The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by: Irene Ng (1991); Lindsay Price (1991-93)
Family: None
Marriages: Brian Bodine

1991-92: An Li Chen immigrated with her mother from China, eventually landing work in Cortlandt Manor as a maid. An Li wanted to stay in the United States, but she knew immigration laws would prevent her from achieving her dream. Adam Chandler told An Li that she would easily get a green card if she married an American citizen. Adam was quick to point out that his daughter Hayley Vaughan had recently dumped An Li’s close friend, Brian Bodine.
When An Li approached Brian about the plan, he was quick to accept the proposition. An Li secretly had feelings for Brian. But, she knew he was still hung up on Hayley. An Li was content to keep her distance. That changed one night when Brian had learned Hayley eloped with Will Cortlandt. Brian turned to An Li for comfort. That night, they consummated their marriage.
One night, Hayley called Brian for help, but instead got An Li. An Li forgot to tell Brian that Hayley had called. That night, Brian was arrested for Will’s murder. An Li realized Hayley had called Brian because Will was threatening to rape her. Though Brian rejected her, An Li stood by him through his trial. After all, she was now pregnant with his child.

1993: An Li suffered a miscarriage. The pregnancy was the only thing keeping her marriage together. After their divorce, An Li tried to pick up her life with Terrence Frye. But An Li needed a new start, so she left Pine Valley.