The Pine Valley Bulletin

DE VASQUEZ, Juan Pablo Renato Ruiz
Portrayed by
: Tomy Dunster (2003-04)
Family: Carlos Reyes (Brother)
Marriages: None

2003: Nothing was more important to Juan Pablo deVasquez than family; specifically his brother, Juan Carlos deVasquez. Carlos killed a man named Sergio after witnessing him rape an innocent woman. Unbeknownst to Carlos, Sergio was a part of the Calvatras mob family. To protect his brother, Juan Pablo created for him a new alias as Carlos Reyes, a janitor in Pine Valley.
Carlos’ cover was blown when he was included in an ad for FUSION Cosmetic’s search for the Sexiest Man in America. Juan Pablo came to Pine Valley to find his brother and remove him from the situation under the guise of a prospective investor in FUSION. But, Carlos was tired of running. Juan Pablo decided to stay as long as it took to convince Carlos to return to hiding with him.
Juan Pablo met FUSION founder Greenlee duPres in a trying time. She had just learned her mother, Mary Smythe, has lied to her about her paternity. Juan Pablo gave Greenlee a safe place to stay. Juan Pablo began to have feelings for Greenlee, but she was still mourning the loss of her husband, Leo duPres. Also, she had just come off a brief affair with Carlos.
Carlos and Greenlee were admitted to the hospital after a car crash. Carlos died, supposedly of his injuries. At first, Juan Pablo blamed his doctor, Dr. Maria Grey. But her husband, Edmund Grey, revealed that the Calvatras family had sabotaged Carlos' recovery. To protect Greenlee, Juan Pablo pretended to no longer have feelings for her.

2004: The FUSION girls, Ryan Lavery, and Aidan Devane spent New Year’s Eve at Juan Pablo’s ski lodge. Juan Pablo was looking for a romantic evening with Greenlee away from the city and the threats of the Calvatras. But the mob family tracked Juan Pablo down, and was ready to do whatever it took to enact their final revenge. After a shoot out, the Calvatras were dead, and Juan Pablo’s new friend, Edmund, was paralyzed.
Ryan warned Juan Pablo about putting his friends in danger again. Juan Pablo knew he could never escape the cloud of the Calvatras, so he decided to return to Argentina, without Greenlee.

2005: Tad Martin asked for Juan Pablo’s help when his son, Jamie Martin, and Babe Chandler were wanted for kidnapping his grandson, Adam Chandler, III. Unfortunately, the authorities caught up with them before they could make it to Argentina.