The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by: David Canary (1984-present)
Family: Adam Chandler (Brother); Lottie Chandler (Sister); Scott Parker Chandler (Adopted Son)
Marriages: Joanna Yaeger; Cindy Parker; Marian Colby

1984: Stuart Chandler lay hidden away in the West Wing of the Chandler Mansion. The only contact he ever had with the outside world was through his wife, Joanna Yaeger. But Joanna had her own plans for Stuart. He fueled his simple mind with lies about Adam’s new wife, Erica Kane. She also let on that Palmer Cortlandt, a man Stuart hated, now lived next door.
Back in Pigeon’s Hallow, Palmer had left Stuart’s sister, Lottie Chandler, pregnant and depressed. When Lottie's fiancée learned that the Chandler's “little brother” Ross Chandler was in fact Lottie and Palmer’s illegitimate son, Lottie committed suicide. Stuart lashed out and accidentally killed Lottie’s fiancée. Adam Chandler, Stuart’s twin brother, kept him hidden away so that he would not go to prison. Stuart had a break in reality, regressing his mind to that of a child.
One day, Stuart broke out of the West Wing and attacked Erica. Then, he made his way with a knife to Cortlandt Manor to do the same to Palmer. Adam could not believe that the gentle Stuart would attack anyone. He realized it was Joanna who had manipulated his malleable mind. Joanna was forced out of Chandler Mansion.

1987: Stuart was a volunteer art teacher at Pine Valley Hospital. He had especially grown attached to Scott Parker. Scott recently lost his father to complications from AIDS. His mother, Cindy Parker, found out Fred had passed the disease on to her. Scott brought Stuart and Cindy together.
Cindy and Stuart’s relationship faced a lot of scrutiny, especially from the other Chandlers. Everyone worried that Stuart did not fully comprehend the dangers of HIV. But Stuart was convinced he could love Cindy and keep himself safe.

1988: Stuart married Cindy much to Adam’s dismay. Stuart even made arrangements to adopt Scott. Not long after the wedding, Cindy’s condition began to deteriorate at a fast pace. Stuart stood by Cindy as she was admitted in and out of Pine Valley Hospital.

1989: Stuart’s happy life with Cindy came to abrupt end. Cindy died of complication as a result of AIDS. Stuart had the tough job of telling Scott that Cindy had passed on. He promised he would always be there for Scott. On the Day of Compassion, Stuart dedicated a square on the AIDS quilt in Cindy’s memory.

1991: Adam revealed that back in 1984, Stuart had been sent to sign Adam’s divorce papers to Erica.

1993: After Cindy’s death, Stuart continued his volunteer work at the hospital. There, he met nurse Gloria Marsh. For the first time since Cindy’s death, Stuart thought that he could love someone again. Only, Adam had his site set on Gloria as well. All Stuart had to offer to Gloria was his heart; but Adam offered her everything in the world. On their wedding day, Gloria left Stuart at the altar.

1994: Adam sent Stuart away so that he could take over his life. Adam wanted to spy on Gloria and her new lover, Alec McIntyre. He pretended to be Stuart.

1995: Seeing Enid Nelson at the Martin family housewarming reminded Stuart of his love for Cindy. Enid was part of the anti-AIDS vigilante group that wanted to drive Cindy out of town.

1997: Stuart began dating Ester Glynn, the woman who found Madelyn Grey floating in a river.

1998: Liza needed Stuart’s help to exonerate DDr. Jake Martin, who was accused of attempting to kill Adam after he suffered a stroke the year before. They gave Stuart a sedative so that he could masquerade as Adam. Dr. David Hayward admitted that he made the whole charge up.
Back at Chandler Mansion, Marian Colby wrongfully thought Stuart was Adam too. She climbed into bed with him, hoping to incriminate Adam at his divorce proceedings from Liza Colby.
That one time rendezvous had Stuart smitten. But Marian was not so quick to warm up to him. Stuart’s love life took a back seat when a ghost from the Chandler Family’s past came back to haunt them. Years ago in Pigeon Hallow, Stuart and Adam placed Joy Hawkins in hiding from her abusive husband, Lee Hawkins. Lee was now in Pine Valley determined to get his revenge. He kidnapped Marian and placed her in the mausoleum at Wildwind. Stuart heard her calls for help and freed her before she could suffocate after getting stuck in the crypt. Stuart was forced to send Scott to California to keep him safe.
When the threat of Lee was over, Stuart was free to focus on Marian again. She had grown smitten with Stuart. By year’s end, they were engaged to marry.

1999: Stuart and Marian married on Valentine’s Day. He dressed up as the King of Hearts, and Marian his queen.
Liza had a daughter, Colby Marian Chandler. Unknown to everyone, Adam was the baby’s father, and not Jake. Marian trapped Adam when he tried to runaway with Colby. Liza and Marian enlisted Stuart’s help to cover up his disappearance. Stuart did his best to pretend to be Adam again.

2000: Marian came to Stuart with devastating news. She had awakened in bed next to a gigolo, Paolo. Marian admitted she had no idea how she got there. In spite of her reputation, Stuart could tell Marian was telling the truth. Tad Martin accidentally let it slip that Adam had hired Paolo to seduce Marian.
Stuart confronted Adam for his manipulation. Fueled by anger, Stuart disowned his brother. Stuart was on his way to his fishing cabin when a drunk Arlene hit him. Arlene was sure he was dead and speed off. A drifter then mugged Stuart. When a dead body with Stuart’s possessions was found charred at the burned down cabin, everyone thought Stuart was dead.
In reality, Stuart was alive and living in Las Vegas. Esther had found Stuart and nursed him back to health. Stuart had no memory of his past life, and Ester did her best to keep it that way. Stuart got a job at the Queen of Hearts Diner. When he was asked to design a new logo for the diner, he painted Marian in her wedding dress.
Stuart was drawn back to his fishing cabin. Seeing the lake caused him to flashback to memories in Pine Valley. When he made his way back to Chandler Mansion, he was surprised to see Arlene as the new lady of the house. Arlene threw Stuart in the attic while she tried to come up with an explanation. Marian was in the attic looking through Stuart’s old things. Husband and wife had a tearful reunion. Kissing Marian flooded Stuart’s mind with memories of his past.
After making their way out of the attic, Stuart learned Adam was dying after an accident at the ColMar Towers. Stuart rushed to the hospital to be by his brother’s side. Seeing Stuart alive gave Adam the hope to live. The brothers reconciled over their past indiscretions.

2001: Stuart helped Hayley Vaughan cope with murdering Arlene. He came to realization that Arlene was the woman who had run him down the year before. Arlene was revealed to be very much alive, exonerating Hayley for the crime.

2002: Marian admitted to Stuart that she was drinking too much. Stuart had seen too many of his family members affected by alcoholism. Together, they over came Marian's addiction before it could become a problem.

2004: Stuart and Adam became estranged when he helped Liza run away from Pine Valley with Colby. But Stuart had become fearful himself of what Adam was doing to JR in their vendetta against his new wife, Babe Chandler.
Stuart helped JR come to terms with the fact that Bess Chandler was not his daughter, but Bianca Montgomery’s daughter, Miranda Montgomery. Stuart could see past JR’s anger and see that it was his way of covering his helplessness. But, even Stuart’s kind words could not keep JR from trying to runaway with Miranda.

2005: Stuart befriended Lily Montgomery as she dealt with witnessing the murder of Edmund Grey. Stuart told Lily about his own hardships at trying to adjust to life in Pine Valley and dealing with a disability.

2007: Stuart offered to help Krystal Chandlerwith her new business venture, a bar named The Comeback. Adam was weary of all the time Stuart was spending with his ex-wife. He sent Stuart on a vacation and took Stuart’s place. Adam still had feelings for Krystal and saw the impersonation as his only way to stay close to her. But like all the other times, Adam’s ruse was discovered.
Stuart remained close to Krystal, even after she gave birth to Tad’s daughter, Jenny Martin.

2008: Stuart worried about Adam when he checked himself into Oak Haven. Adam was being haunted by visions of Dixie. Stuart tried to pose as Adam to protect Adam’s reputation and the value of Chandler stock.
Stuart and Marian attended Jesse and Angie Hubbard’s third wedding. The event showed how different the couple’s past lives were. Stuart was a close friend of Angie’s after she treated Cindy during her battle with AIDS. Marian had long terrorized Jesse because of his estranged relationship with Liza. Stuart wanted Marian to see that the Hubbards knew she had changed.