The Pine Valley Bulletin

Anna Devane

Portrayed by
: Finola Hughes (1986-91 (GH), 2001-03 (AMC), 2006-08 (GH))
Family: Alex Devane Marick (Sister); Gabriel Devane (Brother); Aidan Devane (Nephew); Robin Scorpio (Daughter); Leora Hayward (Daughter)
Marriages: Robert Scorpio; Duke Lavery; David Hayward

2001: World-renowned WSB spy Anna Devane Scorpio was long thought dead after a boat explosion in Port Charles, New Yok. In actuality, Anna was alive and being cared for by a man named Bart in the Canadian wilderness. When Anna began having seizures, Bart contacted the one person he knew could help her: Anna’s twin sister Dr. Alex Marick.
Alex tried her best to treat Anna but needed more professional instruments. She brought Anna to Wildwind. With the help of her colleague, Dr. David Hayward, Anna was cured of her ailments. Anna regained consciousness with no memory of her past life in Port Charles. That was the least of her problems when Alex revealed Charlotte Devane, a British crime lord, wanted Anna dead. She sent as assassin, Illene Pringle, to get rid of her; but in the mayham, Illene killed Gillian Andrassy Lavery instead.
Anna reconnected with her newfound family. In addition to Alex, Anna met Gabriel Devane, her half-brother. Charlotte had tortured Gabriel to make him attack Anna on sight. The sisters worked to break his conditioning. Before Anna could connect with them, they left to help Gillian’s family in Hungary mourn. Anna would not be alone long as Edmund Grey invited her daughter, Robin Scorpio, to Pine Valley. Robin filled Anna in what had happened since she had died. Robin was now HIV positive. Anna wanted to be there for Robin, but knew she would put Robin in the path of danger.
Anna sought protection from the WSB. They teamed Anna up with Federal Agent Chris Stamp to unlock the identity of the drug-lord Proteus. Anna caught one of Proteus’ runners, Roger Smythe, in a secret meeting with David. Chris had Anna use her feminine whiles to seduce David and learn if he was in fact Proteus.

2002: David revealed to Anna that he was treating Roger for a heart condition with experimental drugs. He hoped that his work on Roger would help him find a cure for his ex-lover, Dixie Martin’s, own heart condition. Chris put pressure on Anna to reveal David’s secret. Knowing David would go to prison for his experiments, Anna offered to marry David so that she would not have to testify against him under the rules of spousal privledge.
Anna and David were in love. David’s mother, Vanessa Bennett, was revealed to be Proteus. Anna was just named the Chief of Police and the news put her in a precarious position. Anna was ready to stand by her husband until it was revealed that he had a role in the disappearance of Maria Grey, Edmund’s wife. Anna was disgusted and divorced David.
Anna learned she was pregnant. Anna reluctantly told David. She found support in her newfound nephew, Aidan Devane. Anna had some suspicions about Aidan and launched her own investigation. She learned her nephew had been framed for the murder, and that their was still an outstanding hit on him.

2003: When David learned that Anna was carrying his child, he promised to do whatever he could to win back her trust. He admitted to his crimes. As a punishment, he was forced to work for free at the Front Street Clinic. One day, Anna went to visit David. Gang member Reggie Porter took Anna hostage at knifepoint.
Anna learned her unborn child was suffering from a congenital heart condition. The baby needed emergency surgery. Since David's licence was still on probation, he could not perform the surgery. Anna flew out to Switzerland to see a specialist. David surprised Anna by arranging for Robin to care for her there. Midway through the operation, the doctor suffered a minor stroke. David was flown in to complete the surgery to save his daughter and ex-wife. The baby was born Leora Hayward, named in the late Leo duPres’s honor.
Leora’s condition worsened. Dr. Joe Martin convinced Anna to consent to another surgery. But it was marred with complications, and Leora did not make it through. David lashed out against Joe, accusing him of killing his child as an act of revenge. Anna turned to her collegue Jackson Montgomery for comfort. They had become close friends after the last year of working together as Chief of Police and District Attorney.
Anna made one last gesture to help David. She caught him trying to poison the Martin’s with the same drug that gave Maria amnesia. Anna locked David in his cabin until he realized that Leora’s death was an accident and that Joe did whatever he could do to save her.
Anna’s next big case was the murder of Michael Cambias. Kendall Hart, Michael's supposed wife, was the main suspect. When Anna found evidence implicating David and Erica Kane, she knew she could not remain objective as Police Chief. She left the evidence, Erica's pocketbook found at the scenes of the murder, at David’s cabin with a "Dear John" letter.. She decided it was her time to leave Pine Valley. She was going to be with Robin in Paris, and did not want David to follow her.