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October 30, 2002

I have a theme in my cd selections for today... Music to Scare Your Neighbors With. Bauhaus "Volume Two - 1979-1983," Rob Zombie "Hellbilly Deluxe," Typo O Negative "The Least Worst Of" and The Damned Live. I guess you can call this my Halloween tribute! I just love Halloween!!

I really love the new opening of the show! It's about damn time too. The pictures are really great and current. The old theme music is way better than the newer one. And I like the names, although I would have preferred that the actors names be shown instead of the characters. It's very nice though, I actually watch it now.

Adam's horny and everybody knows it!!

Did that seem as odd to you as it did to me? I mean just because Adam suddenly wants another chance with Liza, does that mean he's only interested in boink city? Evidently it does to Stuart, Liza, Brooke, Mia and Tad anyway. Adam planned this big romantic dinner in an effort to win Liza back. Unfortunately for him, she shot him down and told him she can never trust him. Hey Adam, one romantic dinner cannot make up for all the crap you pulled. Personally I'll be happy if they never reconcile Adam and Liza ever again. I'm so sick of the same old crap with them. All they ever do is try to outdo each other in deceit. It's old. In fact, I never understood how Liza could go back to Adam after experiencing the joy that is Ryan!

So Adam tries to curb his desires by having a few martini's at the Valley Inn. But alas, his libido ends up in overdrive as the pretty young waitress bats her big eyelashes and flips her blonde tresses at him. Why he's Adam Chandler, center of wealth and power in Pine Valley. Brooke watches from the corner of the bar that she's drowning her own sorrows in, with much amusement. Adam finally sees Brooke grinning at him, and calls her over to join him. Turns out, Brooke overheard Adam make a call to Mia to meet him at the Valley Inn and told him he's playing a very dangerous game. In a very brilliant use of AMC history, Brooke compares this call to the way he used to use Dixie when they were married. Interesting. Brooke goes on to tell Adam that she's got him all figured out (and she does). He wants to be adored and looked up to, and well, basically worshiped by a woman. Someone other than Colby. He wants someone too look at him and feel that he is their whole world. Adam doesn't like when his behavior is pointed out to him, so he calls her mean. Brooke points out to him that she is only speaking the truth, and from her heart. The two bond over more martini's and then Adam offers Brooke a ride home.

Back at Brooke's, Adam sees the annulment papers on Brooke's table and asks her why she never mentioned it. What I see going on here is two people who still care about each other. Brooke called Adam on his behavior, because she cares. Adam asked Brooke why she never mentioned the annulment because he cares. You know, I have always liked these two together. Brooke has never put up with any of Adam's crap. And while Liza tried to be that way, she always ended up giving in. IMO, Adam should have never been forgiven after he switched sperm samples. But back to the scene, Brooke tells Adam that Isabella insisted on the annulment because she wanted to make sure, in the eyes of God, that the marriage never existed. Adam delivers this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK, when replies "Well, I'm not theologian but on which of the six days did God create denial?"

Things start to heat up when Adam asks Brooke to put on their favorite record (PS, I loved how Brooke told him vinyl was out, and plastic is in. Although I personally am very attached to my vinyl!) and asks her to dance. Brooke starts to warm up to Adam's very obvious attempt at seducing her, but Brooke backs off. Then as he's about to leave, she calls him back over and they start to tear each others clothes off. They two make love, it seems, several times and in various locations in the house. They started off on the sofa, but in the morning they came down from upstairs. Brooke is frantic to get Adam out, but he's casual and in no hurry. Once Tad shows up, Brooke really starts to lose it. Adam tells her to just let him in. I don't get that. I mean sure, he could be joking around, but they were both very obviously unkempt and afterglowing. Why would he even joke about letting Tad in. He would have to know that Tad would spill all to Liza. I don't know, maybe that's what he wants. Oh right, now I've got it. He does want that. It's very much Adam to try and make his woman jealous. But I really don't see Liza forgiving another affair. Anyway, Brooke makes him hide and then lets Tad in. It turns out that Tad has come to take her to Leo's memorial service, knowing it would be hard for her because it's at Wildwind. Brooke really wanted to to because of Laura and how much she loved him, but decides she is not ready to return to Wildwind. Weird. She was just there the other day when Maddie called her. After Tad leaves and Adam comes out of hiding, she tells him it was a mistake and will never happen again. Famous last words Brooke.

Maria thinks she may be remembering something when she has a flashback of David digging on the beach. Just what was David burying that night he found Maria? I sure don't think it was a person. But what!? I guess we will have to wait and see on that one. Maria decides she wants to be hypnotized but Dr. Reed cautions her that the memories may be too painful for her to relive, and that is why she can't remember. This puts Maria off for the time being (she gets hypnotized this week, but I'm not on this week yet). Edmund comes to the hospital to see Maria and ask her out on a date. Oops, she's Maureen still. OK, so Edmund comes to the hospital to ask out Maureen. He's got this idea that if he takes her out to do some country line dancing (like their first date), she'll suddenly have total recall. So with Mateo's help, they turn SOS into a country bar, complete with professional dancers. I have to admit though, Maureen and Edmund cut a mean rug. But as they sit and talk over a beer, it's apparent that Maria isn't remembering anything. But you know, it seems to me that Edmund almost doesn't care anymore. They are falling in love with each other all over again anyway.

Leo and Vanessa have gone over the falls and are presumed dead. They keep saying that no one can survive the treacherous rapids at the end of the falls. And being the big hero who saved Greenlee's life, Trey gets a call from the Pine Valley Bulletin for a statement. OK OK, it was me. I admit! ;) But soon after that, Jack arrives with some cops and they give Trey a big dose of reality. He may be a hero now, but he still burned down Erica's house and stole someone else's identity. He's not off the hook just yet. In fact, Jack knows all about his plans to skip town, but Kendall covers for him. Jack is not stupid enough to believe their story, but he let's it go and tells Trey not to leave town.

Let's stop right here for a minute and try and figure out who was older, Trey or Leo. In the real world, I think that Josh Duhamel (Leo) is older than Sam Page (Trey). But that really doesn't mean anything. J. Eddie Peck (Jake) is older than Michael E. Knight (Tad). I'm trying to figure out a time frame here, for when Trey was born. Trey said that Vanessa met Richard Fields when she was in Hollywood "the second time around." OK, that covered that track because we were always led to believe that Vanessa was in Hollywood trying to be an actress before she married Charles Hayward, David's father. But then at one point, Vanessa said she was still married to Charles when she got pregnant with Trey. If that were the case, then David should remember his mother being pregnant. He was 9 years old when his father killed himself, so he must have been a little younger than that. This was before Proteus and before Leo because Leo came later, when Vanessa was living and scamming her way through Europe. David seems much older than Trey... so this is all just too confusing for me. My head is starting to spin!

Kendall is not at all happy to hear that Trey was going to leave town, so she decides to move out of the loft. Trey actually doesn't want her to leave and says he wants to be her brother. But Kendall is having none of it and decides to move to the Valley Inn. (Oddly enough, Aidan too, has just decided to move to the Valley Inn so he can keep an eye on Anna and help her out while she's pregnant.) Where Kendall thinks she's going to get the money for Valley Inn living is beyond me. She doesn't have to think about it for too long though. It's Palmer to the rescue! After listening to her and Aidan banter and taunt one another, he writes her out a hefty check so she can live at the Valley Inn, and then suggests that she's interested in Aidan. Nothing gets by that old coot! As much as Kendall tells Aidan he's got the hots for her, I think it's the other way around. She's way more interested in him than he is in her. But I suspect that will soon change.

At the hospital, Greenlee is having a difficult time coming to grips with the fact that Leo is gone. David, Anna, and even her mother try to tell her that he's gone, that he could not survive. But Greenlee does not want to believe it. I must briefly interject here and say that I just LOVE Mary Smythe!! I hope AMC keeps her around this time. We know she has a past with Jack, so why not pursue that! COME ON AMC!!!! OK, back to the action. The divers who were sent out to search the water for Leo and Vanessa's bodies has come back with Leo's leather jacket. With that, Greenlee starts to actually realize that he's gone, but then fights it. She tells David and Anna that if he were dead, she would know it, she would feel it. They were too connected. So as David orders a grief counselor for Greenlee, she holds onto that jacket for dear life! And instead of talking to the grief counselor, she orders a rescue mission to head to the falls.

Just then, Bridget the clairvoyant arrives at the hospital trying to give Greenlee hope. She tells her that her husband is alive. David and Trey rush into Greenlee's room and try to discredit Bridget, but this is something that Greenlee needs to hang on to. Trey lifts her wallet and gives it to Anna to check her out, and it does turn out that the woman is a fraud and has several different aliases. Greenlee is crushed. Trey tries to comfort her and as they are talking, Greenlee tells Trey about Vanessa's diamonds and how Leo stood on the overlook and tossed them into the water, trying to save her. Cha-Ching, the dollar signs go off in Trey's eyes and he heads out to find Kendall.

Trey tries to get Kendall to give him another chance and make it up to her as her brother. But Kendall is being stubborn, that is until Trey mentions a fortune in diamonds. Like brother like sister... $$ rings up in Kendall's eyes. At first, Kendall tells Trey there is no way they will ever find the diamonds, but Trey is confident that they can. She's not thrilled that he wants her to get in the water, but after he tells her that he can't swim, she reluctantly agrees. So, donning a wet suit, Kendall gets set to brave the falls and the rapids in search of Vanessa's ill gotten booty. This is a puzzle here. The police have stopped their search for Leo and Vanessa's bodies, because it was dark out (according to Trey) and these professionals have had a hard time with the falls and rapids. But Kendall is going to just jump in?? How is it that she can survive it? Who knows, but she does. She tells Trey to climb to the top and show her where the diamonds fell. But Trey is not thrilled about climbing to the top again, and tells Kendall he has vertigo. The interesting thing is that Trey's vertigo never became an issue when he was jumping off the balcony of Greenlee and Leo's Paris hotel room a few months ago. Curious isn't it?

Trey reluctantly climbs to the top and drops some stones in the water so Kendall can see where they land, in hopes it's the same general vicinity as the diamonds that Leo dropped in. That is completely and totally impossible, especially since Trey didn't even see Leo do it. But Kendall dives in anyway. When she comes out, she tells Trey that she did not find anything and that it would be impossible to find anything down there anyway. But on the way back up, she found the little black bag with what was left of the diamonds hanging on a ledge. Lucky! Trey is briefly annoyed that she didn't find all the diamonds, but then the dollar signs come back and he realizes what they do have isn't too shabby. They head back to the loft and reveal in the biggest financial score of their lives.

But as quickly as they celebrate, Trey does a sudden about face and says he doesn't want the money. He says the diamonds are tainted with Leo's blood and wants to hand them over to the police instead. Trey is one weird guy. Is he a creep or is he nice? Does he have a heart or does he have no soul? What's the deal!? He's wanted that money for months, he's known Leo as his brother for a month. Can he really be so sappy as to suddenly believe family is more important than money? That doesn't sound like Trey. And he sure doesn't give that much consideration to Kendall as his sister. As Kendall and Trey argue about keeping or turning in the money, Jack and the cops show up again. This time with a search warrant. They are looking for Chris's missing Proteus files to prove that Trey set the fire to get them. Kendall has hidden the diamonds in her pant leg. Sure enough, the cops find the files and get set to arrest Trey for arson. Kendall pulls Trey aside for a minute and tells him to hand over the diamonds now and buy his freedom. So what happens? Trey says no!! He's changed his mind again and now wants to keep the diamonds and be rich. But Kendall talks him into it and they hand over the diamonds to Jack. He's shocked since everyone thought that Vanessa's stash was the worthless stocks. So Trey is once again off the hook. For now. He and his brother David have a lot in common huh?

In this weeks LEO duPRES MEMORIAL PASS THE HANDBAG moment, Anna watches David's compassion for Greenlee and starts to weaken her resolve against him. Hey Anna, just because he loved his brother doesn't mean he didn't do experimental drug therapy or keep Maria from her family. Try and remember that huh?

David is panicked to find that Greenlee has left the hospital. She slipped out right under Anna's nose while she was on the phone with the forensic lab (which found the tests on the piece of carpet that had David's drug sample on it inconclusive). They have no idea where she could have gone (duh) but she left with Leo's jacket. David goes back to the penthouse to see if she's there. Of course she's not. (psst David, she's at the falls, any idiot could have figured that out!). Instead he finds a whole lot of Leo all over the penthouse. He is moved and saddened. Anna shows up to see if Greenlee has come there. HELLO!!! Calling all morons, SHE'S AT THE FALLS!!!!

David's heart is showing as he looks at photos of Leo and Greenlee, and other things that belong to Leo. You know what I find absolutely hilarious about this situation which has been anything but funny? That David is taking responsibility for Leo's death. David never takes responsibility for anything that he has actually done, but this, something he couldn't control at all, he takes responsibility for. And while talking about his own father's death, like a flash of lightning, David suddenly realizes that Greenlee is at the falls. Well no shit sherlock! Did you really need it spelled out for you!? OK, here it is. Greenlee did not believe that Leo was really gone. She kept telling everyone he was still alive. So where would she go if she disappeared... home? NO. To find him!!!

David arrives in time to see Greenlee at the top of the falls about to jump in. He urges her to to come down, but she suddenly has realized that Leo is gone and now she wants to be with him. It's interesting, she asks David how long it took him to get over the death of his father, having seen it happen. I think we all know the answer to that question, David never has gotten over the death of this father. Greenlee is not ready to face life without Leo. She's not ready to go home (hear that David!) and see Leo everywhere. But David tells her that he needs her. David coaxes her off the edge and tells her she has to fight her way back and promises to be there for her. This is an outstanding scene, and actually it's this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK. David does not sugarcoat anything and tells Greenlee that she may never have another love in her life like Leo was, but she has to go on because Leo would want her to. Greenlee absolutely breaks my heart as she talks about how she will die an old woman, and be reunited with Leo for all eternity, forever young. Can I just say what an absolute weepfest any scene with Greenlee has been lately? They finally leave the falls after David tells her they need to have a memorial service for Leo, and should have the next day. David tells her he will take care of everything.

It's the next day... the day of the memorial service. What we see first is Bianca, having a difficult time coming to grips with the fact that Leo is gone. He was like a brother to her. He was the first person she came out to. She's not ready to say goodbye. But Maggie and Erica arrive and urge her to go to the memorial service with them. They will all be there for each other. (As an aside, the tiny detail that David called Bianca and asked her to ask Edmund for use of the chapel for the memorial was a good one. We all know there is no way David could call and ask Edmund himself with all that is going on).

I'm going to interject right here with what I consider to be a very unpopular opinion. I do not want Maggie to be gay and have a relationship with Bianca. I am certainly not anti-gay. I would love to see Bianca have a relationship, just not with Maggie. I'm sorry, but I don't think people just suddenly become gay and it's been made very clear that Maggie is not gay. She has never shown confusion, she absolutely rejected Bianca and she was dating Tim. What I think should happen is that Maggie could think she has feelings for Bianca and try to act on them, but Bianca should reject her. Bianca knows she's not gay. Let Bianca be the one to reject someone for a change. She actually thought that maybe Erica was right when she said that she may be transferring her feelings for Frankie to Maggie. Bianca should have a love, but she should be someone who is not confused and not going to break her heart so easily.

Many PV citizens are at the memorial... Kendall, Palmer, Opal, Myrtle, Erica, Liza, Maggie, Bianca, Anna, Mary, Woody, Aidan, Chris, Jack. But strangely, there are some missing... Trey, Millicent, Ryan, Joe Martin who is at every wedding and funeral, Brooke and Count duPres. I know he wasn't really Leo's father, but he really wanted him to be, and should have been there. Kendall said she was there representing Ryan and Trey (who just couldn't face it yet). Brooke should have been there after how many times she said that Leo saved Laura's life. Suck it up Brooke! And I'm sorry, I know they probably couldn't work something out with some of the actors who were not there, but could you at least pretend for our sake and send telegrams. I think that's better than nothing at all. David reading a telegram from Ryan and from Count duPres would have been such a great touch.

Do you think that when there's a funeral in Pine Valley, that you could just call up the florist there and say, "I'll have the usual" and they will know to get a big photo and put a lot of flowers around it?

David speaks about Leo from his heart. He talks about how Leo charmed just about everyone in the room at one time or another. He talks about how his love for Greenlee taught him that love is real. He says that Leo will live on in our hearts, and says he will try not to disappoint him. That might be a little more than you can deliver David.

Meanwhile on the UGS in the Wildwind living room, Maria reads about Leo and Vanessa's deaths from falling off a cliff and starts to hyperventilate. Seems she's having a real deja vu' moment. She runs out of the house and down to the chapel.

Nothing has prepared me for the many tissues I need when Greenlee gets up to speak about Leo. She speaks to several people individually... her mother and grandfather. Maggie, Anna, and David. All moving and weep producing. But actually sobs are right around the corner as she turns to Bianca and tells her how sorry she is that she did not let her in the night before (it was all one day ago PV time!). Bianca understood. She went on to say how Leo thought of her as a little sister and loved her so much. And in true Greenlee fashion, she delivers a LINE OF THE WEEK to Bianca. She says, "I have said so many horrible things to you. Of course, I meant them all" It was precious and true. And when a few people made noise when she said it, she turned to them and said, "Leo would not want me to lie!" Greenlee goes on to tell Bianca that Leo loved her voice and she would really appreciate it if she would sing. Bianca is not prepared, but gets up to do it. Here comes the big cry, this moment made me weep the hardest and I'm actually misting up just talking about it. Greenlee and Bianca had a hug, a real hug. One where you know they mean it, as you see Bianca rub Greenlee on the back. Bianca, crying, pulls away and says she doesn't know if she can do it. Greenlee touches her face and says she knows she can. It's beautiful and unfortunately, a lot of people didn't see this moment because of the news break in.

Bianca sang the song "Goodbye my Friend," a song written by Karla Bonoff and has been sung by Linda Ronstadt. Here are the incredibly moving lyrics that she sang while a beautiful montage of Leo footage was shown (I know I've said many times I hate montages, but I clarify that they are ok for weddings and funerals. I just hate when they are blatant time fillers for no reason).


Goodbye My Friend
Oh we never know where life will take us
I know it's just a ride on the wheel
And we never know when death will shake us
And we wonder how it will feel
So goodbye my friend
I know I'll never see you again
But the time together through all the years
Will take away these tears
It's OK now...
Goodbye my friend
I see a lot of things that make me crazy
And I guess I held on to you
I could of run away and left
Well, maybe...
But it wasn't time we both knew
So goodbye my friend
I know I'll never see you again
But the love you gave me through all the years
Will take away these tears
I'm OK now...
Goodbye my friend
Life's so fragile and love's so pure
We can't hold on but we try
We watch how quickly it disappears
And we never know why
But I'm OK now
Goodbye my friend
You can go now
Goodbye my friend.

Oh what a huge weepy mess I was, and am starting to be again! I think this was one of the most moving funerals I've seen on AMC in a very long time.

After it's over, Anna tells David that if the baby is a boy, she wants to name him Leo.

Maria comes into the chapel to pay her condolences to David, but has a sudden flashback of him digging and burying again and runs out.

And then, a final weep. At the boathouse, Greenlee says her goodbye to Leo as she floats a boat out into the water that is full of flowers. Phew, I think I need to open a new box of tissues after all this! That Greenlee absolutely breaks my heart. Without a doubt she is this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK.

This weeks AMC gets a B+ It was full of action and emotion. I think it sucks that Vanessa got no send off at all, but really, who would mourn for her other than Leo? What could possibly be done. I really am still hopeful that she will someday return though. You know soaps... no body means there is always a chance!