The Pine Valley Bulletin

BRENT, Cecily Davidson
Portrayed by: Rosa Nevin (1986-89, 1994-97)
Family: Bitsy Davidson (Mother); Phoebe English (God-Mother); Baby Brent (Child)
Marriages: Nico Kelly; Phillip “Charlie” Brent, jr.

1986: Rambunctious debutant Cecily Davidson was dropped off at her Godmother’s, Phoebe Wallingford, door after being kicked out of finishing school. Cecily’s mother, Bitsy Davidson, hoped Phoebe’s strong will and firm hand would keep Cecily in line.

: Cecily set her sights on Charlie Brent. But, he was in a relationship with the equally virginal Julie Chandler. Cecily used her looks to the best of her advantage. Julie had run away from home and left Charlie with a broken heart. Cecily wanted to be the first person to help him put that heart back together.

: Cecily was overcome with defeat when Julie returned to Pine Valley. Even though Julie broke things off with Charlie, he thought it was better that he leave town than start a relationship with Cecily.
This made Cecily ripe for seduction. The much older and wiser Sean Cudahy showed great interest in Cecily. They began dating. When Sean proposed marriage, Cecily was quick to accept. Cecily’s mother, Bitsy Davidson, chose this time to reenter her life. Bitsy tried to convince Cecily she could do better than Sean. Though Cecily was unsure about her decision, she wanted Bitsy to know it was her own decision to make.

: On the day she was to marry Sean, Cecily caught him in a passionate embrace with her mother. Bitsy had been seducing Sean all along.
Cecily needed to break away from her mother’s control. She turned to a recently divorced Nico Kelly. Cecily offered to split her sizeable trust fund with Nico if he agreed to marry her. She needed to be married to gain access to it. Cecily needed the financial independence to sever to her ties with her mother. They quickly eloped. There was a caveat in Cecily’s inheritance. She needed to be married for at least six months to prove the union was real.
Cecily and Nico were always at each other’s throats.
Their animosity had to take a back seat when Tad enlisted their help to free Dixie Chandler from Laurel Hill. The four went on a great adventure to catch Adam in his plot to win custody of Dixie’s son, Junior Chandler.
Something began to change between Nico and Cecily. After their probationary period was over, Cecily was sure Nico was going to take his half of the fortune and leave her. Instead, he proposed marriage again. This time, they flew to Hawaii to have a tropical wedding. They decided to start their new life together away from Pine Valley.

: Cecily returned to Pine Valley after breaking up with Nico. Cecily decided to keep her divorce a secret. At first she told everyone that she was back in town for a short visit. Then, she used working for Charlie’s new investigations firm as an excuse to remain in town. Charlie began to pry about her marriage, but Cecily insisted everything was all right.

: Cecily thought her chances at love had passed her by. Instead, she began entering singles chat rooms online under the screen name “Clueless.” She thought she had met her match in another surfer named “Beyond Clueless.” Unknowingly, Cecily had been talking to Charlie. Cecily had long had feelings for Charlie. Only now, the feelings were mutual. They married on New Year’s Eve.

: Cecily and Charlie moved to Silicon Valley. That Christmas, they surprised Phoebe with news that they were expecting a child in the New Year.