The Pine Valley Bulletin

CHANDLER-QUARTERMAINE, Antoinette “Skye” Patterson
Portrayed by: Antoinette Byron (1986-87); Robin Christopher (1987-91, 2000, 1998-2001 (OLTL), 2001-08 (GH)); Carrie Genzel (1996-97)
Family: Adam Chandler (Adoptive Father); Althea Patterson (Adoptive Mother); Rae Cummings (Mother); Alan Quartermaine (Adoptive Father); Hayley Vaughan Chandler Santos (Sister); JR Chandler (Brother); Anna Claire Chandler (Sister); Colby Chandler (Sister); Lila Rae Alcazar (Daughter)
Marriages: Tom Cudahy; Jonathan Kinder; Ben Davidson; Jasper Jax; Lorenzo Alcazar

1986: Nightclub chanteuse Skye Patterson's childhood had her gallivanting around Europe with her alcoholic mother, Althea Patterson. Skye lived a lavish lifestyle or drinking and partying. After all, she was Adam Chandler’s daughter, a fact that he almost seemed embarrassed about. After her mother’s death, Skye decided to make her way back to Pine Valley and into her father’s life.
Adam was ready to welcome his daughter back into his life, but Skye was not really ready to accept him. She caught the eye of a very married Tad Martin. Skye flirted shamelessly with Tad, even in front of his wife, Hillary Martin. After Skye slept with Tad, he and Hillary’s marriage crumbled. Tad left town, and Skye was left an outcast in society.

: Hillary and Skye’s feud escalated when Skye began dating Mitch Beck. Mitch had a crush on Hillary. Hillary admitted that she had caught Skye and Tad together the year before. When Mitch dumped Skye for Hillary, Skye threw herslef into work at Tempo magazine to pass her time.
Skye fell in love with Tom Cudahy. She had to come to terms with her own alcoholism if she was to stand a chance with Tom, a former alcoholic. Tom and Skye’s relationship met an early hurdle when she learned that she could not have children. She tried to keep this a secret from him. When Tom found out, he was furious.
Skye lovedher uncle, Stuart Chandler, and worried about his welfare. Stuart was dating Cindy Parker, an HIV positive widow with child. Skye did not really understand the implications of HIV and worried about Stuart’s own health. Tom tried to calm her insecurities.

: Tom and Skye were set to marry. Skye faced her demons and asked Adam to give her away at the altar. She formally changed her last name to Chandler. At the wedding, Adam announced his own plans to marry Brooke English, Tom’s ex-wife.
Skye and Tom were on opposite sides when it came to Cindy. Skye joined a vigilante group that wanted to push Cindy out of town. Things went to far when the group set Angie and Jesse Hubbard’s house on fire with Cindy inside. Skye had a last minute change of heart, and ran in to save Cindy. When they escaped the fire, Skye collapsed because of smoke inhalation.
Skye awoke from her coma the day Cindy and Stuart were set to marry. When she arrived at the church, she saw another woman, Barbara Montgomery, in Tom’s arms. Skye collapsed again and was rushed to the hospital. She knew her recovery would mean the end of her marriage. Skye feigned paralysis to hold on to Tom, but he was slowly slipping away. It would be Laura Cudahy who would reveal Skye’s deception. Skye confided her true condition in her step-daughter.
In desperation, Skye went to confront Barbara with a gun. Tom pleaded with Skye to let Barbara go. Tom was able to overpower Skye. She collapsed into a catatonic state and was wheeled off to Oak Haven to recover.

1989: Out of Oak Haven, Skye had nowhere to go but her father’s home. Life at Chandler Mansion had changed since Skye was last there. Adam was now married to a much younger woman, Dixie Cooney, who was pregnant with his son. Tad turned to Skye for a favor. He was suspicious about what Adam had in store for Dixie. Skye agreed to act like she was dating Tad so that Adam would be none the wiser when he spent time at the Mansion to observe his behavior with Dixie.

1990: Skye was framed for the kidnapping Junior Chandler, her little brother. The real culprit turned out to be Cindy’s sister, Karen Parker. In his haste, Adam turned on Skye.
Alone, she found solace at the bottom of the bottle. Jeremy Hunter was one of the only people who still believed Skye. She kept her drinking a secret, until she got in a car accident while under the influence. Her addictions drove everyone away, including Jeremy.
Skye began dating Will Cortlandt, the nephew of Adam's longtime rival, Palmer Cortlandt. Adam knew Will would do anything to impress his uncle Palmer. So, he gave Skye a stock tip that he knew would fail. Palmer invested heavily in the stock, causing him to loose most of his holdings in Chandler Industries. Skye felt used by her father. In spite of the deception, Will continued his relationship with Skye.

1991: Adam threatened to disown Skye if she continued her relationship with Will. The last draw came when she accepted his marriage proposal. Skye and Will’s relationship was compromised when Palmer was found poisoned in Cortlandt Manor. There were many suspects, but none stood out more than Will. Skye was uncertain about Will’s innocence. Fueled with doubts, Skye and Will’s relationship crumbled.
Adam had now turned his attention to Skye’s newfound sister, Hayley Vaughan. Skye moved in with Myrtle Fargate at the Boarding House. Still estranged from her family, Skye got a job as an AA recovery center in Milwaukee. She thought it was fresh start she needed.

1996: Life away from Pine Valley proved to be just as tumultuous for Skye. While in New York, Skye met and married Dr. Jonathan Kinder. But Jonathan did not prove to be the man that she thought he was. Jonathan was secretly experimenting with volatile drugs on his patients, many times killing him. Skye had stolen some of his files to give to the authorities. When Jonathan found out, he kept Skye in a drug induced coma.
Jonathan set up shop in Pine Valley. He kept Skye comatose in his attic. Janet Green had learned of Jonathan’s activities. He trapped her in the attic to rot with Skye. Janet was able to snap Skye out of her condition. The women escaped and found an unlikely ally in Erica Kane, another one of Jonathan’s victims.
The three women plotted on how they were going to reveal Jonathan’s dastardly deeds. But when Jonathan realized the women had escaped, he went on the hunt. Jonathan was ready to kill the women until an unfortunate accident with Bianca Montgomery had him tumbling down the stairs to his death at Erica's Linden House. Erica’s ex-husband, Dimitri Marick, helped the women hide Jonathan’s body in the garden.
Skye was ready to put Jonathan behind her until Erica found the shallow grave dugged up. Jonathan had escaped to the Caribbean thanks to his new lover, Marian Colby. But once Marian learned that he had only used her for her money, she gave away his location. Jonathan was taken into custody for once and for all. Skye filed for divorce form Jonathan.
Skye stumbled across Dimitri and Maria Grey in a passionate kiss. For the time being, she was going to keep what she saw secret.

1997:Skye knew Maria’s affair would end her marriage to Edmund Grey. So, Skye seduced a lab technician so as to make it appear as if Maria’s unborn child was Dimitri’s and not Edmund’s. When Maria admitted to her infidelity, Edmund left Maria and walked into Skye’s waiting arms.
Tanner Jordan, an Australian import via Texas, compromised Skye’s deception. Tanner romanced Skye, though he really had feelings for Hayley. Tanner blackmailed Skye after uncovering that she had tampered with Madelyn Grey’s paternity test.
Maria died in a plane crash. Edmund was besides himself. Skye realized that she had cut short the time Edmund and Maria had to be happy with their children. Skye wanted to tell Edmund the truth of what she did, but he suffered from a temporary loss of hearing. Dimitri discovered Skye trying to tell Edmund about Madelyn. Dimitri warned her that if she ever told Edmund, he would kill her.
Skye came clean to Tad and Edmund about Madelyn after Dimitri went on the run in Hungary. After they left to pursue him, Skye packed her bags and silently slipped out of Pine Valley.

1998-99: Llanview millionaire Asa Buchanan reached out to Skye in his plot to get Ben Davidson's medical license revoked. At first Skye appeared to be just a willing accomplice, but she had a secret. She was Ben's wife. While living in New York again, the couple has a quicky marriage that quickly disintegrated. She refused to file annulment papers. Ben had since moved on and wanted to marry Viki Lord Carpenter. Skye went so far as to lie about sharing a baby with Ben to hold on to him. When her lies and involvement with Asa came out, Skye was forced to let Ben go or suffer more humility. Skye began working at Llanview Banner, growing closer with Viki and positioning herself for her next attack.

2000: Skye learned Max Holden was not he real Buchanan heir, in fact, Ben was Asa's son. Skye blackmailed Max into helping her destroy Ben's reputation. Their time together turned into an affair, only Max was in love with Blair Cramer.
Skye wrote a scathing article about recently returned Llanview resident Dr. Rae Cummings. Little did she know, Rae was Myrtle's granddaughter. Myrtle came to Llanview to give Skye a piece of her mind and warn her about falling into her old ways.
When Max was found shot, Skye was the main suspect. It did not help that the murder weapon was found in Skye's apartment. Todd Manning, Blair's new lover, placed the gun in her apartment so as to exonerate Blair, the true culprit. For some reason, detective John Sykes, Rae's boyfriend, was sympathetic to Skye's pleas of innocence. Rae was not as understanding.
After passing a lie detector test, Skye was released on bail. She made her way back to Pine Valley having learned Stuart had died in accidental fire. Skye lashed out at Adam and Hayley for not reaching out to her about Stuart. Luckily, Stuart's condition was greatly exaggerated. Another person had died in the cabin fire. Stuart was suffering from amnesia in Nevada.

2001: Max learned Blair was the person who had shot him and that Todd had planted the evidence. After apologizing to Skye, he asked for her help to expose Todd's plot. They drugged Blair and arranged for Todd to walk in on Max and her in bed. Todd took the opportunity not only to reveal Blair's guilt, but another secret about Skye: she was Rae's daughter.
Rae refused to believe Todd. Rae and John had already known the truth. She demanded Adam come to Llanview to straighten things out. Adam told Skye that Althea had arranged for her adoption during one of his long business trips. When Adam learned the truth, he and Stuart decided it was better to pretend like the adoption happened to protect Skye. Skye disavowed Adam and the Chandlers, and was determined to meet her real father, once she figured out exactly who that was.
After hearing Rae make plans to fly to Port Charles, Skye secretly made her own arrangements. She found Rae at the Quartemaine Mansion. She confronted her new mother again about the truth of her conception. At Dr. Alan and Monica Quartermaine's vow renewal ceremony, Rae revealed Skye was Alan's daughter from their teenage romance. Edward Quartermaine, Alan's father, paid off the hospital to make it appear as if Skye had died so that he could put her up for adoption on the black market.
Skye decided to stay in Port Charles to get to know her new family, much to Monica's chagrin. Her greatest ally turned out to be none other that Edward who recognized her determination and corporate aptitude. But Quartermaine loyalty could be fickle. Skye had given her new younger sister, Emily Quartermaine money to leave town with her boyfriend, Zander Smith. Emily ended up in the hospital near death after the bus she was on got into an accident. When her role in Emily's escape was revealed, Skye was again an outsider.

2002: Skye's only true friend was brother AJ Quartermaine, the Quartermaine's self-described black sheep. The two plotted to get AJ custody of his son, Michael Corinthos, back from his ex-wife Carly Benson and mobster Sonny Corinthos. Sonny's greatest enemy was Jasper "Jax" Jacks. Skye was attracted to Jax and saw him as a potential ally. Their mutual disdain towards Sonny turned into romance.
Edward told Skye he would support her role in the family if she spied on Jax and his financial holdings. Jax was a threat to their holdings in the family corporation, ELQ. Skye signed off on the agreement. She found herself falling in love with Jax. When Jax proposed, she wanted to renege on her arrangement with Edward. Before she could do it, Edward suffered a major stroke. Skye thought she was out of the woods until Ned Ashton, her cousin, found the agreement and passed the information on to Jax. Jax ended his relationship with Skye, though he had truly loved her.
Her broken engagement was the straw that broke the camel's back for Skye, and she fell back into alcoholism. She woke up one night in Edward's hospital room and noticed he had been unplugged from his respirator. Skye was afraid that she was responsible for killing her grandfather while under the influence of alcohol. After saying goodbye to Jax, she went into hiding.
Jax revealed Edward had staged the whole event. Jax also told Skye he never stopped loving her. They were set to marry again. After walking down the aisle, Skye and Jax's happiness was compromised again with the appearance of Brenda Barrett, Jax's one true love. Everyone in Port Charles had thought Brenda to be dead.
Skye ina a way was relieved to learn Brenda was dying and she actually pushed Jax and Brenda together. Jax was shot while protecting Brenda from mob boss Luis Alcazar. Luis had actually lied to Brenda about her condition, she was not dying. He told her she was dying to keep her away from Port Charles and Jax. Skye hid the truth, realizing it would end her marriage. When Jax found out the truth, he began divorce proceedings so that he could marry Brenda.
Skye fell off the wagon again. This made her ripe for Luis's seduction. She woke up in his bed, but he was nowhere to be found. Luis had in fact been thrown off his balcony. As the only true witness of the night of Luis' death, Skye implicated Brenda in the crime. It was not far from the truth as Brenda had come to confront Luis that night. The real murderer was Alexis Davis, whose sister, Kristina Cassidine, died as a result of one of Luis plots against Sonny.

2003: Skye continued her drunken binge. She arrived at Jax and Brenda's wedding with a gun. She was determined to stop the wedding. Only, Jax preempted her by leaving Brenda at the altar. He had caught Brenda kissing Sonny the night before. Still, Jax did not turn to Skye. She had done enough in the last year to push him away for good.
Tracy Quartermaine confronted Skye with another life altering revelation: Skye was not a Quartermaine. Rae had lied about her parentage. Surprisingly, Jax came to Skye's defense and blackmailed Tracy to keep quiet. It bought Skye enough time to reveal the truth to the Quartermaines on her own terms. Alan did not care, he loved Skye as a daughter. He formally adopted her into the family. When Rae arrived, Skye rejected her again for lying. She told her she was not longer her mother.
Skye grew close to Ned while caring for his and Alexis' daughter, Kristina Davis. Ned prompted Skye to stop drinking again. Knowing she would be unable to carry a child to term, Skye became fixated on Kristina. She wanted to discredit both Ned and Alexis as parents to get custody for the Quartermaines, namely herself. Knowing Alexis had murdered Luis, Skye brought his lookalike brother, the equally criminal mob boss Lorenzo Alcazar, to Port Charles. Skye became embroiled in the custody conflict. After Ned decided to drop his part of the suit, Skye realized she had become too attached. She moved out of the Quartermaine Mansion.
At her lake house, Skye found Luke Spencer hiding from the authorities. Luke, Jax and AJ were all in pursuit of a priceless deck of cards called the Dead Man's Hand. Luke had stolen most of them. Skye worked her way into his confidence only so as to learn the whereabouts of the cards. She turned on Luke and handed them to Jax. Skye had never really moved on from loving her ex-husband. But Jax had; he was now dating Sam McCall. The cards also became the fixation of Helena Cassidine, whose personal vendetta against Luke put Skye in danger.

2004: Sam owned the Haunted Star, Luke's old shipping barge. Since the boat was a stolen good, Luke and Sam decided to split ownership. Luke planned to open a casino onboard. Luke and Skye learned mob heiress Faith Rosco had hidden money onboard. They had used the money to set up the casino. Faith agreed to be a partner in the venture and not turn them into the authorities. On the opening night, they were robbed at gunpoint. Skye knew Faith was behind it.
Skye had another stint in prison after police detective Ross Duncan was found murdered in her home. Helena, who was targeting Luke, had framed her. Her unlikely cellmate was none other than Faith. Faith and Skye were forced to work together for protection. Luke hijacked their prison transport. They went into hiding into Skye until could be exonerated for Ross' murder.
Helena and Luke both eyed a sunken treasure the Quartermaines were auctioning off at the Port Charles Hotel. A faulty electric system caused the hotel to catch on fire with much of the town inside. Skye and Luke fought their way to the Versailles room where they began helicopter evacuations. Skye's random number was much lower than Luke's. Luke insisted Skye take his number, but she could not stand the thought of him being hurt. Before Luke took off, Skye ran to the launch pad to kiss Luke goodbye. Neither wanted to admit they had feelings for each other. Luke and Skye both made it out of the fire in one piece.

2005-06: Luke and Tracy eloped so that Luke could get his hands on money they embezzled from Helena which somehow ended up in Tracy's account. To make Luke jealous, she began seeing Lorenzo. Lorenzo had real feelings for Skye. During the encephalitis outbreak, Lorenzo switched Skye's chart with Lulu Spencer's so that Skye would be moved up on the antidote priority list. Not long after, Skye learned she was pregnant with Lorenzo's child.
Skye became determined to protect her child from mob violence. She turned to Federal Agent Robert Scorpio to help her leave Port Charles. She gave birth to healthy baby girl. Lila Rae Alacazar, named after Lila Quartermaine, her grandmother, and Rae, her mother. Lila Rae's birth softened Skye, and she gave Lorenzo another chance to be a part of their child's life.

2007: Lorenzo's and Jerry Jacks plotted the Metro Court takeover that resulted in Alan's death. Skye could not bear to see what else could happen to her and her daughter based on their relationship with Lorenzo. She turned to Sonny with a plan to eliminate Lorenzo. She called Jason Morgan to come over to the house when Lorenzo was at his most vulnerable. While holding Lila in another room, Jason shot and killed Lorenzo.

2008: District Attorney Ric Lansing began his investigation into Lorenzo's disappearance. After the trial deemed Skye innocent of any wrong doings, Ric continued to prod her for the real reason Lorenzo had vanished. Skye surprised Ric with the deeds to Lorenzo's ports. She wanted nothing to do with his world. Ric backed off his investigation. She and Lila Rae left Port Charles to start their lives anew.
When Myrtle died, Erica noted no one knew where to contact Skye. Even Adam was in the dark about his daughter's whereabouts.