The Pine Valley Bulletin

Portrayed by: Richard Lawson (1992-94)
Family: Terrence Frye (Son); Taylor Roxbury Cannon (Step-Daughter)
Marriages: Vivian Taylor Roxbury

1992: Architect Lucas Barnes returned to Pine Valley in search of his former flame, Livia Frye. Livia did not want anything to do with Lucas after he left her years ago, pregnant with his child and barely out of high school. Their son, Terrence Frye was now all grown up. Lucas hoped that he could somehow remind Livia of the happiness they once shared. But a lot had changed since Lucas left, Livia was now married to Tom Cudahy. She somehow balanced single motherhood with school and became a prominant attorney.

1993: Lucas and Livia’s brother Derek Frye were at odds over how be abandoned his family two decades prior. Their rivalry only grew when Lucas seduced Derek’s girlfriend, Mimi Reed. Mimi admitted to their affair only after learning she was pregnant and was unsure as to which man was the baby’s father.

1994: Lucas wanted to be with Mimi; but, she wanted to wait for the results from a DNA test before making any commitments to him. When baby Danielle Frye was born, everyone anxiously awaited the results of the test. In the meantime, Danielle went missing. Lucas was the main suspect. Grace Keefer proved to be the real culprit. When the DNA test revealed Derek was the baby’s father, Lucas decided it was his time to leave Pine Valley.