The Pine Valley Bulletin

DEVANE, Gabriel
Portrayed by
: Eric Dearborn (2001)
Family: Alex Devane Marick (Sister); Anna Devane (Sister); Aidan Devane (Nephew)
Marriages: None

2001: Gabriel Devane spent his childhood caged up in Brynn Wood Sanitarium. Crime-lord Charlotte Devane tried to condition Gabriel to kill his sister, WSB Agent Anna Devane, on sight. Unknown to Charlotte, Gabriel was the son of Anna’s father, Thomas John Devane, and her nanny. After Edmund Grey and Alex Marick took Charlotte into custody for her crimes, Gabriel was set free with nowhere to go.
He made his way to Pine Valley where his other sister, Alex, had made a home for herself. He tried to scrap together a living by stealing tips and scavenging for food. Edmund found Gabriel tearing up a photo of Alex and brought him to Wildwind. Gabriel befriended Edmund’s children and proved handy around the home. It would be Anna that would break his rocky exterior. Gabriel confided in Anna his life under Charlotte’s oppression.
Gabriel befriended Rosa Santos, who was in an abusive relationship with a drug pusher named Marcus Sweeney. Gabriel recognized Marcus’ true nature, but many were hesitant to believe Gabriel, an outsider. When Marcus was found clobbered in the alleyway behind SOS, Gabriel was the main suspect. Rosa warned Gabriel and they went on the run. The true culprit turned out to be Marcus’ ex-girlfriend Shannon. Rosa’s brother Mateo Santos wanted to make amends with Gabriel and offered him a job at SOS.
Gabriel never really got his bearings in Pine Valley. He decided to join Alex and her husband Dimitri Marick in Hungary.