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October 6, 1997

Sorry for the delay folks but please cut me a break, the INDIANS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!! I'm just a bit excited about it!! I just love when the Indians kick some Yankee butt!!!

OK, now to the subject at hand..AMC. I'll cut right to the chase and the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. There is no contest this week, the prize goes to Skye. What is she thinking? Or is she thinking at all? How could she just sit there and watch Maddie be ripped from Edmund's arms and do nothing?!! She is so selfish. She disgusts me. And then her only suggestion of help is to hop on the Chandler jet? Let's think back Skye because I know you know this....when Maria wanted to run off with Sam, Edmund took Sam from her and would not let her do that. I know you know this; it's the same night you saw Maria and Dim doing the nasty. And how many times did you hear that story since then...that Maria was devastated because Edmund would not let her leave town? So you're suggestion is pretty darn stupid, now isn't it? Thank goodness Andy Fowler is returning. He's going to cause Skye some major stress, I'm sure, and then this will be her out. She's going to flee from town so fast it'll make all our heads spin. Coward. She should stay and take her medicine then cause someone else misery for awhile. Skye's too good a troublemaker to be dismissed like she was.

GO PALMER!!!! OOOH!! I can't wait to see him tell off Lucifer, er Judith. This is what I've been waiting for all this time. My man Palmer doesn't usually disappoint either. I'm all a twitter!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Judith needs to be told off so bad, and Palmer is just the guy to do it. She never once listened to anything Kevin was saying. Wow, it's just so incredibly sad that people are like this, and you know they are. And hold onto your seats folks, I'm going to give AMC a compliment. They have done a really fabulous job with this storyline. And wasn't it just too cool when Kevin finally told Opal to butt her pearl necklace out of his business!! That was long overdue! I'm also thrilled to see Kelsey coming around and standing by her friend again. I know it must have been difficult to get to that point, but it's about time she stopped wallowing in her shattered delusion and be there for the guy who has always been there for her. So with a little help from Michael, Kelsey is back on the right track. Unfortunately, I don't see this as an end to his pain. I'm getting hints that there is trouble down the road for the form of frat boys. Beaten up perhaps? Probably. I've mentioned the possiblity of Kevin going for the suicide attempt and bringing Jason back only to spout more hatred at Kevin makes me think so even more. He's had so much to endure and he was just so excited to hear from his brother. Did you see the way he jumped when Jason called? And Jason was nothing but hateful and mean. What a shame. But did we really think Jason would become sympathetic? I hoped, but knew it wouldn't happen. As for Ben Monk he has portrayed this character with such class and such conviction. I hereby nominate him for an Emmy. Oh wait, the Diva is thinking she's more powerful than she is. Ok, if he doesn't get nominated for an Emmy, I'm protesting!!! I can just see the Academy shaking now. A threat from me is oh so frightening!

I must discuss for a brief moment this inane Jake and Allie storyline. What gives?! Are we supposed to care about these two? They are so boring and not worth my time. They have joined the ranks of the fast forward button (but I did pause long enough to check out Jake's bod at the gym...yum). I don't care about who is more athletic or who can bike longer or any of that stuff. Just send them on a date already, it's not like we don't know it's headed that way, so we can be bored with their relationship too. And I see this week we have to have the obligatory jealousy ploy, with Allie going out for drinks with Jack. *yawn*

So Bianca has anorexia. A subject, as far as I can remember, that has been untouched by AMC. Who could blame Bianca really?...what a life she's had. She's got a wacko, kidnapping, jailbird mother, an absentee father, a frightening stepmother and some siblings who are figments of her imagination. So what will Bianca having anorexia prove? That 580997 is driving her to it, or that Travis is? I guess this will be the big question. This week we see that Bianca calls Dimitri and wants to see him. Here's a little tip for Dim...keep your skinny minny wife away from Bianca, she doesn't need the encouragement.

Poor Liza, although I can't say I didn't see this coming. In fact, I predicted the loss of this child a few weeks ago. It's too bad too, but it just goes to prove my theory that AMC does not like to have children (or at least too many children) on the show. So my question to you all is this...Marcy Walker is supposedly leaving because she is very unhappy with her exactly which part is she unhappy with? Being on the front burner for months and months? Being paired with David Canary? Or does it have to do with losing the baby? I'm really confused by all of this. I've heard yes, she is pregnant in real life, then no, she's not, and now again that she is pregnant in real life. Personally, if she is, I don't blame her. How hard must it be for someone really pregnant to portray a miscarriage? Then again she's a professional actress; it comes with the territory. You can't tell me that SuLu loved the storyline where she kidnapped Maddie, but being the pro she is, she stuck with it. I think there is more to this than meets the eye, if it's even true. But the fact that AMC denied that she is leaving makes me think that it is indeed true. So just how long until Marcy and Liza fly the coop? I just hope that Marian isn't a casualty of Marcy leaving! I love Marian and her new, less poofy do is fabulous dahhhhhhhhhling! She looks years younger. See Adam...all it takes is a new do!

What on earth has gotten into Tim? Oh, reality set in. I found it extremely strange and very wrong at the beginning of the Janet and Trevor could be romance that Tim seemed fine with it. Now he's not fine with it. Well good. He shouldn't be. I personally don't agree with children trying to dictate who a parent can see, but since he's on my side here, I say GO TIM!!! I don't really like his tactics...downloading articles about her sordid past and threatening her with telling Amanda all, but he has every reason in the world...reasons that Trevor is not seeing, for not wanting Janet dating his father. And the fact that Trevor wants Tim to get over the fact that Janet tried to kill his mother is pretty silly. Sure, Trevor seems to have been able to forgive and forget, something I will never understand, but why should Tim? It's pretty major. I've been wondering just when Amanda would find out the whole truth about Janet and since it's finally being brought up, it looks like it might be soon. I don't like to see my Janet dissed...but in this case, Amanda needs to know all about this and from Janet before some little kid in Amanda's class spills all the beans.