The Pine Valley Bulletin

CORTLANDT, Andrew Preston
Portrayed by
: Stephen Caffrey (1984-86)
Family: Cynthia Preston (Mother); Palmer Cortlandt (Adoptive Father); Ross Chandler (Adoptive Brother); Nina Cortlandt Warner (Adoptive Sister); Palmer John Cortlandt (Adoptive Brother); Petey Cortlandt (Adoptive Brother)
Marriages: None

1984: Andrew Preston agreed to tag along with his mother to Pine Valley. She was determined to win back her now rich ex-husband, Ross Chandler. At Cortlandt Manor, Andrew befriended Ross’ father, Palmer Cortlandt. Palmer invited he and Cynthia to move-in.

1985: Andrew settled into his new life at Cortlandt Manor. He genuinely appreciated Palmer’s hospitality, but his first loyalty was always to his mother. Cynthia was determined to become the newest Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt. Cynthia knew her only obstacle was Palmer’s ex-wife Daisy Cortlandt. Andrew ran interference as Cynthia seduced Palmer.
Cynthia and Palmer’s marriage was short lived. As Cynthia planned to embark on her new life, Andrew pleaded to stay in Pine Valley. Palmer had grown found of Andrew himself, and offered to adopt him.

1986: Andrew felt threatened by Palmer’s relationship with Ross. Andrew knew he could not contend with Palmer’s biological son. During the big foxhunt at the Wallingford Estate, Andrew loosened the saddle on Ross’s horse hoping to embarrass him in front of everyone. Only, Ross and Alex Hunter switched mounts at the last minute. Alex fell off the horse and suffered a fatal heart attack. In spite of Palmer’s best efforts, Andrew went to prison for involuntary manslaughter.