The Scrapbook Version Notes

  • Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo) and Marj Dusay (ex-Vanessa) where both featured in the opening even though there last air dates where within weeks from the premier of the new opening.
  • Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo) was unavailable to shoot his opening picture as he was shooting a movie in Australia. His character soon left Pine Valley and he was never added.
  • The Opening was not updated from Dec 2002-June 2003. Because of that, departed characters remained and contract stars left before their pictures could be added. Most specifically, Alexandra Daddario (ex-Laurie).
  • As time went on and updates were made, the polaroid shots' smaller snapshots saw a few minor changes. Most notably, one of the first changes was to Adam's smaller snapshot. Originally, Adam was pictured cuddling daughter Colby, but within two updates, Adam's smaller snapshot was replaced with an image of Adam's face as he was in conversation with someone. The picture of Colby was removed possibly as to allow for the possibility of recasting and/or aging the girl, or perhaps to not leave the ruthless Adam to seem so "warm and fuzzy" as he would by showing him cuddling his daughter. David Hayward's smaller snapshot showed David smiling with wife Anna. When Finola Hughes (ex-Anna) left the show, rather than replacing the snapshot with another one, the snapshot was removed completely, making David's the first polaroid without an accompanying snapshot.
  • All the new pictures that were added int he first major update were very blurry and of distinctively lower quality compared to the original pictures. In later updates, all the older pictures were zoomed into, and signatures were enlarged, moved or bolded.
  • Olga Sosnovska (ex-Lena) was taken out of the opening and replaced by Cameron Mathison (Ryan) even when she was still on the show with a contract. The ironic part was that departed star Ivan Shaw (ex-Henry) remained. She would never be featured again.