The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by: Michael Woods (1981-82); Lee Godart (1982-83)
Family: Lars Bogard (Father)
Marriages: None

1981: Multi-millionaire playboy Kent Bogard was powerful, young, handsome, and Erica Kane’s perfect man. He met the rising model on one of her business trips to New York City. Kent turned to his father, Lars Bogard, to lure Erica away from Sensuelle Cosmetics. Erica was attached to Sensuelle CEO Brando Kingsley. Lars agreed to hire Erica as a model in his own company, for a cosmetic brand named after her.

: Kent secretly bought out Sensuelle from under Brandon. He openly pursued Erica. Their rivalry came to a head in a New York restaurant where Brandon called out Erica to make a decision between he and Kent. Knowing Kent had more to offer, Erica chose him. Brandon left for Hong Kong.
As much as Kent thought Erica was perfect for Sensuelle’s “An American Beauty” campaign, Lars thought otherwise. Lars even cut Erica out of a movie where she was supposed to be the lead actress. As Erica and Lars fought, Kent befriended Erica’s newfound sister, Silver Kane. Soon, they were sharing more that just pleasantries; they were sharing a bed.

: Seeing what his affair with Silver was doing to Erica, he decided to break things off with her. But Silver had already told Erica the truth. They got into a confrontation at the Founder’s Ball. Kent wanted to alleviate the situation and invited Erica back to his hotel room. There, the argument heated and Erica reached for the gun she had given him on his birthday. It accidentally discharged, and Kent fell back. He was dead.