The Pine Valley Bulletin

CANNON, Taylor Roxbury
Portrayed by: Ingrid Rogers (1992-95); Kelli Taylor (1995-96)
Family: Lucas Barnes (Step-Father); Vivian Taylor Roxbury (Mother); Terrence Frye (Step-Brother)
Marriages: None

1992: Taylor Roxbury Cannon came to Pine Valley with her step-father, Lucas Barnes. Taylor liked the small town and began working as an officer for the Pine Valley Police Department. Her first case would be the assault of Terrence Frye, her step-brother. Taylor and Derek found the culprits. The investigation revealed the culprits were part of a bigger white supremacist network in Pine Valley called Deconstruction.

1993:Taylor went undercover as a white woman into Deconstruction to finally learn who was behind the clandestine group. The long hours on the job contributed to her growing attraction to her partner, Derek. But Derek was in a happy relationship with his former partner, Mimi Reed.
Taylor worked hard to keep her cover. Deconstruction’s last move was setting Livia and Tom Cudahy’s house with explosions. Trying to clear the scene, Taylor was severely injured in the blaze.

1994: Taylor had grown very fond of her Step-father Lucas Barnes ’ son, Terrence Frye. He was now seeing Julia Santos. Taylor believed that she could give Julia a run for her money. The two women competed for Terrence’s affections. Taylor dated Terrence until he left Pine Valley to attend university.

1995: Taylor succeeded in seducing Derek. Their relationship instigated the end of his marriage to Mimi. The force reprimanded Taylor, so she decided to leave.
Taylor had set her sights on Noah Keefer, another man in love with Julia. She told Noah that she had nowhere to live now that she was out of a job. The compassionate Noah offered Taylor a place to stay. Taylor aggressively seduced Noah. To keep him away from Julia, she claimed that she was pregnant with his child. When her mother, Vivienne Roxbury, discovered her deception, she implored her daughter to stop. Taylor claimed she miscarried. Without a child on the way, Noah asked Taylor to move out.
Taylor followed Mateo Santos and Noah in their pursuit of Louie Greco, who had kidnapped Julia. Louie pulled a gun on Noah. In their struggle, Louie fell to the ground and suffered a fatal blow to the head. Noah needed Louie’s gun to claim self-defense. Only, the gun was now in Taylor’s possession, and she was hell-bent on revenge.

1996: Noah was found guilty for Louie’s murder. Taylor thought she succeeded in her plan to keep the couple apart, until Noah escaped from prison and went on the run with Julia. In Jamaica, Taylor confronted the couple. She and Julia got in an altercation at the top of a waterfall. Julia slipped and seemingly fell to her death.
With blood on her hands, Taylor began to become unhinged. She was haunted by what she did. Julia took her condition to her advantage, and began to haunt Taylor as her “spirit.” Taylor admitted to Julia that she had stolen the gun to frame Noah. Julia and Noah caught the confession on tape. Taylor was arrested for obstruction of justice.