The Pine Valley Bulletin

BRENT, jr.; Phillip “Charlie”
Portrayed by: Ian Washam (1972-76); Brian Lima (1976-80); Josh Hamilton (1985); Robert Duncan McNeil (1986-88); Charles Van Eman (1990-91); Christopher Kennedy Lawford (1992-97)
Family: Ruth Brent Martin (Grandmother); Ted Brent (Grandfather); Joe Martin (Grandfather); Phoebe English (Step-Grandmother); Phil Brent (Father); Tara Martin Jefferson (Mother); Chuck Tyler (Step-father); Kelsey Jefferson (Sister); Baby Brent (Son)
Marriages: Cecily Davidson

1972: Charlie Brent was born Phillip Charles Tyler in Pine Valley, the first great-grandson of the town’s most venerable of families. In truth, this Tyler boy was a Brent. Tara Tyler had slept with her high school sweetheart, Phil Brent, before he left for Vietnam. Chuck Tyler decided to marry Tara and raise the child as his own, in all the laps of luxury that only a Tyler could bestow.

: Phillip fell ill and needed a blood transfusion. Both parents proved not to be a match. It took the intervention of his uncle Phil Brent. This arose suspicion among everyone in Pine Valley. Phillip had to rally by Chuck when his old kidney condition returned. When Chuck recovered, Tara asked him for a divorce. Phillip was confused as to why his parents suddenly separated, but had a feeling Uncle Phil was to blame.

: Phillip began to experience asthma attacks at the very thought of Phil and Tara marrying. Joe was sure his symptoms were psychosomatic. Tara needed to address the issue away from Pine Valley, and took Phillip with her to a clinic in Arizona. They returned when Chuck lay near death after being physically assaulted.
Phillip avoided the church when Phil and Tara were married. He wanted to be with Chuck. The likelihood of his parents reuniting was slim.

: Phillip refused to live with Tara and Phil. During their honeymoon, he lived at his father’s home. Phillip snuck into Phoebe’s car when she decided to spy on his great-grandfather Charles Tyler and Mona Kane. Little did Phillip know, Phoebe was drunk. Phoebe crashed the car and Phillip was admitted to the hospital. Chuck cut Phoebe out of Phillip’s life until she agreed to get help for her alcoholism.

: Phillip wanted to change his name to Charlie in honor of the person he considered to be his real father, Chuck. Tara and Chuck agreed to the change, but Phil, his namesake, was annoyed. Charlie began acting up in school. He stole Mona Kane’s hubcaps, and later set fire to a car. Phil and Tara fought over what to do with Charlie. After Phil submitted Charlie’s name to the authorities, he and Tara separated.
Charlie soon learned why Phil was always so protective of him. He, and not Chuck, was his real father. In a drunken announcement, Phoebe announced the truth of Charlie’s paternity to all of Pine Valley at Erica Cudahy's “Couples to Watch” party.

: Learning Phil was his father had a surprising affect on Charlie. He understood why things had been so strange between them for so long. After Phil risked his life to save Chuck from Ray Gardner, Charlie reconciled with his father. When his parents renewed their vows, Charlie was by his parents’ side.
Phil got a new job with the Narcotics Bureau. The Brents moved to Washington, DC. But, their happiness was short lived. Tara and Charlie returned to Pine Valley when Phil was reported missing in an undercover mission.

: Charlie had problems dealing with his father’s disappearance. Tara enlisted the help of child psychologist Jim Jefferson. Phil was proclaimed dead after the plane he was in was found shot of the sky.

: Charlie watched reluctantly as Tara married Jim. They moved to Portland.

: Charlie visited Pine Valley to mourn the passing of Kate Martin.

: Charlie returned to Pine Valley to start freshmen year at Pine Valley University. He decided to move in with Phoebe, hoping to help her cope with Charles’s death.

: Charlie began dating Julie Chandler. They were the perfect all-American couple. But, Phoebe’s goddaughter had her own plans for Charlie. She wanted to seduce the virginal Charlie. Charlie assured Julie he had no one in his eyes but her.
Julie ran away from home after her father, Ross Chandler, was accused of raping Natalie Cortlandt. Charlie searched for his lover in New York to no avail. He made his way back to Pine Valley empty handed. His broken heart made him ripe for Cecily’s seduction.

: Charlie and Julie’s reunion was bittersweet. Charlie realized Julie’s time in New York had changed her. He also disapproved of her blossoming friendship with street rat Nico Kelly. Not wanting to be hurt, Charlie transferred to Stanford with plans of becoming a doctor.

1990: Charlie returned to Pine Valley after taking a break from Stanford. He told his family he needed a break. In truth, he was rethinking his plans to become a doctor.
Charlie’s return seemed to be at a perfect time. Tad was presumed dead after falling of a bridge. As he helped his grandparents come to grips with the loss of their son, Charlie also sparked a relationship with Lanie Cortlandt, Tad’s sister-in-law.

1991: Charlie began spending a lot of time in Cortlandt Manor. He was the hero of Pine Valley when he saved Palmer Cortlandt, after he had fallen through the ice over the Cortlandt pond while under the influence of the drug CRS-17. He and Lanie consummated their relationship. This made her realize she was still in love with David Rampal. She broke up with Charlie and married David.
It was clear that Charlie was not going to be a doctor. So, he began working at Enchantment Cosmetics. His new boss, Erica, took a liking to Charlie. He was named the “Man of Enchantment.” Erica and Charlie’s life went from the boardroom and into the bedroom. Charlie proposed to Erica, stirring up drama in the Martin family. After all, Erica was at one time married to Phil, his father.
Charlie’s grandfather Nick Davis came to Pine Valley to speak with Charlie. At a Martin family dinner, Nick confronted Erica about her intentions for Charlie. When Erica could not say that she loved Charlie, he broke things off.
Charlie made arrangements to return to Stanford.

1992: Charlie returned to Pine Valley to open his own private investigations firm. At first, he became a method of escape for Erica in her loveless marriage to Adam Chandler. Through Erica, Charlie met Hayley Vaughan, Adam’s daughter. Hayley became partner in his firm.

1994: Charlie and Hayley’s relationship became more than just professional. But Adam was very protective of Hayley. He encouraged her to return to Enchantment. The end of their professional relationship also marked the end of the personal liaison, especially after Charlie began looking into Adam's faked kidnapping.
Charlie found his new partner in the most unlikely of places. Cecily was back in town and wanted to fill in for Hayley. Charlie liked working with Cecily, but he knew something was wrong with his old friend. Charlie inquired about Cecily’s husband, Nico, and she assured him that everything was going well.

1995: Charlie was frantic when Tara called him after his little sister, Kate Jefferson, ran away from home. Tara knew the only place she would run away to, was Pine Valley. Joe and Charlie canvassed the city. They fount Kate, now going by Kelsey, at one of Brooke English’s homeless shelters. Tara failed to tell them that Kelsey ran away because she was pregnant.
Unlucky in love, Charlie began an Internet romance. Charlie’s new girl, “Clueless,” seemed like a perfect match for him. Little did he know, “Clueless” was none other than Cecily. Though their romance did not work out when they were kids, a lot had changed since then. Charlie and Cecily married on New Year’s Eve.

1996: Charlie took a job in Silicon Valley. At Christmas time, he and Cecily called Phoebe to tell her that they were expecting a child.