The Pine Valley Bulletin

CAMBIAS, Ethan Ramsey
Portrayed by: James Scott (2004-06)
Family: Zachary Slater (Father); Hannah Nichols (Mother); Edith Ramsey (Adoptive-Mother)
Marriages: None

2004: Ethan Ramsey Cambias learned about his true parentage on his mother, Edith Ramsey’s, death bed. He was the result of an affair between Alexander Cambias, II, and the Cambias maid, Hannah Nichols. Alexander died after a freak car accident. Afraid that Alexander Cambias, sr. would take him away to raise on his own, Hannah gave Ethan up for adoption. Now with the Cambias Estate in question after the death of all the legitimate heirs, Ethan came to Pine Valley to claim his part of the fortune. Alexander had named Ryan Lavery the heir to the Estate, not knowing any other heirs existed.
Unfortunately, no DNA evidence existed that would corroborate Ethan’s claim. Kendall Hart , Michael Cambias' supposed widow, befriended Ethan. Though she had her own stakes in who inherited the fortune, he or ex-boyfriend, Ryan, Kendall understood what it meant to be an outcast in Pine Valley like Ethan was. Kendall’s sister, Bianca Montgomery, was raped by Michael Cambias. Bianca volunteered the shirt she had worn holding Miranda Montgomery, Michael’s late child, after her birth as a DNA sample. But, the shirt mysteriously disappeared.
Ethan rescued Kendall from drowning after she was drugged at The Season’s East Casino. The same night, someone shot Ryan in the chest. The authorities wrongfully accused Ethan for the shooting. Zach Slater, the owner of The Seasons East, came to Ethan’s prison cell with an offer of assistance. He claimed to be old friend of the Cambias family, but he was something much more: he was Ethan’s father, Alexander Cambias, II. When the truth came out, Ethan rejected any of Zach’s offers to help him escape prison time or prove his identity.

2005: Bianca was reunited with her daughter, Miranda. Miranda’s DNA corroborated Ethan’s identity. Ethan and Miranda would share the Cambias Estate. Ethan wanted to protect the Kane women from his father. He even had Zach’s gambling license revoked because he got it under an assumed identity.
But his vendetta against Zach went too far. He found Zach hovering over Edmund Grey’s dead body. Ethan maintained he saw Zach kill Edmund. Though the forensics would prove otherwise, Kendall stood by Ethan. When Ethan’s lies came to light, Kendall left him.
Ethan turned to Bianca for help to reunite with Kendall. Only, Kendall had moved on. She had eloped with Zach so as to give him controlling interest in Cambias Industries with her FUSION shares. Ethan was removed as the CEO.
Ethan began working at FUSION. His daily interactions with eclectic Simone Torres lead to romance. On Christmas Day, he offered her his shares in FUSION, finally making her a full partner in the company she helped create. On New Year’s Eve, they were engaged to marry.

2006: Ryan turned to Ethan with his concerns about Zach. Ryan and Kendall were now going to share a child, and Ryan wanted to know if Zach was going to threaten his family. They discovered Zach had caused the blackout that forced Kendall to impregnate herself with Ryan’s baby, and not Greenlee Smythe’s embryo.
Ryan and Ethan planned to confront Zach at the Mardi Gras Ball. When Kendall learned the truth, she left Zach. Ethan was not able to bask in his victory as Janet Dillon had rigged the ballroom to explode. Simone, Zach, and Ethan were trapped in the rubble. Ethan sustained massive injuries that caused internal bleeding. In his dying breath, Ethan had a final confrontation with Zach for abandoning him. He blamed Zach for all the pain and suffering the Cambias family had caused.
Ethan left all his shares of Cambias to Miranda, making her the majority owner of the corporation.