The Pine Valley Bulletin

CHANDLER, III; Adam “Little A”
Portrayed by
: Unknown (2004); Liam Thomas and Aidan Patrick O’Donnell (2004-05); Jarred Sturman (2005-08); Rory and Declan McTigue (2008-present)
Family: JR Chandler (Father); Babe Carey (Mother)
Marriages: None

2004: Adam Chandler, III. was born in one of Pine Valley’s worst storms. His mother, Babe Chandler, had just helped Bianca Montgomery give birth to her own child, Miranda Montgomery. Babe went into labor in her father's, David Hayward, cabin. Paul Cramer, Babe’s ex-husband, arrived to help Babe through the labor. He was the Helicopter Paramedic on-call during the storm. After Little Adam’s successful birth, Paul drugged Babe. He then staged a helicopter crash where he intended to lead Babe to believe her son had died. But Adam Chandler and JR Chandler, Little Adam’s grandfather and father, arrived on the scene and threatened to hurt Paul if he did not produce a child. He gave them Miranda Montgomery.
Paul kidnapped Little Adam for his sister, Kelly Cramer Buchanan. Kelly was married to Lieutenant Governor Kevin Buchanan in Llanview. Kelly had miscarried and learned she could no longer carry a child to term. Afraid that Kevin would leave her, Kelly pleaded with Paul to help her. Kevin named Little Adam, Asa “Ace” Buchanan, II., after his grandfather.
Babe and Kevin would have a chance encounter months later. Babe immediately felt a connection to Little Adam. She began to plan play dates for Little Adam and her daughter, Bess Chandler, who was really Miranda. Babe secretly ran a DNA test confirming Little Adam was her son.
Babe and Jamie Martin, Little Adam’s uncle, kidnapped him and went on the run. They were going to start a new life together away from Pine Valley and Llanview. To avoid suspicion, they renamed Little Adam "James." The family settled in New Orleans.

2005: Jamie and Babe’s new family was short lived as Adam and JR tracked the couple down to New Orleans. Liza Colby and Colby Chandler tried to give them a place to hide, but Adam’s goons were still able to track them down. Babe and Jamie were taken into police custody, and a custody battle over Little Adam's fate ensued.
Kevin and Kelly waived their rights to Little Adam knowing they never had a real claim to him. But JR was relentless. Based on the fact that Babe had committed so many crimes, JR was awarded full custody of Little Adam. JR severely limited Babe’s visits.
Around Christmas time, Little Adam was kidnapped. JR blamed Babe, but she too was unaware about what happened to her son. They searched for Little Adam together. Jonathan Lavery found Little Adam in a manger. Little Adam told him parents that Santa Claus had taken him. Both Amanda and Jonathan were found wearing Santa costumes. The ordeal actually brought JR and Babe together. He offered her more time to spend with her son.

2006: Janet kidnapped Little Adam and Babe after the explosion at the Mardi Gras Ball. She wanted Little Adam to take the place of her daughter, Amanda, whom she thought no longer loved her. Janet renamed Little Adam, Rembrandt. Luckily, the authorities were able to track them down to a cabin outside of Pine Valley. After the ordeal, Babe and JR remarried. For a bit of time, Little Adam had a normal family.

2007: Little Adam thought he had lost his mother to the Satin Slayer, Alexander Cambias. In reality, Babe was in hiding to protect her from the killing spree.
Dr. Josh Madden reunited mother and son. Babe contemplated running away with Little Adam as JR had blackmailed her for custody.
When JR and Babe divorced, Little Adam’s home life seemed to improve. Babe and JR were more civil to each other than while they were married.
Little Adam also got to share his first birthday with Miranda. Babe and Bianca knew the celebration was long overdue.

2008: JR and Babe decided to reconcile and marry again. At the engagement party, Little Adam accidentally swallowed Babe’s original wedding ring.
The Chandlers moved to San Diego for a fresh start. Before JR and Babe could say their vows again, Adam subpoenaed them to return to Pine Valley and testify in the Bella class action suite against FUSION.
The night of their return, a tornado stormed trough Pine Valley. The roof of the comeback came crashing down on Babe and Little Adam. Babe struggled to protect her son from being crushed. After the paramedics arrived, Little Adam was pulled from the rubble. But there was nothing they could do for Babe. She died at the hospital. She left Little Adam a sea shell that they had found together on the beach in San Diego.
David returned to Pine Valley to claim his grandson. JR wanted to leave town, but Little Adam longed to be around familiar places and faces, his grandfathers' included.