The Pine Valley Bulletin

Cortlandt, jr.; Peter "Pete" William
Portrayed by
: Unknown Actors (1992-95); Jacke McKillop (1997-99); Unknown Actor (1998); Casey Gunther (1999-2002); Mitchel David Federan (2002-03); Daniel Kennedy (2008-present)
Family: Palmer Cortlandt (Father); Opal Cortlandt (Mother); Ross Chandler (Brother); Nina Cortlandt Warner (Sister); Andrew Preston Cortlandt (Brother); Tad Gardner Martin (Brother); Jenny Gardner (Sister); Adrian Sword (Brother)
Marriages: None

1992-2000: Pete Cortlandt's live of priveledge and luxury had a rocky start. Odd couple Palmer and Opal Cortlandt prepared to welcome a child into the world. Palmer had reservations because he had long thought he was sterile, but Opal assured him of her fidelity. On Christmas Eve, Palmer delivered his son, Peter, in the Cortlandt Manor living room. A DNA test would prove Opal's claims.
Peter grew up with the nickname "Petey." He spent most of his childhood at play dates with nephews Jamie Martin and JR Chandler.Until his parents' divorce, Petey had a pretty normal life... or as normal as life could be in Pine Valley.

: Jamie and Petey took something from JR's backpack thinking it was candy. In fact, they were ecstacy pills. Lukily, Tad and Dixie Martin found out what it was before the kids could take any. The drugs revealed a greater drug problem in Pine Valley, fueled by the drug lord Proteus.

2002: Petey had driven every nanny he had away. But he would meet his match in Kendall Hart. Petey recognized that Kendall was only watching Petey for a chance at Palmer’s money. Petey did not make the job easy, but Kendall stuck around winning Petey’s respect and affection.
Kendall asked Palmer for help to launch her own cosmetics line, FUSION. Palmer gave Kendall a sizeable Christmas bonus. Petey told Kendall if she needed more from Palmer, she needed to make him think Adam Chandler was interested in investing in FUSION too.

2003: With Kendall busy at FUSION, Petey began going through a bevy of new nannies including Joni Stafford and Laurie Lewis. Petey arranged for Kendall to take him to Aspen for a Cosmetics Convention. There, she met Michael Cambias, a man who would turn life in Pine Valley upside down.
Petey caught Adam trying to break into Joe Martin’s office. Adam wanted to find evidence that Babe Chandler was not carrying JR's baby. Petey blackmailed Adam for his silence, showing the apple did not fall far from the tree.
Petey was good friends with Colby Chandler. Colby had a crush on Petey, but he was not interested.

2008: Petey returned to Pine Valley after graduating early from preparatory school.What was supposed to be his summer break bifore attending Harvard turned into a longer term arrangement after he reconnected with Colby.
He saw blood on Colby’s car bumper. She was freaking out thinking that her friend, Dre Woods, had ran over and killed Richie Novak. Petey promised his silence. He tried to help Colby as she began to abuse alcohol. In reality, Richie was already dead. He had been bludgeoned with a crowbar by Annie Lavery.
Adam turned to Petey with a proposition. He was willing to put in a good word for Petey with Colby if he helped taint Babe Carey’s new fragrante at FUSION, Bella. Petey wrongfully poisoned his own mother while coming up with the irritant. He positioned himself as an intern at the company based on his relationship with the founders. As if a sign from God, Petey was struck by lightning while tainting the samples.
Petey and Colby grew closer the night a tornado came crashing trough Pine Valley. They were in the safety of the hospital as Opal suffered a heart attack the same night. Colby worried about her father. They made their way to Chandler Mansion when the door exploded in Petey’s face. Colby tended to Petey’s wounds. Though Petey wanted more from Colby, she made it clear she was onyl ready to be friends.
Palmer and Opal were weary of Petey’s relationship with the Chandlers. Petey also told his parents that he was going to postpone going to Harvard.