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Peter Cortlandt


Written by: Tiani

Born: Peter William Cortlandt II, December 25, 1992
Nickname: Petey

Mother: Opal Gardner Cortlandt
Father: Palmer Cortlandt

Adrian Sword (half brother)
Tad Martin (half brother)
Nina Cortlandt (half sister)

Jamie Martin (nephew)
Dixie Cooney Martin (cousin)
Will Cortlamd (cousin, deceased)
Melanie "Lanie" Cooney (cousin)
Bobby Warner (nephew)
Sam Grey (great nephew)



Petey was born to late in life mom Opal and Dad Palmer. After his parents divorced, Petey stayed with his mother.

In 2002, Petey got a new nanny, Kendall Hart. Although he's only 11 years old, Petey is already a schemer and knows how to play people. He used Kendall to get what he wanted and she used him to get money from Palmer.

After Kendall forgot to pick up Petey from school. Palmer hired Laurie Lewis as Petey's new nanny.


Portrayed by:

Jack McKillop (1997-1999)
Casey Gunther (1999-2002)
Mitchel Federan (2002-present)



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