The Pine Valley Bulletin

DELANEY, Michael
Portrayed by
: Chris Bruno (1995-97)
Family: Laurel Banning (Sister)
Marriages: None

1995: Michael Delaney was one of Pine Valley’s most popular schoolteachers. He was able to connect with his students in a way no one else could. But, Michael had a secret that only his beloved sister, Laurel Dillon, knew: he was gay. Michael never made his sexual orientation an issue. When Laurel told her husband, Trevor Dillon, he became enraged and told him he did not want him seeing their son, Timmy Dillon, alone.
While teaching about the Holocaust and the oppresion of homosexuals, Michael let it slip that he was gay. When students told their parents, they led a campaign to get him dismissed. The school board voted to fire Michael.

1996-97: Michael and Laurel were invited to be guests on The Cutting Edge for a feature about homophobia in Pine Valley. Unbeknownst to them, Jason Sheffield was hiding in the rafters with a gun. Jason’s brother, Kevin Sheffield, was one of his students and had come out of the closet to Michael. Michael encouraged Kevin to be truthful about his orientation with his family. Jason blamed Michael for “turning” his brother. Jason took aim for Michael, but since he was drunk, he missed and shot Laurel in the head. Laurel was rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing anyone could do to save her. She was dead.
Michael successfully won his court case against the School Board. Trevor put aside his homophobia and allowed Michael to see his nephews and niece again. After starting work again at Pine Valley High School, Michael found love with Dr. Brad Phillips.
Michael continues to reside in Pine Valley.