The Pine Valley Bulletin

DILLON, Timothy "Tim" Hunter
Portrayed by
: Michael Shulman (1989-91); Tom Michaels (1991-99); Dylan Fergus (2002)
Family: Alex Hunter (Father); Natalie Marlowe (Mother); Trevor Dillon (Adoptive Father); Jeremy Hunter (Brother); Amanda Dillon (Sister)
Marriages: None

1986: Tim Hunter was born on a deserted island in the Canadian wilderness. His mother, Natalie Hunter, had followed his supposed father, Jeremy Hunter, whom she thought was having an affair with Erica Kane.
Upon returning to Pine Valley, Natalie consented to a paternity test. Only, Adam Chandler rigged the test to make sure it read that Jeremy was Timmy's father. Adam was caught, forcing Natalie to have another test. This one revealed the truth: Alex Hunter was Tim’s father, and Jeremy, his brother. Jeremy bestowed his brother with a sizable part of their father’s Estate, and began his relationship with Erica again.

1992: Natalie married detective Trevor Dillon. Trevor adopted Timmy. Timmy also got a new little sister with the birth of Amanda Dillon, Trevor and Timmy’s Aunt, Janet Green’s, daughter.

1993: Timmy was devastated by the death of his mother. To cope with his loss, Timmy began smoking marijuana. This was a gateway to even more potent substances. Trevor found drugs, but Timmy told him they belonged to Jamal Cudahy. Trevor was so overcome with grief, that he believed his story. While on a LSD high, Timmy wandered into the middle of a street. Before a car could collide in to him, Laurel Banning pushed him out of the way. The incident caused Timmy to come to grips with his mother’s death and his substance abuse.

1994: Timmy was devastated when his best friend and pet, Harold the dog, went missing. Little did he know, Janet was responsible. Janet was now going by the alias Jane Cox, Trevor’s new girlfriend. Janet had poisoned Harold and sent him away. One the day of Trevor and Janet’s wedding, Harold arrived and attacked the bride. Jackson Montgomery arrived with proof of Jane’s true identity.

1995: Trevor married Laurel Banning. It was no surprise to Timmy as Laurel had become like a mother figure to him since Natalie’s death. Timmy was especially fond of his new uncle, Michael Delaney. One time, Jamal and Timmy were camping with Michael. Trevor came and told Timmy he had to go home. Timmy did not know at the time, but Trevor disapproved of Michael because he was homosexual.

1996: Timmy lost another mother figure when Laurel was shot dead by a drunken sniper on the set of “The Cutting Edge.”

1997: For a prank, Tim found pornographic photos of Laura English online and distributed them at Pine Valley Hospital. This would instigate a full investigation into the culprit behind the photos. Laura was a minor when she was exploited into taking the photos. The person behind the photos turned out to be Pine Valley’s new hero, Jim Thomasen.
Tim had his own problem at home when Trevor began dating Janet. Tim still did not believe Janet had reformed like she claimed. Tim tried to turn Amanda against her by telling Amanda about Janet’s past life as the crowbar killer. Then, he smashed a pumpkin front of Janet’s home with a crowbar. Tim fabricated a story, accusing Janet of locking him in a meet locker. When Trevor caught Tim in his lies, he ran away from home.
Two robbers mugged Tim. As he lay unconscious in an alleyway, Tim was comforted by an apparition of his late mother, Natalie. Natalie told Tim to forgive Janet and give her the second chance that she deserved. Tim made it home on Christmas Eve, and began to see his aunt in a different light.

1998: Trevor and Janet married early on in the year. But tragedy rocked Tim’s world when Harold was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors could do nothing to save him. Harold had been one of the only constant presences in Tim’s life since Natalie’s death. After saying their final goodbyes, Harold was put to sleep.

1999: Tim attended boarding school in Paris, France. His parents visited once before Trevor was accused of the murder of Sophie, Janet’s former cellmate. Tim was questioned about if he knew of Trevor’s current whereabouts.

2000: Trevor was exonerated for Sophie’s murder. All the Dillons moved to Denver, Colorado for a fresh start.

2002: Tim came back to Pine Valley a hero. After a futile nationwide search, Tim was a perfect liver match to Hayley’s son, Enzo Santos.
Tim settled back into life in Pine Valley. He began dating Maggie Stone. But she only ever seemed interested when Bianca Montgomery came around. Tim was unsure if Maggie had feelings for Bianca. Tim also reconnected with JR Chandler. JR just lost his mother. Tim knew the feelings JR had all to well.
Before leaving town, Tim let on that Janet was back to her old ways.