The Pine Valley Bulletin

Brian Bodine

Portrayed by: Gregory Gordon (1990-91); Matt Borlenghi (1991-93, 1996); Brian Lane Green (1993-94)
Family: Trask Bodine (Brother); Myrtle Fargate (Guardian)
Marriages: AnLi Chen; Dixie Cooney

1990: Brian Bodine never had very much growing up. After his parents died, his older brother, Trask Bodine, did his best to provide for him. Trask was adamant that Brian complete high school since he never had the chance to do so.
After Trask broke up with Melanie Cortlandt, he enlisted in the military. Just starting his senior year, Brian did not want to leave Pine Valley. Trask agreed to transfer his guardianship to Myrtle Fargate, who took Brian in as her own.

1991: Brian met teen rebel Hayley Vaughan. Hayley had a hard time fitting into Pine Valley High School with her jet-black hair, and equally delinquent demeanor. Brian saw past Hayley’s rough exterior.
When Hayley went missing, Brian searched for her. He discovered Janet Green masquerading as Natalie Hunter, Trevor Dillon's fiance. Hayley had found out the truth as well, so Janet was keeping her gagged in the Chandler Mansion tunnels. Brian tried to rescue Hayley when Janet shot him. As he agonized in pain, Hayley professed her feelings for him.

: Brian and Hayley’s relationship hit a standstill when Hayley held off being intimate. Brian loved Hayley and went so far as to propose marriage. When Hayley told Brian she needed time to think about it, Brian accused Adam Chandler, Hayley's disapproving father, of intervening in her life. Hayley had changed a lot since she moved into Chandler Mansion. Hayley did not like Brian’s implications, and broke up with him.
An Li Chen turned to Brian for a favor. She needed a green card to stay in the country. Brian agreed to a sham marriage. When Hayley found out, she turned to Will Cortlandt. She drunkenly entered into her own loveless marriage with Will. Thinking he had lost Hayley, Brian turned and An Li consummated their marriage. It was clear An Li have fallen in love with Brian. Brian did not return the feelings.
An Li became jealous of Brian and Hayley’s continued liaisons. One night, Hayley called for Brian, but An Li picked up the phone. Hayley needed help. An Li conveniently forgot to tell Hayley. When Brian found out, he rushed to her apartment, only to find Will bludgeoned to death on the floor. At that moment, the police arrived, and Brian was taken into custody for Will’s murder.
A lot of people stood by Brian as he went to trial. His strongest supporter was none other than Hayley. They secretly reunited. Brian was exonerated for Will’s murder thanks to Edmund Grey’s investigation. The true culprit was none other than Janet. But, just as Brian wanted to resume his relationship with Hayley, An Li had a bomb to drop: she was pregnant with his child.

: An Li miscarried their child. Brian wanted to reunite with Hayley, but it was clear that their opportunity had passed.
Brian had befriended Junior Chandler, Hayley’s little brother, who was grieving the loss of his stepfather, Tad Martin. Brian became like a big brother to Junior. Junior brought him home one day to meet his mother, Dixie Cooney. Dixie knew she could depend on Brian. She had a hard year, dealing with Tad’s death as well as Will’s, her brother. Adam made a move to claim full custody of Junior based on Dixie’s fragile state of mind. Brian decided to marry Dixie so as to assure her chances of keeping her son.
Brian and Dixie’s marriage crumbled when Tad came back to Pine Valley alive. Brian decided to leave Pine Valley to start his life anew.

1996: Brian came back to Pine Valley in hopes of revisting his relationship Hayley. Only, she was now in a serious relationship with another man, Mateo Santos. He was now a succesful Hollywood Producer. surprisingly, even Adam supported his efforts.
Hayley and Brian had a night of reminiscing of their past, but realized their relationship was just that, the past. Brian left Pine Valley empty-handed.