The Pine Valley Bulletin

DILLON, Amanda
Portrayed by
: Brett and Kevin Salvaggio (1992-93); Julia and Leigh Pikus (1993-94); Phoebe Cutter (1994-96); Alexis Manta (1996-2000); Chrishell Stause (2005-present)
Family: Trevor Dillon (Father); Janet Green Dillon (Mother); Tim Dillon (Brother)
Marriages: None

1992: Amada Dillon was conceived in a veil of lies. Trevor Dillon believed he was marrying Natalie Hunter, the love of his life. In fact, he was marrying Janet Green, Natalie’s lunatic look-alike sister.
Janet was on the run for Will Cortlandt’s murder when she went into labor. Her hostage, Natalie, helped Janet deliver Amanda. As Janet was taken into custody, Trevor told Janet that she would have nothing to do with her daughter’s life.

1993: Natalie died in a car accident, leaving Trevor to raise Amanda on his own.

1995: A recently released Janet sued Trevor for custody of Amanda. She had taken on the identity of Jane Cox to become closer to Trevor. An actor named James came forward with Janet’s latest deception. She had hired him to impersonate Will Cortlandt so as to drive Dixie Cooney mad. James testimony solidified Trevor’s claim.
Trevor married Laurel Banning. Laurel had long cared for Timmy and Amanda. She was the only mother Amanda ever knew.

1996: Laurel was shot dead on the set of The Cutting Edge. Janet was the main suspect.

1997: Tim told Amanda about how Janet was once known as the Crowbar Killer. Amanda told Brooke English, who took the information to Trevor. Tim was acting out because Trevor had began seeing Janet in a different light.
Amanda went to the Wildwind well that Janet had held Natalie in years before. She accidentally slipped in. Janet tried to rescue her, but slipped in as well. Trapped together, Janet revealed that she was Amanda’s mother. After being rescued, the women began their lives as mother and daughter.

1998: Trevor and Janet married. But happiness was short lived for the Dillons. Tim’s dog, Harold, fell ill with cancer. The doctors could do nothing to save him. The Dillons were forced to end his suffering.

1999: Amanda saw something was going on between her parents. She encouraged them to go on their long awaited honeymoon. Trevor and Janet left for Paris to be with Tim who was going to boarding school there.
Trevor went on the run for the murder of Janet’s former cellmate, Sophie Malinowski. Janet had killed Sophie after she threatened to hurt Amanda. Amanda missed her father and was oblivious to the mental strain the situation had on her mother.

2000: Amanda witnessed as Janet became more unhinged. Her aunt, Arlene Vaughan, came to Pine Valley to help Janet. But, Arlene proved to be more of liability. Amanda did not understand why her cousin Hayley Santos and Arlene were not as close as she was with her own mother. At the same time, Janet did her best to keep Arlene’s bad habits from influencing Amanda.
Trevor collected enough evidence to support Janet’s claim of self-defense against Sophie. Trevor had set up a new home in Denver, Colorado. Janet was released from custody under the contingency that she sought out professional psychiatric help. The Dillons began a life anew.

2005: Amanda returned to Pine Valley under the guise of attending summer school at Pine Valley University. But in reality, she was looking for a way to escape her family, specifically her overbearing mother, Janet. She thought the easiest way to do so was to find a husband, preferably a rich one. JR Chandler needed help breaking-up Jamie Martin’s engagement to Babe Carey. Jamie was now the heir to the English Estate, making him a prime candidate in Amanda’s eyes.
Amanda tried to seduce Aidan Devane. But Aidan was still in love with Anita Santos. Amanda went off on a blonde girl at the Boathouse after she came between her and Aidan. She soon realized the girl was none other than Lily Montgomery, Laurel’s daughter.
Amanda became unhinged, going so far as to drug Jamie in an attempt to marry him. She joined Josh Madden in his attempt to break up Babe and Jamie. Jamie knew something was wrong, but Amanda remained mum.
Amanda was run down by a drunk JR. Babe took to the fall for him. Janet returned to Pine Valley to be by her daughter’s bedside. Amanda encouraged Janet to go home. Janet promised to never let anyone hurt her daughter again.
A string of crimes began to happen in Pine Valley, including the kidnapping of JR and Babe’s son, Adam Chandler, III. Amanda was suffering from temporary blackouts as a result of her car accident. She was implicated in the crimes. Since she could not remember moments in her life, she could not defend herself. Surprisingly, Jamie offered his help to exonerate her for the crimes.

2006: Amanda began working at New Beginnings. Little did she know, Josh was framing her for drugging Erica. When Janet found out, she went to confront Erica at the Mardi Gras Ball. When Erica brushed he off, Janet became enraged, Amanda told her mother to seek psychiatric help. Janet saw Amanda’s actions as a betrayal. She rigged the ballroom to explode with everyone inside.
In the calamity, Janet kidnapped Babe and Little Adam. Janet wanted to raise Little Adam to take Amanda’s place. Derek asked Amanda to help the police get Little Adam home safely. She lulled Janet into a calm state recounting her childhood memories. After the authorities rescued Babe and Little Adam, Trevor’s frozen body was found in Janet’s freezer. Janet had killed Amanda's father.
After Janet was checked into a sanitarium, Amanda felt like she was alone in the world. Brooke offered her a place to stay. But Amanda still sought a purpose. Surprisingly, Babe offered her a place at FUSION. Simone Torres blamed Amanda for her fiancé, Ethan Cambias’, death at the Mardi Gras Ball and didn't want Amanda anywhere near the company. Amanda was given the position of manager at ConFUSION for her crisis management at the bar’s grand opening.
Amanda bonded with Jonathan Lavery over being ostracized by Pine Valley. They began a loveless affair, or so it seemed. Amanda actually had feelings for Jonathan and wondered if he felt the same way. They moved into together at Wildwind after Jonathan’s sister, Erin Lavery, was found murdered at FUSION.

2007: Jonathan recognized Amanda was falling in love with him and that he could not reciprocate the feelings. They parted ways, though Amanda was weary of Jonathan’s liaisons with Ava Benton, Lily’s half sister and look-alike.
During the Satin Slayer investigation, Amanda turned to Janet to learn more about the mind of a killer. After the ordeal, she was made a full member of the FUSION team.
JR wanted to take Amanda on a romantic getaway to New York. She was unaware that the trip was part of JR’s plan to get back at his father for disowning him. Kidnappers were supposed to hold onto JR and Amanda until Adam paid a fake ransom. JR promised part of the ransom to Amanda for her compliance. Only, the goons turned on JR and wanted the money for reeal. Luckily, Adam and the police rescued them, but Amanda still wanted her money.
Adam broke Janet out of the mental ward and convinced to her to kidnap Tad Martin and Krystal Carey’s daughter, Jenny Martin. Amanda knew Adam was behind the kidnapping, but was afraid that Janet would be sent to prison this time if she was caught. Luckily, Janet came to her senses and returned Jenny. Amanda wanted her revenge on all the Chandler men. Amanda was with JR the night he allegedly ran down Zach Slater with his car. She was his only alibi. She sold her testimony to Adam for $5 million.

2008: Babe turned to Amanda for help in exonerating JR for Zach’s crash. Babe and Amanda’s plan had Babe dressing up as a hooker. They determined Richie Novak had framed JR.
Their partnership moved to the boardroom at FUSION. Amanda invested her own fortune in a new low-cost fragrance, Bella. Their venture was set for a succesful launch, until random samples came back contaminated with a toxin. The recall killed the line, leaving Amanda broke.
Amanda began dating Dr. Jake Martin. Jake and Amanda’s passionate romance met a road block in Taylor Thompson, a veteran of the war in Iraq. Jake worried about Taylor’s state of mind. Amanda let Taylor move in with her on the yacht. After a tornado stormed through Pine Valley, Amanda arrived at the hospital with a laceration on the head. Instead of helping her, Jake turned his attention to Taylor. Amanda knew her relationship was over.
That same night, Babe was admitted to the hospital after the roof of the Comeback crashed in on her. She died from her injuries. Vulnerable from the death of her best friend and the end of her relationship with Jake, Amanda was ripe for the manipulations of Dr. David Hayward. At first, David romanced Amanda. Then, he showed his true colors. He wanted her help in his plot to win custody of Little Adam Chandler, Babe’s son, from JR.
David would give Amanda back the money she lost with the Bella venture if she got JR to drink again. At first, Amanda went along with the plot having never truly forgiven JR for using her the year before. But the more time she spent with the devestated JR, the more Amanda regretted her actions. Right befor Christmas, she suceeded in getting JR to drink by hiding Babe’s keepsake seashell. Guilt ridden, Amanda collected her bounty but warned David to keep his distance.