The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Ross Petty (1978); Warren Burton (1978-79)
Family: None
Marriages: None

1978: Eddie Dorrance had Kelly Cole on a string. To the public, he was the chanteuse’s manager extraordinaire. Behind closed doors, he was doping her up, fueling her drug addiction to keep her as his client. Eddie came to Pine Valley to make sure Kelly got work while on a break from Hollywood.
Phoebe Tyler confronted Eddie when it looked as if Kelly was growing too close to her son, Lincoln Tyler. Eddie saw even more money in Kelly, and agreed that he would do anything for Phoebe. Phoebe offered him $50,000 to marry Kelly and skip town. Eddie wanted to comply, but it was going to take some convincing. Kelly had found a home in Pine Valley, and was not going to be easily persuaded to leave.

1979: Eddie was making enemies at every turn. He manipulated his way into the manager position at The Chateau, making it the base of his operations. Claudette Montgomery was forced to work under her new boss. There, he met Langley Wallingford, another con man determined to strike it rich. Eddie introduced him to Phoebe Tyler, and used their affair as ammunition for blackmail.
Though he was engaged to marry Kelly, Eddie became obsessed with Phoebe’s niece, Brooke English. When Brooke rejected his feelings, Eddie retaliated. He raped Brooke.
But, his greatest enemy would be the woman he convinced that he had loved. Kelly learned of his collusion with Phoebe. She was nothing but a commodity to him. Kelly broke off her engagement and her professional relationship with Eddie. Eddie reminded her about her addiction, but Kelly was determined to recover. This was easier said than done. Kelly had a breakdown onstage where she revealed Eddie to be her supplier. Lincoln confronted Eddie and told him he was not going to get away with it.
Eddie was comfortable in his position at The Chateau. Claudette learned that he had been skimming money off of the books. Eddie needed to silence her. But Claudette was able to out smart him. She grabbed Eddie's gun first and shot him. Eddie was dead, and everyone he ever met was a suspect.