The Pine Valley Bulletin

CHIN, Henry
Portrayed by: Ivan Shaw (2003)
Family: Alma Chin (Mother); Lee Chin (Uncle); Regina Chin (Sister)
Marriages: None

2003: Henry Chin knew competition when he saw it. He was at the top of his class at Pine Valley University, pursuing a major in pre-Med. New student Maggie Stone may not have been as determined as he, but she was a great distraction for the aspiring doctor. After a collaboration on a school project, Henry gave in to his attraction and began dating her. Distracted by his new relationship, Henry began to fall behind at school. He froze on a mid-term examination. Maggie saw what was happening and arranged her paper so that Henry could see her work.
When Henry and Maggie’s test scores came back, they were reported to the dean’s office. Henry was let go based on his sterling reputation. Maggie took the fall for cheating. Henry lamented leaving Maggie to take the fall for him. When he finally came clean, he was expelled from the University. His mother, Alma Chin, blamed her son’s downfall on Maggie and forbid them from seeing each other.
Henry moved out of her mother’s home and moved into the Fargate Boarding House. He began to pursue his passion for music. His new band was invited on a national tour. Henry was very excited but did not want to leave Maggie. Maggie told him to pursue his dreams. Alma came to terms with Henry’s new destiny and told him that she would see him perform when the tour came back to Pine Valley.