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October 5, 1998

Was that Mama Santos I saw?? And fancy that, she wasn't completely clueless about what has been happening in Mateo's life. Or that he's actually awake. I guess maybe she read the same article in the Intruder that Raquel did to get up to speed on her son's life. What I don't understand is how Mama and Hector hated this Raquel chick so much, but yet Raquel believes that she and Maria were like sisters. First of all, wouldn't Julia have been closer in her age. And for that matter, wasn't Julia a wild child too? Those two should have been the best buds. I guess it doesn't matter, it just struck me as odd.

Mateo's explanation to Hayley on why he didn't tell her about Raquel... uh gee honey, I just didn't have time between the Alec debacle and you almost getting tattooed to death. That's lovely. He knows her whole life, Hayley made the time to tell him. But well, Mateo doesn't feel the need to share the fact that he was once married with his current wife. And then he tells her he didn't tell her because she would have freaked. Oh please! Why would she have freaked that he had a young love? She had Brian, she had Will, she had Charlie, she had Alec. But I guess Hayley couldn't deal with the fact that Mateo may have had a girlfriend before him? Spare me the machismo please! And my favorite part was when Hayley does finally get mad and Mateo asks her what's wrong! Well gee Studboy, does it have to be spelled out for you? The man who touts honesty every other day neglects to tell Hayley about a big chunk of his past and he asks what's the matter!? But at least the fool did admit that he would lose it if the same thing happened only it was a former love of Hayley's coming out of the woodwork.

The more I think about it, the more I think that Mateo really doesn't deserve Hayley. I really hope that Raquel wins him back and the two ride off into the Texas sunset together. I know I'm dreaming, but hey, it's my dream... I can have it turn out however I want it to! How many times has Mateo told Hayley... ok, I mean it this time, no more secrets? He's just said it again. Now you and I both know that at some point Raquel is going to bring out the kid that they conceived while at their special little cove in Mexico. That special little cove that Mateo likes to take all his wives. Very original Mateo. Anyway, I know that Mateo probably doesn't know that any kid exists, but man is that going to be a blow to both Hayley and Mateo. Maybe Hayley can put on her Chandler hat and try to buy the kid off.

Allie goes to see her gynecologist that she keeps referring to as a she. Amazing, someone in Pine Valley has a gynecologist that isn't Dr. Clador. But then, next week, Dr. Clador confirms her condition, whatever that means. I guess that means she's pregnant. Well duh, she didn't take the morning after pills like she promised. I guess they don't work as well when you don't take them. I loved that dejected look she got when Jake told her to go ahead and take them. I guess she thought Jake would suddenly change his mind. Hey news flash Jake, if you want to be convincing when you're telling Allie that you're not going to pressure her into taking the pills, don't hand her a glass of water at the same time. And then, of course she faked taking them. She probably thinks that Jake can still change his mind and want a child with her. I knew she didn't take them, knew it before they showed them in her hand still. That "no more tricks from now on" line made it too obvious. I thought for sure when she dropped that pill that Jake would find it, but David finding it was better. I love how he tortures her.

Tad and Dixie are getting pretty hot. Now that she's come off her high horse, I have to say that I wouldn't mind seeing these two back together at all. I like how everyone keeps putting her in her place, including herself. Tad and Dixie do work well together and play off each other really great. I got a good laugh out of them trying to explain why they were in Braeden's apartment to the super. Tad out of nowhere puts Dixie on the spot by saying... "tell him about the green stamps." It's weird off the cuff remarks like that, that just make you love Tad. Those kinds of things, I always wonder if he ad libs them, but he probably doesn't. It seems natural for him though.

I really enjoyed the scenes this week with Opal, Belinda and Adrian. It was great to actually hear about Adrian's life, and that he has a family. I'm very intrigued by the connection between Adrian's father and Opal. I know, I know, everyone is going to start thinking that Opal is really Adrian's mother. This always happens. I don't know if that's really feasible though. She would have had to have been gone from Ray Gardner a long time, and Tad was already born. How much younger was Jenny than Tad? Not much. The time frame doesn't seem to fit. But I do hope that this means we'll be seeing Adrian's father on the show in the near future. And while I'm on the subject, why is it that we never see Aunt Grace? Belinda needs family. She needs more storyline, more airtime. They need to step up this romance between her and Adrian. Why can't AMC do something with these characters! They're all great and desire fabulous storylines. Well geez, it only took how many years give Opal something to sink her teeth into. I don't know, I just think that AMC has a lot of talent already on the cast and to keep adding these young good looking people makes it look like All My Children 90210. Why couldn't they just give Belinda back her family, Aunt Grace. Give Janet and Trevor something more substantial than a sick dog. I know the end of this storyline will be touching and all, but what next? How about another child for the Dillon's? How about making it somewhat difficult since Janet and Trevor aren't exactly kids themselves anymore. That is something real, and interesting and something I can get behind. I know I never wanted to see Janet and Trevor marry, and I honestly still don't like that they are, but onward and upward. I can deal with it. Just give my girl Janet something interesting to do to go along with that fab new haircut! And I always love a visit from the ghost of Natalie, but now, are we going to be seeing the ghost of Harold with her whenever she appears? Can you see that? And if we have to keep bringing people back, why not bring back Vivian, Taylor's mummy. Wouldn't she be the perfect compliment to Marian!? I see these two as best buddies.

Back to the action... Erica made her choice. As she agonized over her decision, she sat there looking at a photo of her in Mike's arms. A recent photo at that. That picture must have been taken right before Mike kidnapped her. Wonder who took it. Maybe she just cut it out of Soap Opera Digest or something. Erica's choice was Jack. And she gets the big I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award for wanting Mike to make love to her before she told him her decision. What is that all about? I can't agree with the good bye boink. It's stupid and she's stupid to even think that Jack should be understanding about it. What I did like was Mike's heartfelt emotion when they were saying their goodbyes. It's that kind of honesty that makes me wish he weren't leaving the show. That and his fun relationship with Jack when they are working together. He was a gentleman and bowed out gracefully. For that he gets this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. I am actually going to miss him a little bit.

When the boink is done, and the goodbyes are said, Mike and Erica head downstairs and find Jack waiting. My question is this... why can't Erica ever just put on jeans and a t-shirt? She's always got some gorgeous dress on. Jack, understandably believes that Erica chose Mike. As both Erica and Mike do their best to explain the situation to Jack, Jack just gets madder and madder. I'm totally with Jack on this. You don't go having sex with the man you just broke up with, for old time sake and then expect the man you are with to be cool about it. And Jack was not cool with it, not at all. Jack gets this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK for his parting shot to Erica, "I hope you don't mind if I forego the obligatory horizontal farewell." Ouch!