza, so he sent her away to a clinic in Antigua.