The Pine Valley Bulletin

DION, Raquel
Portrayed by
: Carolyn Neff (1998-99); Ara Celi (1999)
Family: Mateo "Max" Santos, jr.
Marriages: Mateo Santos

1998: Raquel Dion made her way to Wildwind on the day of Mateo Santos’ vow renewal ceremony to Hayley Vaughan. She was there to drop a bombshell on her old “friend.” As teenagers, Raquel and Mateo eloped. Raquel never filled their annulment papers. They were still married. But there was one more secret left for Mateo. Together, they had a son, Mateo “Max” Santos, II.
In an attempt to break up Hayley and Mateo, Hayley’s father, Adam Chandler, arranged for a judge to give Mateo primary custody of Max. Mateo reluctantly let Raquel move in with them after Max showed signs of maladjustment.

1999: Raquel wanted to make Hayley seem like an unfit mother. She arranged for Max to runaway from Hayley while they were playing in the park. But Mateo saw through Raquel’s tricks. He warned her that any other attempts to harass Hayley would send her packing from Wildwind.
Mateo and Hayley moved out of Wildwind to a much smaller condominium. Raquel had finally agreed to a divorce. But, she was injured after a scaffold fell on her at the newly built SOS. Mateo felt guilty, and let Raquel move in. Hayley had enough, and move out.
Raquel made one last attempt to seduce Mateo. Though Mateo brushed her off, Raquel told Hayley that they had slept together. Raquel decided to leave Pine Valley. Raquel and Mateo came to an agreement that gave her primary custody of Max.