The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by
: Larry Keith (1970-78, 1983, 1984, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1997, 2005)
Family: Phil Brent (Son)
Marriages: Anne Tyler; Kitty Shea

1970: Nick "Nicky" Davis made a lot of mistake in his life. None would prove to be as great as when he left his girlfriend, Amy, in Pine Valley with a simple letter. Returning from New York 18 years later, Nick sought to pick up where he left off.
Amy, now married to successful attorney Lincoln Tyler, did not reciprocate Nick’s affections. Nick knew Amy was acting strangely, and turned to old friend Mona Kane for advice. Mona’s daughter, Erica Kane, could not believe her mother would associate with an oppurtunist like Nick.
Nick opened a dance studio that attracted many very important residents, namely Pine Valley Grand Dame Phoebe Tyler. Nick romanced Phoebe, who was all too susceptible to his charm.
Nick befriended Erica’s friend, Phil Brent. One day, he went to the Brent home to return Phil’s notebook when he saw Phil lying on the floor. Nick rushed Phil to the hospital. Phil’s parents, Ruth and Ted Brent, arrived with Amy in tow. Thinking Phil was going to die, Amy admitted that Phil was in fact Nick’s son. Amy had given the child to Ruth and Ted. Ted threatened that he would kill Nick if he ever told Phil the truth.
Nick again turned to Mona with the truth. Mona told him to leave Phil and the Brent’s alone. But Nick was not about to leave town again knowing he had a son. Erica overheard, and told Phil the truth.
After Ted’s death in a car accident, Nick tried to fill the void in Phil’s life. Phil left for New York, but was presumed dead in his own car accident. Nick searched the City, eventually finding Phil, now an amnesiac. He convinced Phil to come home with him. On the same trip, he met another Pine Valley export, Anne Tyler, Phoebe’s daughter.

1971: Nick’s only focus was his son. Without Amy, Nick was all Phil had. Though his closeness to Phil brought Ruth and Nick together, it was Anne who had caught his eye. He was attracted to Anne, but he had geared all his energy to reuniting Tara Martin and his son as Tara and Chuck were set to wed.
Nick showed up drunk at Chuck and Tara’s wedding ceremony. When the minister asked if there were any objections, Nick turned to Phil. When Phil failed to speak up, Nick called him out. Everyone in the church learned Phil had his memory back. Chuck and Nick got in an altercation when all of sudden Chuck collapsed. He suffered from sudden kidney failure. Phoebe ran to her grandson’s side, and blamed Nick for his condition.
At the end of the year, Nick got devastating news: Phil was going to Vietnam.

1972: Against Phoebe’s wishes, Anne continued her pursuit of Nick. No matter how hard Phoebe tried, Nick and Anne were in love. Nick and Anne married in a small ceremony before Phil was deployed. Not long after, Nick learned Phil was dead, another young casualty of the foreign war.
Nick and Anne decided they wanted to have children, but as hard as they tried, they could not conceive. Nick learned he was sterile. Knowing Anne wanted a child desperately, Nick knew his continued marriage to her would be a burden. Nick began to pick fights with Anne. He wanted to make it seem like he was no longer in love with her. Really, there was nothing else left in this world for him but Anne. Anne granted Nick his divorce.
Nick hired a new dance instructor, Kitty Shea, at his studio. Nick began to romance Kitty to keep Anne out of his mind. Soon, Kitty and Nick were engrossed in a passionate affair.

1973: Nick’s affair with Kitty went too far. Kitty was pregnant with his son. If Nick was not sterile, he was free to be with Anne. But, Anne was going through her own tribulations. She had miscarried a child, Nick’s child. Nick could not believe how much they had lied to each other. Anne was now married to Paul Martin and was determined to make her marriage work. She told Nick to stand by Kitty, after all, he had lost so many children already.
Nick did not love Kitty, but knew the right thing to do was to marry her. When Kitty miscarried, things only got worst. After Kitty attempted suicide, she fell into a psychotic state. Kitty was sure she was still pregnant. Nick pulled Kitty though her ordeal. Though they were now friends, they knew they could not be lovers.
Nick turned to Anne with a final plea. They went to New York, where they first met. Nick was intent on winning Anne back. But, she had fallen in love with her husband. On a stormy drive back to Pine Valley, Anne and Paul got in a terrible car accident. Anne was in a coma. In the hospital, Paul demanded to know what Nick and Anne were doing together in New York. Nick lead Paul to the wrong conclusions. If he could not be happy with Anne, no one would.
Phil was found alive in Vietnam. Phil was coming home.

1974: As far a Nick could see, his greatest rival in Pine Valley was Phoebe. Phoebe’s intervention in his marriage with Anne was partly to blame for their divorce. Now, she made it clear that Phil was to be left out of Tara’s life.
Anne returned to Pine Valley after a brief stay with Lincoln in Seattle. Anne blamed Nick for her breakup with Paul. She was sticking to the decision she made in New York.

1975: Nick was pleased to see Kitty go against Phoebe’s wishes and marry Lincoln. This put Nick in closer proximity to Anne again. Anne came to Nick with shocking news. She and Paul had an affair behind Margo’s back. Margo was now pregnant, and Paul was stuck in his marriage. The issue was that Anne was pregnant too. Nick offered her the same package Paul offered her years ago: he would marry her and raise the child as his own. Nick promised to keep Anne’s secret until she made her decision.

1976: Nick opened new business venture in Pine Valley, the uber-trendy restaurant, The Château. Nick used the popularity of the restaurant to free Phil form Erica’s grasp. He offered her the prestigious hostess job on the condition that she sign Phil’s petition to divorce. Erica chose her fame over her heart, and agreed to Nick’s proposition. By years end, Nick finally saw Phil and Tara walk down the aisle.
Anne declined Nick’s offer to raise her child. Nick realized that Paul and Anne were meant to be. He broke his vow of silence, and let Paul in on Anne’s condition. It did not matter if he lost Anne. He knew that only Paul could make her happy.
Nick and Erica were beginning to spend more and more time together. The first time they kissed, both were shocked. They were surprisingly compatible. Nick was soon enamored with Erica. He could not believe that he was having an affair with his best friend’s daughter, and his son’s ex-wife. He had to keep this relationship a secret from Mona and Phil.

1977: Erica left Nick after one too many arguments. She began to work for Nick’s new rival, Tom Cudahy, at The Goalpost. Nick hired Claudette Montgomery to fill Erica’s position. Erica and Nick used their new coworkers to make each other jealous.
Erica made the first move when she planted marijuana on Claudette, a parolee for drug possession. Nick replanted the drugs on Erica. Erica and Nick made love like they fought. But their secret romance was burst wide open when Mona walked in on them. Nick believed Erica plotted to have Mona discover them so as to hurt him more. Nick left Erica and told her that The Chateau and his bed were off limits.

1978: Nick received a note from Erica in which she inferred she was going to kill herself. Mona called Nick after Erica was found alive in New York, suffering from viral pneumonia. Mona worried her daughter was going to die. On her deathbed, Nick proposed to Erica hoping that his action would give her the strength to recover. But when it did, Nick realized what a big mistake he had made.
Erica and Nick had one last night of passion. He announced that he was leaving her and Pine Valley. He had sold The Chateau to the Unirest Corporation. He was leaving for Chicago. Erica vowed her revenge. She hoped marrying Tom would lure Nick back to Pine Valley, but Nick had moved on as he had promised.

1983-84: In Chicago, Nick got a call from a frantic Mona. Erica was on the run for the murder of Kent Bogard. Nick came back to Pine Valley to support Mona and hopefully get Erica out of her predicament. Before they could meet in secret, Erica was discovered. Nick remained through the trial until Erica was exonerated for the murder.

1988: Nick arrived in Pine Valley on the eve of Bianca Montgomery’s birth. He wanted to witness the birth of the next generation of Kane women.

1991: It was Ruth who prompted Nick’s next visit to Pine Valley. Erica was now engaged to his grandson, Charlie Brent. Surprising Erica, he confronted her at a Martin family dinner about her true intentions. After all, she had already romanced Charlie’s grandfather, and at one time was ever married to his father. Nick asked Erica if she loved Charlie, but she could not answer. Nick succeeded in breaking up their engagement.

1993: As Erica was set to marry Dimitri Marick, Mona revealed to Nick a long kept secret. When Erica was 14, she was raped by one of Eric Kane’s actor friends, Richard Fields. Erica gave birth to a child that Mona put up for adoption. That child was Kendall Hart, Erica’s new executive assistant. Nick stood by Erica as she faced the demons of her past on the eve of what was to be the best day of her life.

1994: Nick returned to Pine Valley when Mona was diagnosed with cancer. On the night of the surgery, Nick promised to care for Mona if anything happened to her. Nick was at ease when Mona made her way out of the surgery with a clean bill of health.
A few months later, Mona died peacefully in her sleep. Nick returned to Pine Valley to say goodbye to his old friend and stay true to his promise.

1995: Nick attended the Martin family housewarming. Nick tried to comfort Ruth, who had sunk into a deep depression after the destruction of her home. Nick and Ruth spent the evening reminiscing about Tara and Phil’s tumultuous courtship.

2005: Nick surprised the Kane women after Bianca was reunited with her daughter, Miranda Montgomery. He had in his possession a special note from Mona, to be given to Bianca upon the birth of her first child.