The Pine Valley Bulletin

CAREY, Arabella “Babe”
Portrayed by: Alexa Havins (2003-07); Amanda Baker (2007-08)
Family: Krystal Carey (Mother); David Hayward (Father); Jenny Colby Martin (Half-Sister); Adam Chandler III (Son)
Marriages: Paul Cramer; JR Chandler; JR Chandler

2003: Arabella “Babe” Carey never really had a place to call home. She and her mother, Krystal Carey, went from one town to another, up and down the California coast looking for work. Babe never thought she would find a place to call home until one fateful night in San Diego when she met a shipman named JR Chandler. After a whirlwind romance, the couple eloped. JR then revealed his true identity as heir to the Chandler Industries fortune in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania.
Babe was nervous about meeting her new family. She made her way to the shore to be alone. There, she met Jamie Martin. Jamie and Babe had a one-night stand. She never meant to hurt JR. Babe was shocked to realize that Jamie was her husband’s brother. Soon, she learned she was pregnant. She admitted the affair to JR, and the couple anxiously awaited the results of a paternity test.
But one more secret threatened Babe’s future with JR. JR’s father, Adam Chandler, tracked down Babe’s first husband, Marine helicopter pilot Paul Cramer. Only, Babe and Paul never officially divorced. Babe needed someone she could trust. She called in the reinforcements: her mother, Krystal Carey.

2004: Babe was able to secure Paul’s silence and assistance with promises of money and sex. Paul made sure that the paternity test read that JR was the father of Babe’s baby.
Babe and new friend Bianca Montgomery were stranded in a storm when Bianca went into labor. After successfully helping Bianca deliver a baby girl, Babe’s own water broke. The only person she was able to get a hold of was Paul. When Babe awoke at the hospital, JR revealed they had a healthy baby girl, Elizabeth “Bess” Chandler. But, Bianca’s baby, Miranda Montgomery, was lost in a helicopter crash on the way to the hospital.
Unbeknownst to Babe, the child she thought to be hers was actually Bianca’s. Krystal had suspected something was wrong and rigged a DNA test to learn the truth about Bess. Babe realized it was her son who had died in the plan crash. At the same time, JR just learned about her bigamy. Babe was afraid to loose JR. She decided to keep the secret about Bess for the sake of her marriage.
But JR was set on revenge. Though they would officially marry at Chandler Mansion, JR began to gaslight Babe into thinking she was a bad mother. Jamie tried to warn Babe, but she thought he was being overprotective. After Babe nearly died of a drug overdose, Jamie went undercover to prove that JR was behind the drugging.
Krystal’s role in the DNA switch was revealed by Dr. David Hayward. Krystal told David he was Babe’s father to buy time so she could leave town. Only, Krystal’s claim turned out to be true. A young and dejected Krystal had a one-night stand with a David when he was a Med-student at Stanford. David had just lost a child, and wanted another chance to be a father. He decided to keep her secret.
Babe finally caught wind of JR’s plot to have her deemed an unfit mother. By chance, Babe was stranded in Llanview. There, she met Kevin Buchanan and his son, Asa “Ace” Buchanan, II. Babe had a strange connection to Ace. When she learned Kevin was married to Paul’s sister, Kelly Cramer, Babe knew Ace has to be her son. She had David covertly run a DNA test that confirmed her suspicions. It also proved Ace was JR’s son.
Babe wanted to put everything back in order. She was going to kidnap Ace, and tell Bianca and JR everything in letters. Jamie got wind of Babe’s plan and agreed to help out. After stealing Ace, they went on the run. Babe renamed Ace James Carey in Jamie’s honor. She hoped everything would work out. Only, JR had burned Bianca’s letter. Babe needed Bianca to know the truth.
Babe arranged for a secret meeting with Bianca. When Babe finally told her the truth about Bess, Bianca lashed out at her former friend. Babe and Jamie packed up James, and made their way to New Orleans.

: Adam and JR’s goons were closing in on Babe, Jamie and James in New Orleans. Their hero was none other than Liza Colby, who was hiding from Adam too. She contacted Tad, who made arrangements for the young couple to leave the country. But the Chandler goons caught up with them again. Jamie and Babe were taken into custody.
Back in Pine Valley, Krystal took the fall for the kidnapping. Babe lost custody of her son, who JR renamed Adam Chandler, III. Jamie did her best to keep Babe’s mind off of loosing her family. Their happy life together was challenged when Jamie’s great-aunt Phoebe Wallingford, died. She left her entire estate to Jamie on the condition that he leave Babe. Jamie responded by proposing to Babe, compromising his future and happiness.
But Babe was not about to let Jamie give up on his dream of becoming a doctor for her. With the help of new friend Dr. Josh Madden, Babe made it look like she was having an affair. Jamie walked in on Babe and Josh in bed. Though they were now broken up, Babe still worried about Jamie; especially, when it came to his relationship with seductress Amanda Dillon.
JR softened his strict control over Little Adam’s life when he thought his mother, Dixie Cooney, was alive in the form of new nanny, Di Kirby. But Babe knew something was awry. Di was Krystal’s cellmate from prison. She turned to Adam with the information. She would help him expose Di and protect JR, if he used his influence to get Krystal’s sentence commuted.
When the truth about Di came out, JR sunk into alcoholism. Babe climbed in his car after he threatened to leave the country with Little Adam for good. Drunk, JR struck down Amanda. Knowing JR’s past with controlled substances, Babe told the police she was driving.
Greenlee Lavery gave Babe her shares of FUSION to tick off her former partner, Kendall Slater, Bianca’s sister. Kendall still held a grudge against Babe for keeping Miranda away from Bianca. Nonetheless, Babe began working at the cosmetics company.
Babe and Krystal gained upper hand when it came to custody of Little Adam when Adam drunkenly eloped with Krystal after a night of moonshine in Crow's Hallow while investigating Di' past.
Little Adam was kidnapped around Christmas time. The ordeal brought JR and Babe closer together. Babe began to see why she had fallen in love with JR in the first place.

2006: Babe and JR were on the brink of reconciliation when Janet Dillon kidnapped her and Little Adam. JR wrongfully thought Babe went on the run again. When the authorities found them, he was relieved to have them back in his arms. He proposed to Babe again, and they remarried.
Babe reached out to Amanda. She offered her a job at FUSION. Simone demanded Amanda be let go because Janet was responsible for her fiancé's, Ethan Ramsey, death. Babe was willing to look past what Janet and Amanda had done in the past, and give her a fresh start.
JR became distraught after learning Dixie was alive. JR became deranged and thought Babe was going to kidnap his son again. He laid a trap for her at FUSION. But, he mistook a pregnant Kendall for her and threw a scaffold on her. Though JR apologized, Babe implored her husband to seek treatment for his rage.
As JR and Babe became more distant, Babe turned to Josh. Josh still harbored his feelings for Babe. One night, she gave in a slept with him. Regretting what she had done, she wanted Josh to leave her alone. Only, Colby Chandler had heard her confession to Josh about what had happened. Colby accused Josh of molesting her the night he slept with Babe. The only to exonerate Josh was for Babe to come clean. When JR found out, he began to drank heavily again. He even threw himself out a window, leaving him paralyzed.
Babe successfully got eccentric pop star Zarf to sign up for the new FUSION campaign. Zarf became very good friends with Babe. At the same time, Bianca moved back to Pine Valley. She began working at FUSION, only adding to the tension at the office.

2007: Dixie ate poisoned pancakes that were meant for Babe. Dixie was the next victim of the Satin Slayer. Everyone thought that Zoe, Zarf's new name, was the murderer, but Babe was quick to defend her new friend. The real killer was Alexander Cambias, sr.
Babe and JR’s marriage continued to be strained after JR learned of Babe’s affair with Josh. Dixie had revealed that Krystal’s baby was Tad’s and not Adam. JR was going to tell Adam if Babe did not agree to sign over custody of Little Adam to him. But before the deal could get through, the Satin Slayer struck again, strangling Babe in a parking lot.
As Pine Valley mourned for Babe, Josh and Dr. Jeff Martin hid her away until she recovered. Josh saw it as the only way to protect her from the Slayer. As Babe lay in hiding, she contemplated running away with her child again. That all changed when she saw the joy in JR’s eyes when he found out she was alive. But Babe knew their marriage was broken. Though she would divorce JR, she also could not see herself with Josh.
Babe and Bianca finally came to terms with their relationship. They finally got to see their children share a birthday party. Bianca had forgiven Babe.
Babe welcomed a baby sister, Jenny Martin, into the world. Babe and Krystal attempted to start their new lives without any Chandler men. Greenlee returned to Pine Valley determined to reclaim her old life. She used an out clause in her contract with Babe to regain ownership of FUSION. At first, Greenlee made Babe’s life at FUSION so hard she was forced to quit. But the other women made Greenlee realize what an asset Babe had become, and forced her to make amends.
Babe continued to make up for the sins of her past. When Kendall went into labor on their way to New York, Babe helped her through the labor pains just as she did for Bianca. Babe and Jamie also flirted with a reunion as he tutored her for the GED. Their brief romance was cut short with his decision to join his doctor uncles in Africa.
Babe became smitten with the new bartender, Wes, at Krystal’s bar, The Comeback. Wes turned out to be Richie Novak, Annie Lavery’s estranged and allegedly sociopathic brother. Babe felt conflicted over her growing feelings for Richie as Wes, and his alleged past. Richie maintained he wanted to make amends because he was dying from leukemia.

2008: Babe appealed to JR when he turned out to be a perfect bone marrow donor match for Richie. JR was reluctant to help his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. JR was taken into custody after he supposedly hit Zach Slater while driving under the influence of alcohol. JR denied that he was drinking again. Babe sensed JR was telling the truth. With Amanda’s help, she sought to find the truth about what happened the night of the accident.
Babe caught a hooker and Richie in a private conversation about the night JR went on a drunk bender. Babe turned to JR and the authorities with what she saw. They determined Richie had framed JR for the crash and that he paid off a doctor to drug and steal JR’s bone marrow. JR was not drunk, he was sore from his under the table surgery. Richie was sent to prison to await a hearing.
Richie blackmailed Annie to post his bail. Richie then kidnapped Babe and took her back to the cabin where they once had a picnic. Babe quickly saw Richie’s true colors. Richie admitted to framing JR for the hit and run and stealing his bone marrow. If not for the timely intervention of the FUSION women, Babe would have been Richie’s next victim.
Amanda and Babe launched a low-cost fragrance at FUSION called Bella. Though initial reviews were good, it all changed when a few of the samples were tainted with an irritant. The recall sunk FUSION stock and left Amanda, the primary investor, penniless. The disaster was a plot by Adam to ruin FUSION, and specifically Amanda and Babe.
The ordeal with Richie brought Babe and JR back together. They decided they wanted to give their marriage a third chance for their son. JR and Babe wanted to make a fresh start, and made plans to move back to San Diego. Before leaving, Babe made arrangements for Annie to stay at Chandler Mansion. Little did she know, Annie was Adam's mole to sabotage Bella.
JR and Babe were subpoenaed to return to Pine Valley and testify in the Bella fragrance lawsuit. It part of Adam’s plot to keep his family in Pine Valley. The same night a tornado came crashing through Pine Valley. While at the Comeback, Babe was crushed by the falling roof while trying to protect Little Adam. Babe was rushed to the hospital. She and JR made their way to the hospital chapel, where in her dying breath, Babe said her wedding vows.