The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Aiden Turner (2002-present)
Family: Lindsay Devane (Mother); Anna Devane (Aunt); Alex Devane Marick (Aunt); Gabriel Devane (Uncle)
Marriages: Greenlee duPres

2002: Fresh out of the British Secret Service, the dashing Aidan Devane came to Pine Valley in search of a simpler life. He first sought out his aunt, Anna Devane. Anna was unaware that her sister Lindsay Devane had a son. Anna began to use her contacts to investigate Aidan’s story. Anna was shocked to learn that Aidan was wanted by Scotland Yard.
Aidan got a job as a contractor for Erica Kane’s new penthouse. Kendall Hart wanted to bug her mother’s new home. She seduced Aidan to gain access to the site. Only, her fiancé, Ryan Lavery, caught them together. Kendall blamed Aidan for breaking them up.
Aidan rescued Maureen Gorman after she was mugged in the park. Aidan became very protective of Maureen. Their romance hit a standstill when Maureen was revealed to be the late Maria Grey. Maria could not handle the pressures of the Grey family. She asked Aidan to help her go on the run with her daughter, Maddie Grey. Kendall caught them and reported them to the authorities.
Aidan’s past caught up with him when a man named Julian Sinclair put a bounty on Aidan’s head. Aidan had an affair with Julian’s wife, Fiona Sinclair. After killing his own wife in cold blood, Julian framed Aidan for Fiona’s death. Maria offered Aidan a hiding spot in Wildwind barn, only yards away from her newfound family.

2003: Maria left her husband, Edmund Grey, and followed Aidan to the Bahamas for a final confrontation with Julian. Julian took Maria hostage. He admitted to killing Fiona for her betrayal. After a struggle, Julian died holding a bomb he had set to kill Maria.
Back in Pine Valley, Aidan began his own Private Investigations firm. He and Maria moved onto a yacht. Aidan's first job was to investigate Chris Stamp’s past. He discovered Chris’ associate, Evan Flanders, was responsible for Jackson’s shooting at SOS. Flanders killed Chris to silence him. Maddie was the only witness to the crime. Aidan hid Maddie on his boat, but Flanders still tracked them down. He rigged the boat to explode. Maria jumped overboard to save her daughter. The trauma of the incident sparked her memory to return. When Aidan realized what had happened, he told her to return to Edmund and her children.
Aidan rekindled his romance with Kendall. It came to abrupt end when Ryan returned to Pine Valley. Kendall was accused of the murder of Michael Cambias. Aidan believed in Kendall’s innocence and began to investigate the crime on his own.

2004: Aidan was among those caught in the cross-fire of the Calvatras family at Juan Pablo deVasquez’ cabin. The ordeal was the beginning of the end of his relationship with Mia Saunders.
Edmund was paralyzed in the shootout protecting Maria. Edmund enlisted Aidan’s help when he received a mysterious phone call about a death in Pine Valley. Aidan and Tad Martin teamed up to open a new Private Investigation firm. The investigation into the phone call brought him to Las Vegas, where Zach Slater’s phone was revealed to be the source of the call. Zach had a strange fixation on various residents of Pine Valley. Maria admitted that Zach was her lover when she was living as Maureen. But the greater secret was that Zach was Alexander Cambias, II. He had come to Pine Valley to avenge his brother’s death.
Aidan befriended Anita Warner, Maria’s sister. Anita was estranged from her husband, Bobby Warner, after finding out about his affair while working in Las Vegas for Zach.

2005: Aidan became very protective of autistic Lily Benton Montgomery. He entertained her crush on him, not knowing that Lily interpreted their friendship as a relationship. When she spotted Aidan kissing Anita, Lily freaked out and hid in the Wildwind barn. That night, Jonathan Lavery killed Edmund. Lily was so traumatized by the events that she fell into a psychotic coma as a defense mechanism. Only Aidan was able to help Lily out of her state of mind so that she could tell everyone who killed Edmund.
Maria decided to move to California to deal with the loss of her husband. Anita left to take care of her sister. She and Aidan promised to resume their relationship when she came home. Amanda Dillon stormed into town and was determined to find a man. She set her sites on Aidan.
When Anita came home, she broke things off with Aidan. At the same time, Jonathan was back in town. He was found not guilty for Edmund’s murder because a brain tumor had compromised his reasoning schools. Now that Jonathan was back in town, strange crimes began happening in Pine Valley again. Aidan was quick to jump to conclusions, but Jonathan’s sister, Erin Lavery, convinced him otherwise. Jonathan’s surgery had left him with the mental capacity of a child. Erin wanted Aidan to help her uncover the truth behind the crime spree.

2006: Aidan fell in love with Erin, but she abruptly called off their relationship. Quickly, she picked up with Jamal Cudahy. Aidan knew something was awry because Erin had just given her virginity to him. Aidan’s constant prying put Erin on edge. Erin finally revealed that she needed to break up with Aidan because she was part of an underground network to help women escape abusive relationships. She was working on a case with Jamal. Aidan did not think Erin trusted him fully, so he broke things off.
Aidan began casually dating Tad’s ex-girlfriend, Di Henry. Di was really good friends with Erin too. Dii was apprehensive to pursue relationship.

2007: Di and Aidan teamed up to solve the mystery of the Satin Slayer, who had killed Erin right before the holidays. He, Ryan and Zach determined the killed to be Alexander Cambias, back from the dead claiming revenge on his wayward son. After Alexander was apprehended, Aidan and Di tried to continue their relationship. Di wanted a new start away from Pine Valley and took a job with FUSION New York.
Zach hired Aidan to keep Greenlee duPres away from Kendall after she had kidnapped her son, Spike Lavery. Aidan and Greenlee’s close proximity lead to romance. Aidan saw how remorseful Greenlee was for getting Spike into the car accident that supposedly caused him to loose his hearing.
Aidan and Greenlee went on the run after Kendall framed Greenlee for another kidnapping attempt on Spike. In hiding, the couple was separated. Greenlee was either missing or dead. Kendall turned to Aidan because Zach had been reported missing too. They teamed up to find their loved ones who had been trapped in a bomb shelter by sociopath Richie Novak, Ryan Lavery’s brother-in-law. Aidan was assisted by a mysterious man named "Quinten." He was really Dr. Frankie Hubbard.
When it looked like there was no hope in recovering their loved ones, Aidan and Kendall turned to each other in grief. Kendall and Aidan slept with each other. Their guilt was only compounded when they found Zach and Greenlee alive the next evening. They decided it was best to keep their infidelity a secret.

2008: Tad asked Aidan to go to Sudan to rescue his brother, Dr. Jake Martin. Aidan almost did not make it out of the war torn country alive.
Aidan struggled with his infidelity. Greenlee almost died from a toxin she injested while trapped in the bomb shelter. Aidan asked Greenlee to marry him. Because of Dr. Angie Hubbard’s timely intervention, their wedded bliss was again a posibility. That all changed when Jack caught Kendall and Aidan in argument and determined what had happened. He accidentally let the truth slip to Greenlee. Greenlee wanted nothing to do with Aidan. She instead invited her ex-boyfriend, Jake, to move in.
Greenlee almost drowned in a sailing accident. She called out for Aidan. She wanted to marry him again. The only thing standing in the way was Ryan. Ryan had suffered retrograde amnesia that caused him to flashback to reconsider his feelings for Greenlee. Aidan felt threatened by Ryan’s constant presence in Greenlee’s life. He went so far as to bug her earing with a listenin device. The couple eloped in Las Vegas. One night, Aidan caught Ryan and Greenlee in a kiss.
To protect his marriage, Aidan teamed up with Annie Lavery to stage Emma Lavery’s kidapping. Aidan did not realize that Annie was slowly going insane because of her crumbling marriage to Ryan. Annie got in a fight with her unwilling accomplice, Di, who was caring for Emma in the Pine Keys. Aidan arrived just after Annie shot Di. Di aimed to shoot Annie, but had Greeenlee in her line of fire. Aidan took the bullet for Greenlee. Di died from her injuries.
Annie was sent to Oak Haven Sanitarium. Aidan was usure about Annie’s true state of mind. He decided to go undercover as a patient himself.