The Pine Valley Bulletin

CUDAHY, Olivia “Livia” Frye
Portrayed by
: Tonya Pinkins (1991-94, 2003-06, 2006-08)
Family: Derek Frye (Brother); Terrence Frye (Son); Jamal Wilson McIntyre Cudahy (Son)
Marriages: Tom Cudahy

1991-92: Attorney Livia Frye faced many hurdles as she tried to make a name for herself. In school, she became pregnant with the son of her high school sweetheart, Lucas Barnes. When Livia gave Lucas the news, he left her.
Years later, Livia Frye returned to Pine Valley as a defense attorney in the biggest murder trial the small town ever saw. She was hired to defend Brian Bodine for the murder of Will Cortlandt. Livia was hesitant to trust anyone in yje town. Most of the people she met would have motive to kill Will, and ample opportunity.
She found support in health club owner, Tom Cudahy. Tom and Livia began dating. Tom’s ex-wife Brooke English pushed them together. After a brief courtship, the couple married.
Livia’s now teenage son, Terrence Frye, was assaulted at Tom’s health club. Livia regretted ever moving to Pine Valley. Her high profile role in the Will Cortlandt trial had made her a target from the white supremacist group, Deconstruction. Livia worried about what the ordeal would do to her brother, Lieutenant Derek Frye, the leading officer in the investigation. Livia turned to Tom for support. Their happy married life was challenged when Lucas came back wanting to be a part of her and Terrence’s life.

1993: Livia spurned Lucas’ advances. She had found happiness with Tom. Lucas vented his frustration by fighting with Derek. Their rivalry led to a bitter love triangle with Mimi Reed. Soon, Mimi learned she was pregnant and was unsure as to which man was the baby’s father.
Livia and Tom met AIDS victim Janine Wilson. Janine was dying and unsure about the fate of her son, Jamal Wilson. Tom and Livia immediately fell in love with Jamal. They offered to take Jamal in as their foster son, intent on eventually adopting him. This made the Cudahys a target of Deconstruction once again. The group set a bomb in the Cudahy's home. Thanks to Derek’s new partner, Taylor Cannon, the Cudahy’s escaped before anyone was hurt.

1994: Livia and Tom’s adoption of Jamal hit a standstill when Alec McIntyre was revealed to his biological father. The Cudahys went into a custody battle. Alec won out, and the Cudahys prepared themselves to loose their son.
But, Jamal took matters into his own hands. He turned to Trevor Dillon to help him in his plight to stay with the Cudahys. Jamal would seemingly be divorcing his father. When Alec saw how much Jamal loved the Cudahys, he waived his claim of custody. The Cudahys formally adopted Jamal.
Livia was promoted to a judgeship right outside of Pine Valley. The Cudahy’s moved away, though Tom made frequent visits to check on the Health Center.

2003: Livia returned to Pine Valley to defend Kendall Hart for the murder of Michael Cambias as a favor to her old collegue, District Attorney Jackson Montgomery. Livia and Derek were at first on opposite sides of the case, but he decided to pull out to avoid a conflict of interest.

2004: Livia’s defense was thrown out of the water when Greenlee duPres revealed that Kendall was faking her pregnancy. Livia had taken on the approach that everyone and anyone had motive to kill Michael, much like she did during the Will Cortlandt trial. But, with Kendall’s credibility in question, she was sure they were going to get a conviction. Kendall was saved at the last moment when Bianca Montgomery admitted to killing Michael, her rapist, in self-defense.
Livia and Tom decided it was time to move back to Pine Valley. Livia moved in with Derek to begin her housing search. Livia decided to swing by Jack’s house where she caught her niece, Danielle Frye, in a romantic embrace with Jack’s son, Reggie Montgomery. Dani had run away from Mimi’s home in New York, and all the Frye’s had frantically been searching for her. Mimi told Livia she was Derek’s problem now. Livia brought Dani home, and told Derek it was time for him to step up to the plate and be a father to his daughter.
JR Chandler retained Livia as his new attorney. At first Livia was honored to work for such a prestigious family, but she soon realized she was in over her head. JR was trying to gaslight his wife, Babe Chandler, so as to gain full custody of their daughter, Bess Chandler. As soon as the plot came to light, Livia quit and warned the Chandlers to keep their distance.

2005: Livia was surprised to see Mimi back in Pine Valley. She had come to reclaim Dani. Mimi was engaged to marry businessman Garret Williams. She was now ready to offer Dani a stable home. Mimi accused Derek of being a bad father. Livia reminded Mimi her character was not exactly flawless. Not only did she abandon Dani the year before, she had cheated on Derek with Lucas. Dani overheard their discussion. She was devastated to learn the truth of her conception.
Mimi was determined to convince Livia that she was in a good place in her life. Livia noticed a change in Dani’s behavior. At Mimi’s wedding, Livia demanded to know what was going on. Dani admitted Garret had made unwanted sexual advances at her. Mimi accused Dani of trying to take away her happiness, but Livia knew better. She promised to protect her niece. Garret turned out to be the crimelord Dragon.

2006: Livia demanded an explanation from Jamal when she found him bartending at ConFUSION. He was supposed to be at law school. Jamal told his mother he did not want to get her involved, just in case the problem became a legal one. It turned out Jamal was helping women escape abusive relationships through an underground network. He was in town to make sure one of the women, Annie McDermott, was safe. When the ordeal was settled, he went back to law school.
Zach Slater asked Livia to defend him and Dixie Cooney for the murder of Dr. Greg Madden. Livia was skeptical that either was innocent but took on the case. She successfully broke prime witness Tad Martin’s story on the stand, getting a mistrial.

2007: Livia, Derek and Jackson hatched a plan to protect the women of FUSION from the Satin Slayer after Danielle was poisoned in the Frye home. Livia took Danielle’s place in the hospital and waited for the Slayer to make himself known. Instead Kenny Adler, FUSION’s old attorney, came to visit. He was wrongfully targeted as the killer. Alexander Cambias was really behind the murders.
Greenlee duPres returned to Pine Valley to reclaim her part of FUSION. She turned to Livia for legal aid after she learned her former client, Zach, was responsible for a citywide blackout that had ruined her chances to have children. Livia confronted Zach, but decided to not take the case on.
Livia continues to reside in Pine Valley.

2008: Annie came to Livia with her petition to divorce Ryan Lavery. Livia was sorry to see Annie and Ryan’s marriage end. Ryan suffered from retrograde memory loss after he was shot in the head.Weeks later, Annie asked Livia to retract her petition. Livia did not realize Annie had become unhinged and was going to extremes to save her marriage, including committting murder and kidnapping.