Palmer Courtlandt CORTLANDT, Palmer (Pete Cooney)
Portrayed by
: James Mitchell (1979-present)
Family: Ross Chandler (Son); Nina Cortlandt Warner (Daughter); Andrew Preston Cortlandt (Adopted Son); Palmer John Cortlandt (Supposed Son); Petey Cortlandt (Son); Bess Cooney (Sister); Dixie Cooney (Niece); Lanie Cortlandt Rampal (Niece); Will Cortlandt (Nephew)
Marriages: Daisy Murdoch; Cynthia Preston; Donna Beck; Daisy Murdoch; Natalie Marlowe; Opal Cortlandt; Vanessa Bennett

1979: Palmer Cortlandt promised to be Pine Valley’s newest, richest, and most powerful man. As the founder and CEO of Cortlandt Electronics, Palmer quickly made a place for himself among the rich and famous, most notably moving in to the estate next door to Phoebe Tyler.
Palmer’s main concern had always been his daughter, Nina Cortlandt. After being admitted to the hospital with appendicitis, Nina began a relationship with her doctor, Dr. Cliff Warner. Palmer disapproved of Cliff. He noted that his nurse, Sybil Thorne, was trying hard to catch Cliff’s attention. With Sybil’s help, Palmer dug into Cliff’s past and found one of his old girlfriends, Janice Rawlins. Palmer paid off Janice to bad mouth Cliff to Nina.
Palmer’s maid, Myra Murdoch, was not impressed with Palmer’s antics. For some reason, Myra had a certain influence on Palmer that no one understood. Surely, Palmer changed his ways and at least for the meantime, stopped interfering in Nina’s love life.
Really, Myra was Palmer’s one-time mother-in-law and Nina’s grandmother. Palmer had found his wife, Daisy Cortlandt, in an affair and kicked her out of his home. Myra remained as a compromise, taking on the role of the Manor’s maid, ad very much the lady of the house.

1980: Palmer’s machinations to keep Cliff and Nina apart went into overdrive. When Nina was diagnosed with blindness as a result of her diabetes, Palmer failed to inform his daughter that the condition was reversible. He knew Nina would never subject Cliff to a marriage with a blind woman. He enlisted the help of opportunist Sean Cudahy to keep an eye on Nina. He did not approve of Sean’s feelings for Nina, but he knew his main concern was Cliff.
Nina found out about the surgery to reverse ner blindness on her own, and had the procedure done. Palmer thought he lost when Cliff and Nina married on the Cortlandt Manor grounds. Palmer refused to attend the ceremony.
But his defeat was short lived when Sybil came back to him, pregnant with Cliff’s son. She was going to abort the baby, but Palmer had a different plan. Sybil’s pregnancy would surely keep Nina and Cliff apart. He would support Sybil and the child for her cooperation. When the news came out, Nina moved back into Cortlandt Manor.
Palmer invited another special guest to stay with him. Neighbor Donna Tyler had just left her husband, Chuck Tyler. Palmer had his own plans for the former Mrs. Tyler.

1981: Palmer married Donna in a small wedding at Cortlandt Manor.
Palmer pulled out all the stops to keep Nina and Cliff apart once and for all. Sean and Sybil were the main players in his game. When Sybil gave birth to Bobby Warner, Palmer paid to prevent Sybil from putting the child up for adoption. But Sybil was getting cold feat. Palmer sent Sean to scare Sybil into complying with their plan. But, things got out of control and Sybil was found dead.
Sybil’s death could not have played more in Palmer’s favor. Cliff was arrested as the main suspect. Palmer believed Cliff was going away for the crime, until a surprise witness implicate Sean as the culprit. That witness was Daisy Cortlandt, who had been masquerading in Pine Valley for the last year as the Cortlandt stable hand Monique Jonvil. He raced home to prevent Daisy from leaving town again. He approached the stable house with his pack of Dobermans, demanding an explanation from his former wife.
Sean confessed to the entire crime, and Palmer’s role in it. Nina rejected her father. He went to drown his sorrows at the Center City bars, but was mugged on his way home. As an amnesiac, Palmer began working as a busboy at Foxy’s. When he finally returned to Cortlandt Manor, he realized time did heal old wounds. Nina wanted to help to her father recover. Palmer also realized his feelings for Daisy were still very much alive.
Nina adopted Sybil and Cliff's child, Bobby Warner. Palmer was now a grandfather. It did not take much time for Palmer to begin spoiling his first grandson.

1982: Palmer and Donna went on their long awaited honeymoon in the Swiss Alps. Only, there was an uninvited guest when Chuck Tyler and his new girlfriend Melanie Sawyer arrived at the same ski chalet. Palmer wanted to make himself look better than Chuck in Donna’s eyes and invited him to join them on a cross country tour. Melanie stayed behind after spraining her ankle. During the whole trip, Palmer did what he could to embarrass Chuck.
But, his plans were put on hold when an avalanche left them stranded. Palmer fell off a cliff and was separated from his wife and Chuck. A helicopter rescued him. They waited until daybreak to continue their search. Luckily, Donna and Chuck survived the night.
Back in Pine Valley, Donna announced she was pregnant with Palmer’s child. Palmer knew this could not be true; he was sterile. Palmer wanted to save face. Myra ad Daisy knew his secret and compromised his new marriage. To dissuade any suspicion, Palmer endowed a $20 million trust fund to his unborn son.
Nina had solved a crisis at Cortlandt Electronic while Palmer was in Switzerland. He gave her a position in the company for her business savvy. This inadvertently caused a rift in her marriage. He kept Cliff and Nina apart further by secretly funding a research grant that kept Cliff in the lab all night.
Palmer knew the only person who could possibly be father of Donna’s child was Chuck. At Nina and Cliff’s anniversary party, Palmer planned on shooting Chuck. He missed, but caused a big enough commotion to prevent a second attempt. Chuck approached Palmer after he discovered Palmer's medical condition. They came to an understanding that it was best to keep the truth from Donna. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Palmer John Cortlandt.
Disgusted with his wife, Palmer began an affair with Daisy

1983: Palmer continued his affair with Daisy. Though he believed it was only an escape from his loveless marriage, he began to rekindle many of the same feelings he had for his one time wife. Palmer grew especially jealous when Daisy flirted openly with his business rival, Lars Bogard. Palmer did not trust Lars, especially around Daisy. He left Daisy in New York to break off the affair.
Palmer came home one day to find Donna moving out of Cortlandt Manor. Donna had found out the truth about Johnny’s paternity. Palmer demanded to know who told her the truth. The perpetrator was none other than Palmer’s nosey neighbor, Phoebe. Phoebe tried to explain her stake in the situation, after all, Johnny was her great-grandson; but Palmer was irrational. He promised that he would ruin her.
Divorced from Donna, Palmer was free to pursue Daisy again. But, she was now having an affair with Lars. In a rage, Palmer planned to confront Lars with a gun. Unfortunately, in a drunken stupor, Palmer accidentally shot himself. When he awoke in the hospital, his greatest loves were by his side: Nina and Daisy. Palmer convinced Daisy to give him another chance as husband and wife.

1984: Erica Kane turned to Palmer after realizing they had a mutual enemy in Lars. Lars was threatening to ruin her new business venture, Erica Kane Cosmetics. Palmer ran across old documents that named Lars as a war criminal. Confronted with the truth, Lars went on the run. On a cruise ship in South America, Palmer and Erica saw Lars for the last time. Rather than be turned in to the authorities, he jumped overboard into the ship’s rudders.
Back in Pine Valley, a part of Palmer’s past came to haunt him. Palmer was attacked in his home by Stuart Chandler, a familiar face from his days growing up as an impoverished boy in Pigeon’s Hallow, West Virginia. Back then, Palmer was known as Pete Cooney. He had fallen in love with Lottie Chandler, Stuart and Adam Chandler’s sister. Palmer was called off to war, not knowing he had left Lottie pregnant. Adam and Stuart blamed Palmer for her latter suicide. Adam was now the CEO of his own major corporation, Chandler Industries. He promised to ruin Palmer for his past crimes.
One good thing about the Chandler’s sudden arrival in Pine Valley was the presence of Palmer’s newfound son, Ross. Palmer welcomed Ross into the Cortlandt family with open arms.
The IRS audited Cortlandt Electronics. Vice President Lois Klingensmith had inflated the books and went on the run. Palmer realized she was a mole placed by Lars before his death to destroy Palmer’s career. The government froze all of Palmer’s assets. In the interim, Palmer had to collude with Adam to save his company. He became his front man for his scheme to build a casino in Pine Valley.
When Lois was finally apprehended, Palmer was relieved to be out of Adam’s influences. He gave Ross a large wedding at Cortlandt Manor to his new love, Ellen Shepherd. On the guest list was Ross’ first wife, Cynthia Preston, and her son, Andrew Preston. Palmer saw potential in Andrew, and invited the Preston’s to live in Cortlandt Manor. Palmer did not foresee the tension Cynthia’s presence would cause on his relationship with Daisy.

1985: Something about Cynthia kept Palmer enthralled. Daisy tried to shed light on her gold-digging ways, but nothing was enough to snap Palmer out of her influence. Palmer married Cynthia in a small ceremony at Cortlandt Manor
That all changed the night Zach Grayson was found dead in his apartment. Ross found Daisy next to the body, holding a bloody knife. Slowly, Palmer learned to the extent to which Zach had affected life at Cortlandt Manor. Zach had drugged and raped Nina. Daisy also slept with him.
Cynthia and Palmer’s marriage crumbled through the duration of Daisy’s trial. Palmer realized how much he loved his ex-wife. Cynthia decided she wanted out of her marriage. Palmer had grown especially fond of Cynthia’s son Andrew. He formally adopted him before Cynthia left town.
The stress of Daisy’s trial caused Nina to break from reality. Palmer was forced to admit his daughter to an insane asylum. She had regressed to a state of adolescence, unaware that she was now a mother and a wife. Though it pained Palmer to see Nina in such a condition, at least it ended any chance for reconciliation with Cliff.

1986: When Andrew was implicated in the accidental death of Alex Hunter, Palmer pulled out all the ropes to protect his son. But even his vast wealth could not save him. Andrew went to prison.
Adam and Palmer’s rivalry went too far. Adam hired a thug to scare Palmer, but he was accidentally shot. With Nina and Daisy out of town on a long cruise, Palmer needed to hire a caretaker. He hired nurse Natalie Hunter, Alex’s widow.
Nina and Cliff reconciled again. Daisy convinced Palmer to throw them a lavish wedding at the Tavern on the Green.

1987: Palmer had grown smitten with Natalie. Daisy could not bear to see Palmer waste his time on another woman half his age, and she quietly slipped out of town. Palmer hardly noticed. He proposed to Natalie and they married in a lavish ceremony.
Palmer had thought that Jeremy Hunter was the only threat to his marriage. He had noticed how Natalie still melted when she saw her former lover. Secretly, Natalie was carrying on an affair with Ross. Natalie accused Ross of rape. Palmer was destroyed to see another one of his sons carted off to prison. Palmer also knew his marriage was over.

1988: Palmer was not ready to see his marriage to Natalie end. Palmer caught Natalie standing over Silver Kane’s dead body. She had killed Silver in self-defense. Palmer helped Natalie dispose of her body in the Cortlandt Manor’s pond and fabricated evidence making it seem as if she had fled town with a broken heart. Palmer also found out that the answering machine had recorded Natalie and Silver’s altercation, supporting Natalie's plea of self-defense. This piece of evidence was crucial for Natalie if she was ever to be discovered. Palmer held on to the tape and Natalie’s secret as long as she agreed to stop their divorce proceedings.
When Silver’s body was discovered, Natalie went to trial. When Palmer was implicated as an accomplice, he was sent to prison for obstruction of justice. Luckily, he was able to bribe his way out of the penitentiary and into a special work farm.
When Palmer was released for good behavior, he discovered Natalie was making plans to marry Jeremy. Before he could stop them, he suffered a heart attack. He was discovered collapsed in the church vestibule by Marissa Rampal. When Palmer learned Marissa was the mother of Jeremy’s illegitimate child, he knew he could use this to his advantage. He financed Marissa’s stay in Pine Valley.
Just as Nina made plans to move with Matt to the Midwest, Palmer invited his niece, Lanie Cortlandt, to live at Cortlandt Manor while she attended Pine Valley University. Lanie revealed a secret from Palmer’s past. His new maid and stable-hand were in fact his niece and nephew, Dixie and Will Cooney. Palmer’s sister, Bess Cooney Hunkle, had just died. With nowhere to go, Dixie and Will made their way to Pine Valley in search of their Uncle Pete. Lanie had grown up in Europe to escape the impoverished life of Pigeon's Hallow. Palmer saw it his duty to Bess to raise her children to the best of his ability. Will became his newest protégé at Cortlandt Electronics.

1989: Palmer let Marissa do whatever she could to finally break Jeremy and Natalie apart. He did not anticipate Marissa’s constant visits to Cortlandt Manor to spark a relationship between Lanie and her son, David Rampal. Palmer disapproved of the union. He did not trust Marissa and did not want Lanie involved in their sort of lifestyle.
Nina returned to Pine Valley when her youngest son, Mikey Connolly, mysteriously fell ill. While in treatment at Pine Valley Hospital, Nina learned Mikey was Cliff’s son and not Matt’s. Cliff and Nina were together again. Palmer had never saw Nina so happy. He invited them to remarry in the Cortlandt Manor garden, where they first married nine years before. Daisy flew in to surprise her daughter. Palmer made one last attempt at reconciliation with Daisy, but she was unfazed. Daisy told Palmer it was time that ime move-on. He did not have to worry about Daisy's or Nina’s happiness anymore.
When Palmer learned about all that Adam had done to hurt Dixie, he took matters into his own hands. Palmer had manipulated Dixie into carrying his child. He arranged to buy Chandler Industries without Adam knowledge. He announced his big coup at Adam’s Masquerade Ball. Adam collapsed and suffered a massive stroke.

1990: Palmer did his best to avoid Opal Gardner’s advances. The year before, he had lured her back to Pine Valley hoping she would help to break up her son, Tad Martin, and Dixie's marriage. Palmer went so far as to rehire Sean on his payroll for the sole reason of dating Opal. Opal was determined to prove that she was the perfect match for him, but Palmer thought otherwise. He was interested in classier women, like Daisy who had returned to Pine Valley for another visit. Opal instead began dating Palmer’s new business partner and former cellmate, Stan Ulatowski.
Palmer’s intentions changed when he spotted a beautiful blonde at the University Ball. It was Opal, regal as ever. She captivated Palmer. Their one dance led to a romantic courtship. Palmer finally met his match. He asked Opal to become his newest bride.
Palmer still believed Opal’s son was not worthy of his beloved Dixie. He hired Loretta Rutherford to claim that she had an affair with Tad. That coupled with pressure from Opal and a plethora of other players caused Dixie to divorce Tad. But, Palmer would soon realize the wrong of his ways. Tad died in a bridge explosion. When Palmer saw how devastated Dixie was, he realized that he was mistaken about their relationship.
Palmer wanted Will to act as his mole in Chandler Industries. Will was to seduce Adam’s daughter, Skye Chandler. Will came to Palmer with a stock tip Skye had given him. In reality, the tip was Skye’s bluff. Palmer lost most of his hold in Chandler Industries. Palmer reprimanded his nephew. Their relationship was further estranged with Will’s continued liaisons with Skye.

1991: Charlie Brent saved Palmer Cortlandt when he fell through the ice over the Cortlandt pond. It was revealed a mind-altering drug named CRS-17 had poisoned Palmer. At first, Will was the prime suspect. But, a vial of the drug fell out of Opal’s purse. Opal maintained her innocence. When Palmer did not believe her, she left Cortlandt Manor.
Palmer's one time cellmate Stan Ulatowski was revealed to be the real culprit behind the poisoning. Palmer realized what a mistake he had made. Daisy returned to Pine Valley to confront Palmer over what he did to Opal. Secretly, she made Opal jealous. The jealousy was enough for Opal to admit her feelings for Palmer and reconcile their marriage
Palmer hired Dixie’s new friend, Craig Lawson, at Cortlandt Electronics. Craig was the only person who seemed to be able to help Dixie come to terms with Tad’s death. Will began to call out Craig at work. He framed Craig as the culprit behind $20,000 that had went missing from company accounts. This was the last draw for Palmer. He fired his nephew and took away his trust fund.

1992: Adam turned to Palmer when his daughter, Hayley Vaughan, eloped with Will. Adam wanted to drive Will out of Pine Valley once and for all. Palmer and Adam scraped together a settlement check, hoping it would be enough to entice Will. Will rejected their offer. That night, he was found dead in his apartment, with Palmer as one of the prime suspects. The murderer turned out to be Janet Green, a psychotic woman who thought Will’s involvement in Hayley’s life had taken attention away from her.
Palmer and Opal prepared to welcome a child into the world. Palmer had reservations because he had long thought he was sterile, but Opal assured him of her fidelity. On Christmas Eve, Palmer delivered his son, Peter Cortlandt, in the Cortlandt Manor living room. A DNA test would prove the child was Opal’s son.

1993-94: Palmer lost Cortlandt Electronics in a bad investment deal. Opal had a solution. She and Palmer opened the Cluck-Cluck Chicken Shack using Opal’s secret family restaurant. The venture proved to be a success. Palmer sold the franchise to get enough leverage to buy back Cortlandt Electronics. Opal felt betrayed that Palmer would do this behind her back.
In his moment of weakness, Palmer had a one-night stand with Janet. Palmer immediately regretted what he did. When Palmer wanted to break things off, Janet began to blackmail him. Palmer agreed to Janet's demandsa only to save his marriage.

1995: Daisy’s surprise visit caught Palmer off guard. She caught him in a heated confrontation with Janet. Palmer admitted that he had an affair with her. Enraged, Daisy admitted to her role in bringing Palmer and Opal together. Before they could settle anything, Nina appeared. She wanted to speak with him, but he was too preoccupied thinking about Opal.
Palmer faced loosing Opal when the truth about his affair came out. Palmer kicked him out of Cortlandt Manor. Before he could make it up to his wife, Opal began seeing Seabone Hunkle, Bess’s ex-husband. Palmer called on Daisy for his assistance to reunite with his wife. With Daisy’s help, the couple reconciled.
That fall, Nina sent Bobby to live with Palmer. Bobby had gotten himself into a lot of trouble in Seattle. She hoped that Palmer’s influence would help straighten him out.

1996: Palmer grew concerned for Bobby when it was revealed that he was the father of Kelsey Jefferson’s baby. Nina came back to Pine Valley to talk to Bobby, but also to help Palmer come to grips with the news. Nina reminded Palmer that sometimes even she disappointed him. She did not want Palmer to ruin his relationship with his grandson because of one mistake.
Palmer and Opal invited homosexual teenager Kevin Sheffield to live with them after his parents kicked him out.

1997: Palmer intervened in Bobby’s life after he had an impromptu marriage with Kelsey Jefferson. Palmer knew Bobby was in love with Anita Santos. Palmer was able to successfully convince Kelsey to leave Bobby.

1998: Palmer was weary of Opal’s new chauffeur, Adrian Sword. Palmer wrongfully accused Opal of an affair. Really, Adrian was a spy who was sent to find Palmer’s stash of Nazi artifacts. Palmer could not part with his priceless collection, instead going on the run. He faked his own death to throw Adrian off.
Other spies had gotten word of Palmer’s collection and began to track him. They attacked him. Palmer would have died if not for the intervention of Braden Lavery. Palmer hired Braden as his right hand man. Tad and Dixie tracked down Palmer to New York. They revealed that Palmer’s paintings held the secret location of various Nazi’s after the war. He had unknowingly supported in their getaway.
Dixie suffered kidney failure. Palmer cared for her in the hospital. All she wanted was to be with Tad. But Palmer did not want to see Dixie hurt by Tad again. He told Braden to keep guard over Dixie and make sure that Tad never made contact with her.
Upon returning to Pine Valley, Opal gave Palmer the cold shoulder. She still could not believe that Palmer let her thinking he was dead for some paintings. Opal revealed Adrian was in fact her son that she had hid from Ray Gardner’s terror. Opal sued Palmer for a divorce, forcing him to move into the Valley Inn. But, Opal still cared for Palmer. He was temporarily blinded in the explosion at Holidays. She cared for him until he recovered.

1999: Palmer was going to make Opal pay for leaving him. He told The Intruder about how Opal had abandoned Adrian as a child. The story exposed Adrian’s secret identity. Adrian was going to take Palmer to court for compromising his life and career. He pressured Palmer to lay off Opal. In the end, Opal was awarded all of Palmer’s assets and primary custody of Petey. Palmer retained ownership of Cortlandt Electronics. Opal tried to lead a hostile takeover, but Erica sided with Palmer and cast her votes on the Board of Directors in his favor.
Vanessa Bennett seduced Palmer. Before he knew it, they had eloped. Palmer liked how his new relationship enraged Opal with jealousy. But all was not as it seemed.
Palmer got wind of a secret liaison that Vanessa had with someone in New York. Palmer was sure she was having an affair. He plotted to drug the young man and frame him for murdering Vanessa. But back in Pine Valley, Vanessa revealed the young man was her son, Leo duPres. The sniper was already hired and took aim. Palmer took the bullet for his wife.
Vanessa deduced Palmer’s plot. She blackmailed him into maintaining their marriage, as well as hiring Leo at Cortlandt Electronics.

2000: Palmer regretted the day he married Vanessa. Palmer learned that Leo had agreed to steal company secrets for Adam. Also, Vanessa was implicated in the murder of her real gigolo, Paolo. Palmer retaliated by cutting off her expense account and selling off her expensive clothing. She had to earn her keep plucking chickens at the Chicken Shack.

2001: Palmer became sympathetic to Vanessa when one of Adam’s goons shot her thinking she was Arlene. Vanessa pushed the limits. She began an affair with her chauffer, Larry. But that was the least of Palmer’s trouble. Unknown to him, she was the drug lord Proteus.

2002: Palmer was publicly humiliated when Vanessa was revealed to be the drug lord Proteus. Adam attempted a hostile takeover of Cortlandt Electronics. But all of this took a backseat when Palmer was hit was devastating news: Dixie was dead. Her car had careened off a cliff in the Swiss Alps. Palmer's heart began to fail. He was admitted to the hospital for recovery.
Palmer found a sympathetic ear in Erica's daughter Kendall Hart. Kendall did not know Dixie well, except for stories she heard through her fiancée, Del Henry. She gave Palmer a one of a kind photo of Dixie thatDel had left in Florida. Kendall was shunned for her treatment of Erica. Palmer decided to give Kendall a chance. He hired her to care for his handful of a son, Petey.
Kendall approached Palmer with a proposition. She wanted to launch a cosmetics line and need an investor. Palmer gave Kendall a sizeable holiday bonus for her loyal service to him. He also gave her use of a vacant warehouse he owned.

2003: Palmer was devastated to learn that Erica’s daughter, Bianca Montgomery, was the victim of rape at the hands of Michael Cambias. Palmer partly blamed Adam, who had bailed Michael out of prison when he was arrested for insider trading. But, Palmer also knew that Adam would be a worthy ally in a plot of revenge. They decided to lure Michael to the Chandler jet, shoot him, and drop off his body in the middle of nowhere. Only, their infighting resulted in Palmer accidentally shooting Adam instead. When Michael’s body was found, both men were considered suspects in his murder.

2004: Bobby came back to town after his marriage to Anita began to crumble. Bobby had squandered his trust fund on bad investments. Palmer refused to give him any more money. Bobby attributed Palmer’s neglect as displaced for the hate he had toward Cliff. But Palmer was tired of bailing out his grandson. He was cutting him off out of love, and not hate.
When Bianca got her baby, Miranda Montgomery, back, Opal planted a kiss on Palmer. Palmer surprised her with another kiss in return.

2005: Palmer was shocked to learn that Dixie was alive. She had taken residence at Chandler Mansion as nanny to Adam Chandler, III, JR’s son. Though she had a new face, this woman knew everything and did everything Dixie did. Palmer let himself get caught up in the idea that his beloved niece was alive.
Dixie revealed herself to be Di Kirby Henry, another one of Seabone’s children. David had hired her to take on Dixie’s personae. Palmer wanted to see Di pay for her deception.
Adam had drunkenly married Krystal Carey while they investigated Di’s past in Crow’s Hollow. Palmer had always been kind to Krystal. He approached her with a plan to take over Chandler Industries using any shares she could obtain in their pending divorce settlement.

2006: Palmer attended the Mardi Gras Ball alone after Opal secured a date with Del. He and David were trapped in the rubble after Janet set the ballroom to explode. When Palmer reached for his heart medication, David revealed he had it in his possession. He would only give it back to Palmer if he agreed to use his influence on the Board of Directors at Pine Valley Hospital to get his medical license reinstated. Palmer reluctantly agreed.
Palmer was infuriated when he learned Dixie was alive. She had been hiding in Switzerland for four years. He took out his aggression on Di because she had known Dixie was alive all along. But Palmer still loved his niece. When Tad tried to implicate Dixie in the murder of Dr. Greg Madden, Palmer pulled a gun on him.
Palmer answered a newspaper personal ad only to learn it was posted by his old friend, Myrtle Fargate. Myrtle reluctantly agreed to go on a date with him.

2007: Palmer was devastated when he learned Dixie had died at the hands of the Satin Slayer. Opal tried to reach him before she died, but he was unreachable. Palmer regretted harboring so much animosity for Dixie for the years she had stayed away from Pine Valley.

2008: Petey came back to Pine Valley after graduating early from preparatory school. Palmer thought Petey was only in Pine Valley for the summer before he was to start shis studies at Harvard. In reality, Petey was looking for a break from school. Palmer was reluctant to let his son take a sabbatical. This was especially true after he found out Petey had fallen for Adam’s daughter, Colby Chandler. Petey and Opal implored their son to stay away from the Chandlers.