The Pine Valley Bulletin

CAMBIAS, Michael
Portrayed by: William DeVry (2003, 2005, 2006)
Family: Alexander Cambias (Father); Zachary Slater (Brother); Miranda Montgomery (Daughter); Ethan Ramsey (Nephew)
Marriages: None

2003: Boy billionaire Michael Cambias grew up the shadows of his late brother, Alexander Cambias, II. Wanting to prove his worth to his father, Alexander Cambias, sr., Michael hatched a plan to take over Enchantment Cosmetics, owned by his father’s greatest rival, Erica Kane. He played puppet master by recruiting Erica’s daughter, Kendall Hart, and putting a mole, Lena Kundera, in her office.
He believed Lena had successfully stolen the formula to Erica’s newest anti-aging cream. In reality, Erica had planted a false formula to catch the mole. Michael was humiliated by his failure. Alexander was forced to give Erica a chair on the Board of Directors at Cambias Industries.
Michael lashed out against those who shamed him. He hired Bob Barrett to implicated Lena in insider trading with Chandler Industries. He seemingly got majority ownership of Kendall’s own company FUSION by underwriting a loan for them to the pay off the IRS. He even tried to rape Erica, if not for Kendall’s last minute intervention. Unfortunately, Erica’s other daughter, Bianca Montgomery, was not so lucky. He exacted his revenge by sexually assaulting her at the Fargate Boarding House.
Bianca kept the rape a secret for as long as she possible could. When Erica and Kendall found out, they vowed their own revenge. District Attorney Jackson Montgomery was unable to make the charges stick as Bianca had burned all the evidence the night of rape. Michael thought he was in the clear.
One night, Bianca arrived at Michael’s condominium. She revealed she was now pregnant with his child. To protect her daughter from Michael’s terror, she shot him in the chest.
As he cried out for help, Bianca left him to die alone.