The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by: Matt Servitto (1989-90)
Family: Brian Bodine (Brother)
Marriages: None

1989: Used car salesman Trask Bodine made a lot of mistake in his life. His parents were never really there for him. He was forced at an early age to become the primary caregiver to his little brother, Brian Bodine. Now with his life more stable than ever before, Trask decided it was time to better himself. He began to pursue his GED. He hired University student Lanie Cortlandt to be his tutor. Lanie made Trask believe he could do anything he set his mind to. But, all Task wanted now was to be with Lanie.

1990: Lanie left Trask after reuniting with David. Trask successfully obtained his degree. When he decided to enlist in the military, he worried about disrupting Brian’s life, especially his senior year in high school. Myrtle Fargate offered to care for Brian while Trask got on his feat. He transferred guardianship to her before leaving Pine Valley for good.