The Pine Valley Bulletin

CHANDLER, jr.; Adam “JR”
Portrayed by: The Baughman Twins (1989-92); Kevin Alexander (1992-97); Jesse McCartney (1998-2001); Jonathan Bennett (2001-02); Andrew Ridings (2002-03); Jacob Young (2003-present)
Family: Adam Chandler (Father); Dixie Cooney (Mother); Tad Martin (Step-Father); Jamie Martin (Step-brother); Skye Chandler-Quartermaine (Adoptive-Sister); Hayley Vaughan Chandler (Sister); Anna Claire Chandler (Sister); Colby Chandler (Sister); Jenny Colby Martin (Step-Sister); Adam Chandler, III (Son)
Marriages: Babe Carey; Babe Carey

1989: Adam “JR” Chandler, jr. was the result of an affair between Adam Chandler and his nanny, Dixie Cooney. Adam had to marry Dixie to retain custody of his son. He then plotted to make it appear as if Dixie was going insane so as to gain full custody. But Tad Martin revealed Adam’s gaslighting attempts. Tad rescued Dixie from Laurel Hill sanitarium. After they married, Junior split his time between Adam's mansion and Tad and Dixie's home.

1990: Skye Chandler was framed for Junior's kidnapping. The real culprit turned out to be Cindy Chandler’s sister, Karen Parker.

1993: Junior befriended Brian Bodine. Brian had become like a big brother to him while he grieved the loss of his stepfather, Tad. Dixie and Brian began seeing each other. Brian married Dixie when Adam sued again for sole custody. At that year’s Christmas Pageant, Junior was to sing the solo, “O, Little Town of Bethlehem.” Junior refused to sing until Dixie arrived. Adam realized it was unfair to deprive Junior of his mother.
Junior’s life was turned around when Tad was revealed to be alive. Unfortunately, he was suffering from amnesia.

1994: Junior served as ring bearer at Tad and Dixie’s second wedding at Cortlandt Manor. Junior moved in with the new couple and his new baby brother, Jamie Martin.

1995: Tad took Junior and Jamie on a camping trip. Jamie got a little too excited, and jumped into the lake on his own. Jamie went too deep into the lake and struggled to swim. Out of nowhere, Janet Green arrived and saved him. At the hospital, Junior revealed to everyone that Janet was back in town.
Unknown to Tad, Junior saw him kissing his new boss, Liza Colby.

1996: Junior admitted to Dixie that he had caught Liza and Tad in a kiss. When Dixie learned of Tad’s infidelity, she left him. Broken by Tad’s betrayal, Dixie and Junior moved to Pigeon’s Hallow.

1998: Junior, now going by JR, was living in Pigeon Hallow when Dixie was served with Adam’s petition for temporary custody. There was a madman named Lee Hawkins on the loose who was hurting all the Chandlers. Lee had thought that Adam had killed his wife, Joy Hawkins. In reality, Adam and Stuart helped Joy escape an abusive Lee. Dixie refused to let JR go back to Pine Valley alone. Instead, they moved into Chandler Mansion together.
Lee tooke JR hostage. Hayley Vaughan tried to rescue her brother, but was abducted too. Hayley helped JR stay calm through the ordeal. After being rescued, JR wanted to stay in Pine Valley to get to know his family better.

1999: JR discovered a tape Dixie had made for him. Dixie thought she was dying of chronic heart condition and made the tape as living will. When JR found out, he turned to Tad for comfort. Adam became jealous of Tad’s constant presence in JR’s life. He attempted to ship JR off to boarding school. But Dixie would have no part in Adam’s plan. JR ranaway from home. While hiding in the Wildwin mosoleum, he was haunted by visions of Tad's abusive father, Ray Gardner.
When Tad found out the truth about Dixie’s condition, he confronted her about their failed reconciliation in New York a year prior. Dixie missed their meeting after being admitted to the hospital. Dixie admitted her love for Tad. Soon, Tad and Dixie remarried. JR and Junior rekindled their brotherly bond.

2000: Tad and Liza took over Chandler Industries after Adam was committed to Oak Haven. JR was torn between his loyalty for Tad and his father. Dixie took notice and begged Tad to stop his quest for revenge.
JR faced loosing his father after Adam was injured at the ColMar Towers building site. JR professed his love for his father. He begged Adam to hold on. Adam recovered after seeing his estranged brother Stuart again.

2001: JR blamed Dr. David Hayward for the recent breakup of Tad and Dixie’s marriage. He had enlisted Leslie Coulson to seduce a drugged Tad on the Fidelity yacht. JR turned to drugs for an escape. Adam discovered JR’s addiction but kept it from Dixie. JR accidentally left some drugs in Jamie’s backpack. Tad and Dixie almost took them thinking they were candy. JR admitted to buying ecstasy, and even stealing drugs from David’s hotel room.
David blackmailed Adam by threatening to turn him into authorities if Adam did not pull his strings to exonerate him on drug possession charges. JR did not know that he had become engrossed in the Proteus drug ring. When his provider Sweeney was found dead, Tad was one of the main suspects. He took the fall thinking JR had committed the crime.
JR slept with Frankie Stone while high on marijuana. Frankie’s girlfriend, JR’s longtime friend Bianca Montgomery, caught them together. The next day, Frankie was dead. The police questioned JR about the night, but he was so high he could not remember the details.

2002: Dixie slipped out of town quietly to tend to her secret pregnancy. She arranged for JR to take residence at Chandler Mansion. Liza was not thrilled to have a former addict in her home so close to baby Colby Chandler. Liza began acting out and alleged that JR was taking drugs in the mansion. Her erratic behavior was explained by a brain tumor she did not know she had.
Devastating news came from Switzerland. Dixie was dead. She drove off a cliff in the Swiss Alps. Adam broke the news to JR as Tad had already left to see her. They had a memorial service for Dixie and JR’s unborn sister, Kate Martin. JR sunk into a deep depression. Since Tad was in the same condition, JR did not know whom he could turn to for help.
JR began dating Laurie Lewis. Laurie’s father was disapproving of the relationship as he was fired from Chandler Industries the year before. JR decided it was best if Adam did not know if they were dating either. Instead, he confided his feelings in Kendall Hart. Though JR and Kendall shared a mild flirtation, JR did not love Kendall like he did Laurie.

2003: JR and Laurie’s relationship hit a snag when he learned Adam had offered her a full ride to Harvard if she left him alone. Laurie revealed she was thinking about the offer. JR broke up with Laurie, though he still pined for her. Joni Stafford revealed that Laurie had turned to Jamie in the interim. She had caught them in a kiss. Betrayed by everyone he loved, JR ran away from Pine Valley.
JR spent the summer in San Diego on a Cargo ship. There, he met a beautiful waitress named Babe Carey. JR was sure he was in love, and the couple eloped. Babe was surprised to learn that JR was not just a shipman, but also a millionaire heir. JR wanted to introduce his wife to his family back in Pine Valley, and arranged a surprise homecoming.
The next few months turned out to be a trying time for the couple. Adam and Tad each launched their own investigations into Babe’s past. Babe admitted that she had slept with Jamie in a moment of weakness the first night she was in Pine Valley. Now, she was pregnant. She assured JR that she had used protection with his brother. As the couple anxiously awaited a paternity test, JR and Jamie’s relationship became strained.

2004: JR was relieved to learn that Babe was carrying his child. But, the damage to his relationship with Jamie was done. JR threw himself into his work as the newest executive at Chandler Industries.
Babe gave birth while stranded in the middle of a storm. She had helped Bianca Montgomery give birth too. Only, Bianca would loose her child in a helicopter crash on the way to the hospital. JR named his daughter Elizabeth “Bess” Chandler after the sister he lost when Dixie miscarried.
JR learned that Babe was still married to Paul Cramer. He began to resent her just like his father did. He put into motion a plan to prove that Babe was a bad mother. This was only after he agreed to remarry her officially so as to secure custody of Bess.
JR went too far when he slipped Babe drugs that caused her to almost overdose. He planted the drugs on Jamie. Jamie went undercover to implicate JR. Seth, JR’s druggie, stabbed Jamie in the chest when he learned that he was a snitch. JR blamed Babe for getting Jamie hurt.
Babe would disappear from town. All she left was a note. In the note was startling news: Bess was not JR’s baby. In reality, Bess was Bianca’s daughter, Miranda Montgomery. It was their daughter who died in the helicopter crash. JR did his best to keep the truth from Bianca. When Bianca did find out, she wanted Miranda back. In a struggle over the baby, Bianca fell over a landing. She lay near death in a coma.
Adam betrayed JR by acquiescing to Erica Kane’s request for a DNA test. Erica needed Miranda to give Bianca the will to live. When Tad and Adam took Miranda from his arms, JR disowned both of his fathers.

2005: JR discovered his son was alive. Babe and Jamie had found him in Llanview, and were now on the run. JR tracked them down to New Orleans. He finally came face to face with the son he thought he lost. The authorities took Jamie and Babe into custody. After a battle with Babe and the child’s adoptive father Kevin Buchanan, JR won full custody of his son. Babe got limited supervised visits. He would rename the boy Adam Chandler, III.
JR wanted to free Jamie of Babe’s influence. He received help from the late Phoebe Wallingford who dictated in her will that Jamie was only to inherit the English estate if he left Babe. JR was the executor of the will. He also enlisted the help of his old friend, Amanda Dillon. Babe knew Jamie deserved a better future, to become the doctor he always wanted to be; so, she arranged for Jamie to catch her in bed with Josh Madden.
JR was drawn to Little Adam’s new nanny, Di Kirby. There was an heir of familiarity about her. Tad had his own suspicions. Di claimed to be his mother, back from the dead. JR did not believe Di at first, but a DNA test would corroborate her claim. Di’s presence was enough to soften JR again. He made strides to rekindle his relationship with Tad and Jamie. JR even began to soften towards Babe.
That all changed when Di was revealed to be an imposter. She was actually Dixie’s sister. JR lashed out at everyone he loved again. His alcoholism worsened. He was going to run away with Little Adam. Plans changed after he ran over Amanda after a drunken stupor. Knowing JR would surely be sent to prison for another offense involving a controlled substance, Babe took the fall for JR.
Someone kidnapped Little Adam around Christmas time. At first JR accused Babe of being the culprit. When they were reunited with their son, JR offered Babe more visitations. He began to see the woman he had fallen in love with again.

2006: JR and Babe were on the way to reconciliation when she and Little Adam went missing. JR automatically jumped to the conclusion that Babe had gone on the run with his son. In reality, Janet had kidnapped them. When JR was reunited with his son, he realized he deserved to be in a happy family. JR proposed to Babe again. They remarried in the Chandler garden.
Unbeknownst to him, Dixie had witnessed the entire event. Janet had claimed Dixie was alive, but JR brushed it off as a psychotic delusion. JR felt rejected after Dixie admitted she had purposefully stayed away. JR’s drinking problem resurfaced. He got it into his head that Babe was going to run away with Little Adam again. So, he laid a trap for her at FUSION. Only, Kendall stepped in the way. JR pushed a scaffold down on his pregnant best friend.
Babe began to distance herself from her husband. Colby revealed that Babe had slept with Josh. JR was infuriated. In a drunken rage, JR threw himself out a fourth story window, leaving him paralyzed.
Dixie wanted to repair her relationship with her son. She moved into Chandler Mansion to spend more time with him.

2007: Tragedy struck JR’s life when Dixie was murdered by the Satin Slayer. JR lashed out against everyone, especially Babe. In her dying breath, Dixie told JR that Krystal’s baby was Tad’s and not his father’s. He threatened to tell Adam if Babe did not sign over custody of Little Adam to him But before the deal came through, Babe too fell victim of the Satin Slayer.
Devastated, JR realized he was very much still in love with Babe. Luckily, her death was a ruse concocted by Josh to protect her from the murder spree. Babe asked JR for a divorce so that she could have time alone to think about her life. They shared custody of Little Adam. JR remained protective of Babe, especially after she began seeing Richie Novak, Ryan’s sociopath brother-in-law.
Krystal finally admitted the truth about the baby to Adam. When he found out JR had known the truth, he disowned him. JR wanted to hurt Adam for his betrayal.
JR hired goons to kidnap him and Amanda on their romantic getaway to New York. But things got out of hand when the goons turned on him. Adam showed up with the $10 million ransom. JR realized his father still loved him, but at a great cost: Adam had sold Chandler Industries and the Mansion to Zach Slater to get enough money to pay the ransom. JR struggled to admit what he had done.
JR owed Amanda the ransom money for going along with his plot. He needed a new business venture and surprisingly turned to Zach for capital. Zach agreed to help JR if he drove Greenlee duPres out of town. JR told Greenlee he had access to the embryos she thought had been lost in the blackout of 2005. They were her only hope for having children. But when Greenlee still refused to leave, Zach pulled his investment. JR fell off the wagon and blacked out the night.
When JR woke up, he was wanted for Zach’s disappearence. Zach’s blood was found on his car bumper. Richie was the real culprit; he had stolen JR’s car the night before. Amanda had been with JR the whole time. Looking to finally cash in, she sold the evidence of JR’s innocence to Adam who held onto it as long as he could.

2008: JR was a perfect bone marrow match for Richie, who had been diagnosed with leukemia. After JR refused to help him, Richie drugged JR and had an unsanctioned surgery to save his ownlife. Richie made it appear as if JR had fallen off the wagon again. JR surprisingly found support in Babe.
Babe caught Richie with a prostitute who had supposedly slept with JR the night of his bender. After gaining her trust, Babe was able to get the real story on Richie. Richie was sent to prison while waiting for his trial. After he was released on bail, Richie tried to kidnap Babe again. Richie turned up dead, with JR among the suspects in his murder.
JR and Babe grew closer as a result of the ordeal. JR admitted he never stopped loving Babe. They decided they needed a fresh start, and planned to marry in San Diego, the city where they first met and fell in love.
Adam wanted his son back in Pine Valley and arranged for the couple to be subpoenaed in the FUSION class action suite. That night, a tornado crashed through Pine Valley. Babe was crushed under the Comback’s roof while trying to protect Little Adam. At the hospital Chapel, JR and Babe said their wedding vows one last time before she died in his arms. JR lashed out against Adam, and made plans to move back to San Diego. It was Little Adam’s longing to be around familiar faces that kept JR in town. JR also found support in Amanda, Babe's closest friend.
The same night Babe died, David came back to town. He blamed the Chandler’s for Babe’s death. He was going to suite for custody of Little Adam based on JR’s erratic behavior and alcoholism.