The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by: William Blackenship (1982); Robert Milli (1982-83); Jack Betts (1983)
Family: Kent Bogard (Son)
Marriages: Unknown

1982: Lars was growing infuriated with his son’s obsession over model Erica Kane. He and Kent bought out Sensuelle from under Brandon Kinglsey, Erica's beau. Kent began to form a slue of projects around Erica including a modeling campaign, “An American Beauty,” and a motion picture with her as a lead. Lars did not recognize her talent, and was worried about Kent’s rash investments. In fact, Lars would drop Erica from the movie entirely, and tried to drop Erica from the modeling campaign. Erica proved a formidable foe herself, staging a press conference declaring herself “An American Beauty,” forcing Lars to keep her on.

: Lars began dating his stylist, the very married Ellen Dalton. In New York, Lars saw his long time rival, Palmer Corlandt, with someone who was very much not his wife. Lars and Palmer exchanged some choice words, before Lars began flirting with Daisy Murdoch, the other woman. Lars and Daisy began an affair.
But Lars’ focus turned from matters of the heart, to matters of his son. Kent was found dead in his hotel room. Silver Kane claimed Erica was the murderer. Erica was nowhere to be found. Lars dropped Erica from his agency and called for a nationwide manhunt. Erica was eventually found and tried for murder. When Kent’s murder was determined to be accidental, Lars was not as forgiving as the courts. He promised Erica that she would never work as a model again.

: Lars was determined to destroy Erica for the death of his son. But, his plans were compromised when she teamed up with Palmer. Palmer discovered the truth about Lars’ past: he was an escaped war criminal. To escape the authorities, he went on the run in South America.
Erica and Palmer confronted Lars on a cruise ship there. Lars saw no escape but to jump overboard. Only, he was sucked in by the propellers and ripped to shreds.