The Pine Valley Bulletin

Adam Chandler

CHANDLER, sr.; Adam
Portrayed by: David Canary (1983-present)
Family: Stuart Chandler (Brother); Lottie Chandler (Sister); Ross Chandler (Nephew); Skye Chandler-Quartermaine (Adoptive-Daughter); Hayley Vaughan Chandler Santos (Daughter); JR Chandler (Son); Anna Claire Chandler (Daughter); Colby Chandler (Daughter); Lorenzo “Enzo” Hector Santos (Grandson); Adam Chandler, III (Grandson); Lila Rae Alcazar (Granddaughter)
Marriages: Althea Patterson; Erica Kane; Brooke English; Dixie Cooney; Natalie Marlowe; Erica Kane; Gloria Marsh; Liza Colby; Liza Colby; Arlene Vaughan; Liza Colby; Krystal Carey

1983: Multi-millionaire Adam Chandler came from very humble beginnings. Growing up impoverished in Pigeon's Hallow, West Virginia, Adam was determined to provide a better life for himself and his family. He moved into Pine Valley right before the beginning of the New Year, ready to make his mark on the small town. But in order to move forward, he needed to deal with the shadows in his past. Namely, Palmer Cortlandt, a man he knew as back woods golden boy, Pete Cooney.

1984: Corporate mogul Erica Kane enchanted Adam. He was determined to make her his new wife. Only, she was dating her ghostwriter, Mike Roy. Adam bought the rights to Erica’s autobiography, Raising Kane, and sent Mike to Tibet for another assignment. Promising Erica a role in the movie adaptation of Raising Kane, Adam weaseled his way into Erica’s life. Erica became the newest Mrs. Chandler.
But, Erica’s acting left a lot to be desired. Erica was recast. Erica was not content to be someone’s trophy wife.
Adam’s true intentions about Pine Valley came out when Erica discovered his mentally slow twin brother, Stuart Chandler, hidden in the west wing of the Chandler Mansion. Stuart had attacked Erica, and proceeded to Cortlandt Manor to killer Palmer. Years ago, Palmer had left Adam’s sister pregnant and depressed in Pigeon’s Hallow. He was then known as Pete Cooney, another poor boy with big dreams. After he was drafted to go to war, Lottie gave birth to their child. The Chandler boys raised Ross as their youngest brother. Lottie had tried to get engaged to a new man, but when she revealed the truth about Ross, the man left her. Lottie committed suicide. Stuart killed her fiancée causing him to break from reality. Adam had kept Stuart hidden ever since.
But, as much as Adam wanted to destroy Palmer, he knew he had a mole in his own home. The gentle Stuart would never have attacked Erica without being provoked. Adam realized Stuart’s wife, Joanna Yaeger, had fueled Stuart’s mind with lies about Erica. Joanna had been a friend of Adam’s first wife, Althea Patterson. She was plotting to seduce Adam herself. Instead, she was banished from the mansion forever.
When the IRS froze Palmer’s assets, Adam manipulated him in his plot to build Pine Valley’s first casino. He met much opposition, especially from a journalist named Brooke English. Adam was impressed that Brooke was so successful in opposing him.
Adam needed to test Erica’s true intentions. He faked his own death and waited in the Chandler tunnels to see how Erica would react. She recovered quickly, and decided to marry her true love, Mike. Adam was furious and proceeded to divorce her. Only, he was never really ready to let her go, so he sent Stuart to sign the divorce papers in his place.

1986: Adam was determined to win Erica back. He knew this was contingent on breaking up her relationship with Jeremy Hunter. He rigged Natalie Hunter’s paternity test to make it seem like Jeremy was the father of her son, Timmy Hunter. When truth came to light, Adam was lucky not to be implicated as the culprit.
Adam’s daughter from his first marriage, Skye Patterson, came to Pine Valley in search of her deadbeat father. Adam was estranged from Skye because of the great animosity between him and her mother, Althea Patterson. When Adam learned Althea was dead after a long coma, he offered to take his daughter in to his home.
Adam hired a thug to scare Palmer, but he went too far and shot him. When Adam learned Natalie was Palmer’s new in-home nurse, Adam saw a golden opportunity to spy on his rival. Natalie was down on her luck since Jeremy rejected her, so Adam offered to finance her lavish lifestyle for information from Cortlandt Manor.

1987: Stuart began dating Cindy Parker, a woman who had contracted HIV from her drug addicted late-husband. Adam worried for Stuart’s welfare. He believed Cindy was taking advantage of Stuart’s simple mind. Stuart informed him otherwise. He loved Cindy, and if Adam could not accept it, he rather not see his brother anymore. Adam realized just how much Stuart loved Cindy. As a token of peace, he presented Cindy with a bouquet of flowers before embracing her in his arms as a physical sign he was not afraid of her illness.
Adam discovered Julie Chandler’s diary with an entry about Ross. Ross was having an affair with Natalie. Adam explained to Ross that Natalie was his mole in the Cortlandt Manor. He did not want Ross to compromise the situation. But Ross could not keep his hands off Natalie. One night, he went too far and raped her. Adam’s plans were out in the open.
Adam wanted to get back at Erica once and for all for leaving him. He offered her position as Editor-inChief of Tempo to Brooke. Brooke did not want the job because it meant a lot of traveling to New York. Adam knew Brooke was the only person who could stand up to Erica, so he moved the magazine headquarters to Pine Valley.

1988: Adam announced his engagement to Brooke at Skye and Tom Cudahay’s wedding. Brooke was hesitant to accept at first. After all, Adam’s obsession with Erica was not an unknown fact. But Adam saw something more in Brooke, she his equal. They married in a small ceremony at Chandler Mansion.
Adam stood by as Stuart married Cindy. Adam could finally recognize that the love they shared was real.
Adam desperately wanted a male heir. Brooke learned she would be unable to offer him a son because of early ovarian failure. Adam spoke favorably about adoption, but he knew it was not going to be the same. Adam had to put his plans on hold when Brooke suffered the greatest tragedy any mother could face. Tom interrupted a romantic dinner at Chandler Mansion with devastating news. A drunk driver ran down Brooke’s daughter, Laura Cudahy.
Adam had to face the loss of one of his own children. After the breakup of her marriage to Tom, Skye held Barbara Montgomery at gunpoint. Though Tom was able to talk Skye down, something in her mind snapped. Adam admitted her to Oak Haven Sanitarium for recovery.
Barbara and Adam’s paths would cross again when Adam made a bid for Travis Montgomery, Erica’s newest husband’s, failing company. Barbara wanted to protect Travis’ interest. Lucky for Adam, he found another ally in Travis’ brother, Jackson Montgomery. Even with Jack’s inside information, Chandler Industries failed in the buy out.

1989: Adam had agreed with Brooke that they were going to adopt a child. Adam was steadfast to this promise on the outside. Secretly, he was looking for a woman to have his child. Then, he was going arrange to adopt the child with Brooke. Adam saw the perfect opportunity in Laura’s former nanny, Dixie Cooney. Dixie was easily mesmerized by Adam’s lavish lifestyle. Adam promised Dixie the world, as long as she agreed to have his child.
When Dixie became pregnant with his son, Adam acted none the wiser. He believed Brooke to be just as in the dark. But, she had caught on to Adam’s plan, and hired Tad Martin to investigate the truth about Dixie’s pregnancy. Adam ruined his own cover. When Dixie gave birth to Adam “Junior” Chandler, jr., she had second thoughts about giving up the child to Brooke. Adam professed his love for Dixie. Unbeknownst to Adam, Brooke was standing right behind him. Brooke filed for divorce and in the process, won half of Adam’s fortune.
Though Adam still loved Brooke, he feared loosing his child more. He rushed into a quick marriage with Dixie. He wanted Junior all to himself. So, he began to make Dixie believe she was going crazy and that she could hurt Junior. Dixie agreed to be admitted to Laurel Hill Sanitarium. Adam’s scheme came apart when Tad revealed his deception to Dixie.
With Dixie out of his life, Adam turned back to Brooke. Brooke was ready to take Adam back until she learned of his plot to kidnap Junior and move to England. At Adam’s Masquerade Ball, Brooke begged Adam to give up on his plan. Before he could respond, Palmer arrived with startling news for his rival. He had bought Chandler Industries interest out from under him. Adam was penniless. The stress of the situation caused Adam to have a stroke.
Brooke helped nurse Adam back to health. Adam made one more attempt to win Brooke’s heart back. She would only agree to marry him again if he promised to drop his custody suit against Dixie. Adam could not make that promise. Brooke left Adam alone in his hospital bed.

1990: Karen Parker, Cindy’s sister, kidnapped Junior intent on collecting a ransom from his rich parents. The evidence first made it seem like Skye was the culprit. Adam lashed out at Skye, driving her to the bottle. When Karen’s role was revealed, Adam was too stubborn to reach out to his estranged daughter.
Adam sought to replenish his bank account with a strategic alliance with former ally Natalie. Natalie had fallen into a fortune after the death of a rich widower that she had been caring for. Adam seduced Natalie. At their wedding, Trevor Dillon stormed into the room to proclaim his love for the bride. But it was too late, they had already said their vows.
Adam had a warning for Skye when she began dating Will Cortlandt. He knew Will had become Palmer’s lackey. He gave Skye a bad stock tip to prove that the information would get to Palmer. Palmer invested heavily in the tip and lost most of his holdings in Chandler Industries. Adam had control of his company again, but in the process he lost his daughter.

1991: Adam was confronted by something from his past. Arlene Dillon, now Arlene Vaughan, arrived in Pine Valley to retrieve her daughter, Hayley Vaughan. Adam had a run in with Hayley when she attempted to smear his name in the National Intruder. Hayley wanted to get back at Adam for all he did to Trevor, Arlene's brother. Hayley claimed that Adam was her father. Arlene was shocked because Hayley’s outrageous claims were true. Arlene and Adam had had an affair while she was married to Harry Vaughan. When Arlene confided in Adam the truth about Hayley, he reached out to his daughter. He insisted Hayley move into Chandler Mansion hoping that he could build a relationship with her.
In the meantime, Adam’s relationship with Skye was further estranged. She had gotten engaged to Will. Adam disowned Skye for what he saw as a betrayal. Skye left Pine Valley on bad terms for Adam to deal with her alcoholism.
Natalie got wind of Adam’s manipulation of her funds. She filed for divorce, but thanks to Adam’s legal wrangling; he was able to secure a sizeable amount of her fortune and her shares in Enchantment Cosmetics.
Adam used this as part of his next plot to redeem his reputation. He turned to Erica, fresh off her break up from Charlie Brent, with a strange marriage proposal. Adam confided in Erica that back in 1984, when the final papers of their divorce were to be signed, Adam sent Stuart in his place. Their marriage was not legally dissolved. Erica worried that the truth would compromise her appeal for shared custody with Bianca and her admittance to an exclusive preparatory school. Erica agreed to marry Adam again as long as the truth about their first marriage remained a secret.

1992: Erica made married life a living hell for Adam. She put on the façade of being the perfect wife, all the while pushing Adam’s every button. Though they clashed in their personal life, Adam and Erica made a great team at Enchantment. Both had grown concern with a certain employee, Will who had begun working there after being disinherited by Palmer.
Hayley and Brian Bodine’s relationship was going too fast for Adam’s comfort. He was openly disapproving of their relationship. When they broke up, Adam saw an opportunity to keep the couple apart forever. Adam told Brian’s friend An Li Chen that she could get a green card if she married an American citizen. Now that Brian was unattached, he may be able to help her out. When Brian agreed to An Li’s marriage proposal, Adam thought he had succeeded in protecting Hayley.
That was not the case when Hayley eloped with Will. Hayley had turned to alcohol after breaking up with Brian. Will fueled that alcoholism. Adam turned to Palmer for help. Palmer wanted to rid himself of Will too. They came up with a settlement check, hoping Will would take it and leave Pine Valley. But Will was not about to bullied. Adam and Will got in a heated confrontation. That night, Will was found dead in Hayley’s apartment. After a long trial, the murderer turned out to be none other than Janet Green, Natalie’s mentally unstable sister.
Hayley convinced Adam to let Erica go. In their divorce settlement, Adam succeeded in wrangling enough shares of Enchantment that he could became the majority owner. He gave the position of CEO to a very young, and inexperienced Hayley.

1993: Adam saw his chance to sue for full custody of Junior. Dixie was in a fragile mental state as a result of Tad and Will’s death. Adam planned to use her mental history to sue for full custody. But, at a Christmas pageant where Junior was supposed to sing “O, Little Town of Bethlehem,” he stood quietly on stage. Only Dixie’s presence would cause him to begin singing. Adam realized he could not deprive a child of his mother.
Stuart’s new friend, Gloria Marsh, captivated Adam. Stuart began dating Gloria, but Adam wanted her for himself. Adam wooed Gloria who claimed that she could see through his act. It was devastating for Stuart when Gloria chose Adam’s worldly and extravagant ways over him. Adam and Gloria married on his yacht, Fidelity.
Natalie tuned to Adam when she learned her new accountant, Laurel Banning, was embezzling funds from the Mason Foundation. Adam and Natalie got in the car to confront Laurel. But, in the rush, they got in a terrible accident. Adam awoke realizing that he could no longer feel his legs. He also learned the tragic news that Natalie had died in the accident. Adam was racked with guilt over the ordeal.
Needing time to deal with his personal issues, Adam hired Alec McIntyre to run Chandler Industries in his absence. Adam gave Alec free reign, a mistake he would soon regret.

1994: Adam got wind that Alec and Gloria had an affair. To test her loyalty, Adam planned another disappearance. This time, he took over Stuart’s life so that he could see how Gloria reacted. Adam saw it was Alec who was pursuing Gloria. When he returned, he relegated Alec to working at Enchantment. Little did he know, Gloria had discovered his scheme. Gloria was planning her own revenge.
On the night of their vow renewal ceremony, Gloria declared that she would not marry Adam if he were the last man on earth. At that moment, a tornado crashed through the Valley Inn. Adam and Gloria made it through the ordeal, but their marriage did not. Gloria wanted to leave Adam, but they had some unfinished business. Gloria was now pregnant with Adam’s child.

1995: Adam and Gloria mourned the loss of their daughter, Anna Claire Chandler. Anna Claire died of complications from a premature birth. Gloria was driven mad from her loss. Adam caught her trying to poison him. Gloria was sent to Oak Haven to recover.
Adam realized that Arlene was having an affair with Alec. Alec was now married to Hayley. Not wanting to see his daughter hurt, he told Arlene that Alec was having an affair with Gloria hoping that would be enough to drive Arlene away.

1996: Dixie left with Junior for Pigeon’s Hallow after her marriage to Tad crumbled. But as he lost one child, another returned when Skye was found comatose in Dr. Jonathan Kinder’s attic.
Adam wanted Brooke back. He thought the only way to do this was to make her jealous. Adam met a kindred spirit in Liza Colby, the new station manager of WRCW. Liza’s affair with high school beau Tad lead to the end of his marriage with Dixie. Liza still wanted Tad as much as Adam wanted Brooke. So, they faked a courtship and made plans to marry. Adam believed that Brooke would stop him from making such a rash decision. But, Brooke and Tad never made it to the ceremony. Adam was ready to call off the whole charade, but Liza was not. She said her “I do’s” after he did. He was now stuck in a marriage to a women he did not love, and knew it would take a pretty penny to end their union.

1997: Adam put his plans to drive Liza away into motion. He hired Jake Martin, Liza’s one night lover, as the medical consultant at WRCW hoping that he would be able to seduce Liza. But the more he tried to push her away, the more Adam realized he may have true feelings for his accidental wife. Liza and Adam agreed to go their separate ways. On the night she was to leave Chandler Mansion, the couple succumbed to their passion and slept together.
Liza learned she was pregnant with Adam’s child. Both reluctantly decided to give their marriage another go. But, happiness was not to be when Liza miscarried after an emergency plane landing. The airlines, TransGlobal, was under investigation after Flight 149 crashed off the Jersey shore that took the life of Dr. Maria Grey, the sister of Hayley’s husband, Mateo Santos. Secretly, Chandler Industries owned TransGlobal. Adam had ordered cost cuts that could have potentially contributed to the mechanical failures. Mateo revealed Adam’s role in the crashes. When Liza found out, she left him.
Adam suffered a stroke as a result of all the stress. Liza came back to Adam. But as he started to recover, Adam thought he would loose Liza again. He faked a second stroke. Liza felt deceived too many times. In an argument, Adam suffered a real second stroke. Liza left him at the Boathouse thinking it was another lie. At the hospital, Adam was served his final divorce papers.
Adam was exonerated for the crashes when a suitcase with explosives residue was found at the crash site of Flight 149. Adam gave the evidence to Brooke who was also on the plane when it crashed. As a consolation for her suffering, Adam offered Brooke ownership of Tempo.

1998: Adam was haunted by a ghost from his past. Years ago in Pigeon Hallow, Adam and Stuart helped Joy Hawkins runaway from her abusive husband, Lee Hawkins. Her daughter, Camille Hawkins, grew up thinking that Adam had killed Joy. She became a pawn in Lee’s game for revenge against the Chandlers. Adam wanted to keep his family safe, so he sued Dixie for temporary custody of Junior, now going by JR. Dixie refused to let JR come back to Pine Valley alone, so she moved in to Chandler Mansion too.
Camille died in an explosion after warning everyone that Lee had set Hayley’s restaurant Holidays to explode. With Camille’s death, Lee put his plan for revenge on overdrive. He kidnapped all of Adam’s children in an attempt to lure him into a death trap. Mateo, Edmund Grey, and Tad teamed up to rescue the missing hostages. Lee was taken into custody where Adam confronted him about his abuse toward Joy, and the terror he put on his family. Lee began to seizure in front of him. Adam did not go for help; instead he watched as Lee died in front of him.
Adam wanted Liza back, but she had arranged to have a baby with Jake. Adam teamed up with Dr. Allie Doyle to switch Jake’s sample with his own so that they could share a child. Liza warmed up to Adam after the Lee Hawkins incident and agreed to give their relationship another try. To make sure that Allie did not compromise their chances at happiness, he sent her to work in a clinic in Antigua.
Adam recognized a week point in Hayley’s marriage when it was revealed that Mateo had fathered a son, Max Santos, in his brief adolescent marriage. Adam paid a judge to give Mateo primary custody of Max, hoping the stress of the situation would tear his marriage to Hayley apart.

1999: Liza’s doctor, David Hayward, knew Adam was the real father of Liza’s baby. Adam tried to push Liza into marriage before the truth came out. Colby Marian Chandler was born on one of their romantic getaways. David promised his silence as long as Adam acquiesced to his blackmail demands. Liza and Adam remarried.
Adam became weary of the Martins after he saw what affects they had on his children. JR had turned to Tad after learning that Dixie may be dying. Jake was suing Liza for custody of Colby after realizing that Adam would have role in her upbringing. Adam tried to send JR to boarding school, but Dixie would have none of that. Adam secretly bought WRCW so as to leave Tad jobless.
Adam finally admitted to Liza that he had switched the samples. Adam tried to go on the run with Colby, but Marian caught him. Marian forced him into the Chandler safe room. Liza confronted her husband over his lies. They began to pass Stuart off as Adam so as to not arise any suspicion. Adam secretly found his way out of the safe room. He found Liza attempting to take over Chandler Industries.

2000: Adam offered Leo duPres a premium for any secrets he could siphon out of his new stepfather, Palmer, while working at Cortlandt Electronics. Adam needed Leo for another favor. He wanted Leo to seduce Marian so that Stuart would leave her. Leo got cold feat and hired a gigolo, Paolo, to sleep with her instead.
Liza divorced Adam because of his manipulations. When Liza learned about Adam’s roll in brining Paolo into town, she blackmailed Adam into giving her power of attorney for her silence. Liza had Adam committed to Oak Haven. He watched idle by as Tad and Liza took over Chandler Industries.
Tad went to Stuart with the truth about Adam’s role in Marian’s seduction. Stuart confronted Adam at Oak Haven. He told Adam that he was no longer his brother and left town for their annual fishing trip. The next day, Stuart’s charred body was found at their fishing cabin after it had caught on fire.
Liza let Adam go to mourn Stuart’s death. Adam was ripe for seduction from a recently returned Arlene. At Hayley and Mateo’s wedding, Adam and Arlene announced they had remarried. Hayley wanted Adam to rethink his decision. Adam and Arlene opened up a roadside bar. Secretly, Adam was plotting his revenge against Liza and Tad. He rigged their new project, ColMar towers, to collapse on its own foundation.
When Adam learned Liza was going to be at the site, he left to warn her. Instead, he was injured. Adam lay in the hospital near death. Liza admitted that she never stopped loving him. Miraculously, Stuart reappeared. He had lost his memory and was living in Las Vegas. Seeing Stuart again gave Adam the will to recover. Adam was ready to divorce Arlene when she revealed that she was no longer pregnant with his child.
Adam made an impromptu visit to Llanview. Rae Cummings had revealed to Skye that she was her biological mother. Adam admitted that he was suspicious of Althea when he returned from a prolonged business trip only to find her with child. Years later, he discovered Skye was adopted. By then, he had loved her like his own daughter and decided against telling her the truth. Adam wanted Skye to return to Pine Valley to be with her family during the trying time. Skye lashed out at Adam for lying to her. Instead, she became determined to find her biological father.
As a favor to Liza, Adam invested in and sponsored their launch party on Fidelity. David Hayward drugged the punch with Libidizone, causing the guests to act out. Hayley had caught Arlene seducing Mateo and seemingly killed her. Wanting to protect his little girl, Adam took Arlene’s lifeless body and threw her overboard.

2001: Adam thought Arlene was back in town when strange things began happening at Chandler Mansion. Arlene summoned all the Chandlers to met her at Fidelity. Adam hired a hitman to kill Arlene. Instead, it was revealed “Arlene” was Hayley, who had adopted her late mother’s identity. The hitman wrongfully shot Vanessa Cortlandt instead. Luckily, she was only superficially injured
Adam watched helplessly as Hayley went to trial for Arlene’s murder. When he realized his little girl was going to prison, Adam admitted that it was he who threw Arlene’s body overboard. Mateo arrived with Arlene in tow. She was still alive and living in the Carribean. Hayley was exonerated, but Adam was put on house arrest for assault.
Adam and Liza were forced to remarry at Chandler Mansion inlieu of a church because of the situation. Hayley and Mateo told Adam he was going to be a grandfather. Soon, he welcomed Lorenzo Hector Santos, or Enzo, his first grandchild.
Adam discovered JR was taking drugs because of Dixie and Tad’s estranged marriage. Adam tried to cover for his son until he got in a car accident with Hayley, and almost gave drugs to Jamie Martin. David revealed that JR had stolen the drugs from his room. David was going to turn JR in unless Adam did something to get the drug charges dropped against him for the Libidizone incident. Adam slept with the judge to get the charges dropped.
When Liza found out, she had a one-night stand with Ryan. Adam fired Ryan from
In an altercation, Liza fell down the steps at Chandler Mansion and miscarried. The child was Ryan and Liza's. Adam regretted what he did and begged Liza to give him another chance. Secretly, Adam had hired a woman named Mia Saunders to seduce Ryan. Unknown to Adam, Mia was Liza’s half-sister.

2002: Adam took control of Chandler Industries by firing Tad and Liza. He then attempted another takeover of Cortlandt Electronics after Vanessa, was revealed to be the drug lord Proteus.
His corporate activity took a back seat when news came from Switzerland that Dixie had died. With Tad on his way to see her, Adam was forced to tell his son what had happened to his mother.
Adam was unfazed in his determination to get full custody of Colby. Liza suffered from anterograde amnesia after an emergency brain surgery to remove a tumor. Adam made Liza think the tumor was back and that she was dying. Then, he began to groom Mia to take her sister’s place in Colby’s life. Liza caught on to Adam’s plan. Wrongfully thinking Mia was his willing accomplice, Liza pushed her out of a window.
All the while, Adam and Brooke fell into an affair. Brooke’s recent marriage to Edmund crumbled when his late wife, Maria Grey, was found alive in Nevada. Jamie Martin drunkenly revealed their tryst at the Venetian Ball.

2003: Even with the help of couples’ therapy, Liza and Adam’s marriage continued to be strained. Liza finally left Adam, and they surprisingly had an amicable divorce.
Adam’s relationship with JR became strained with his relationship with Laurie Lewis. Laurie’s father was a laid-off employee from Chandler Industries. Adam knew JR could do better. He bribed Laurie to leave JR with the promise of a full ride to Harvard. When JR learned the truth, he lashed out at his father. He needed time away from home. Adam was able to track JR down to San Diego, where he was working as a shipman.
Palmer sought Adam’s help when the news of Michael Cambias raping Bianca came out. Adam partly blamed himself for bailing his business associate, Michael, out of prison after he assaulted Erica. He and Palmer put aside their personal differences to exact their plot of revenge that included abducting Michael and shooting him on the Chandler jet. Only, Palmer and Adam struggled over who had the right to kill Michael, and the Adam was injured instead. When Michael’s body was found in a meat locker, both men were considered suspects.
JR returned to Pine Valley with a big surprise: he was married. Adam did not trust JR’s new wife, Babe Chandler. It was revealed that she had an affair with Jamie Martin. Adam decided to launch his own investigation into Babe’s past with the help of his new houseguest, Mary Smythe.

: Adam was unsatisfied by Mary’s plots to catch Babe in a lie. A paternity test revealed Babe was carrying the Chandler heir. In the middle of a storm, Babe gave birth to Elizabeth “Bess” Chandler.
Soon, even JR became disenchanted with Babe. But he did not want to loose his daughter. Adam suggested JR make her appear to be an unfit mother. Just like Adam did to Dixie, JR began to gaslight Babe, going so far as to give her drugs that almost caused her to overdose.
Liza worried about Colby’s welfare after seeing what JR had become. Tad helped her go on the run with Colby. Adam was furious to learn of her betrayal. He took out his aggression on Stuart, who knew what Liza had in store.
One evening, Erica stormed Chandler Mansion with startling news: Bess was her granddaughter, Miranda Montgomery. Babe and Bianca’s babies were switched at birth. Bianca was hovering near death in a coma. Erica knew Miranda was the one thing that would help her recover. JR maintained it was just another one of Babe’s lies. But Adam’s gut said otherwise. He reluctantly agreed to a DNA test that proved Erica’s claim. When JR found out what Adam had done, he cut his father out of his life. Adam mourned the loss of his granddaughter, and the grandson he never knew.

: JR learned Jamie and Babe were on the run with his son. Somehow, they met Liza in New Orleans who was hiding out with Colby. Adam left to reclaim his family. Though his grandson was retrieved, Liza and Colby successfully eluded him.
Many people had claim to Adam’s grandson, including business rival Asa Buchanan whose grandson, Kevin Buchanan, had raised the child for the last year. Alas, the Chandlers would win custody, finally giving Adam another male heir in Adam Chandler, III.
Little Adam’s new nanny, Di Kirby, claimed to be Dixie back from the dead. Though she knew everything Dixie did, and had all the right mannerisms, Adam was skeptical. Babe told Adam she had evidence that would reveal Di’s true identity. All he had to do was use his influence to get her mother Krystal Carey out of prison. Krystal had taken the fall for Little Adam’s kidnapping. Reluctantly, Adam agreed. Krystal revealed Di was a former inmate. Still, Di held steadfast to her story.
Krystal and Adam began investigating Di’s past. It brought them to Crow’s Hallow, West Virginia, a neighboring town of Pigeon’s Hallow. After a night of drinking moonshine, Adam awoke to realize he had eloped with Krystal. Krystal refused to annul the marriage. She was only going to leave Adam if he agreed to give more visitation to Babe, and have of all his assets.

:Adam could not believe that he had real feelings for Krystal. When Janet kidnapped Babe, Adam became Krystal’s pillar of support. Adam asked Krystal if they could renew their vows to make their marriage legitimate. As a sign of good faith, he gave her half his shares in Chandler Industries.
Colby returned to Pine Valley a troubled teen. Adam had to bail her out of prison for stealing a car. Adam wanted to make up for lost time by spoiling the child. Colby was presumed dead after she crashed Erica's yacht at her Sweet-16 party. In reality, Colby was hiding in the Chandler tunnels, afraid of her father’s reaction to the crash.
Krystal revealed she was pregnant. Adam anxiously awaited the birth of his next child.

2007: Adam worried for JR when a recently returned Dixie and Babe were killed within weeks of each other. Adam’s own world came apart when Krystal revealed the child she was caring was not his, but Tad’s. Adam learned JR had known the truth. He disowned his entire family. When Krystal went into labor at Chandler Mansion, Adam turned his back on her.
Still angry with Krystal, Adam arranged for Janet to kidnap her new baby, Jenny Martin. Adam let Janet care for Jenny as he arranged to sell her on the black-market. But Janet continued her unpredictable ways and went on the run with Jenny. After Krystal realized she had almost lost her daughter to Adam, she pushed him out of her life for good.
Adam learned JR was kidnapped and being held for ransom. He did not have enough money to pay the $100 million ransom and was forced to sell Chandler Industries and his home to Zach Slater for a loan. He was relieved to be reunited with his son. That all changed when he learned JR had concocted his kidnapping as revenge for his being disowned.
Adam found an ally in his attempts to win back Chandler Industries. He hired a mole, Zach’s former lover Hannah Nichols. Adam knew that Hannah had an affair with Alexander Cambias, sr. after Zach was thought to be dead. Hannah longed to reconcile with Zach, so she worked to get Adam Chandler Industries back if he promised to keep his silence.
JR was arrested for Zach’s attempted murder when Zach’s blood was found on JR’s car. Amanda was with JR the night Zach went missing. She sold Adam the evidence of JR’s innocence. Adam held onto the evidence to make JR squirm. The ordeal further estranged father and son. When Adam suffered a heart attack, there was no one there to help him.
Adam refused to admit it, but she was still in love with Krystal. To get close to her, he posed as Stuart and helped Krystal fix up her new bar, The Comeback. Krystal saw through Adam’s ruse and was even more irritated. Krystal filed for a declaration of divorce, and married Tad at Christmas time.

2008: Adam began to be haunted by visions of Dixie. For months, Adam had in his possession Kathy Mershon Keefer’s birth certificate that revealed that she was Tad and Dixie’s lost daughter. Instead of revealing the truth to Tad, he kept silent. He had blamed Tad for the end of his marriage to Krystal. Dixie’s presence drove Adam into madness, and he voluntarily checked himself in to Oak Haven.
Adam was overwhelmed by guilt when Robert Gardner nearly killed Tad at the Hubbard wedding. Adam brought the proof to the hospital and appealed to Tad to wake up for Kathy’s sake. When Krystal learned the truth, she wrote Adam out of her life forever.
Adam turned the focus of his plot of revenge against Amanda who had taken his money the year before. Babe and Amanda were launching a new fragrance at FUSION called Bella. Annie Lavery wanted the venture to fail to hurt FUSION, and most of all its partners Kendall Slater and Greenlee duPres, whom she blamed for the end of her marriage to Ryan. Annie acted as his mole. Adam enlisted Petey Cortlandt to taint the samples of Bella. Petey had fallen for Colby. Adam promised to support their relationship if Petey assisted in his plot.
Erica was sent to prison for insider trading after accepting a stock tip from Adam. Erica asked Adam to hire her cellmate, Carmen Morales, as his new maid to make up for it. Adam reluctantly agreed. When Carmen started seeing Jackson Montgomery, Erica turned to Adam to make her ex-husband jealous. Adam began to have feelings for Erica again.
JR and Babe were called back from San Diego to testify in the Bella class action suit. Erica wondered why Adam had become so interested in FUSION. They were trapped in the Chandler Tunnels the night a tornado crashed through Pine Valley. Thinking they were going to die, Adam revealed he had tainted Bella. Armed with Adam’s omission, Erica sought to take over FUSION. She neeed Adam's funding to make the move possible.
While in the tunnels, Erica and Adam determined David was back in town and had used the tunnels to spy on the Chandlers.
Babe died in the tornado. David was prepared to suite the Chandler for custody of Little Adam.
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