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October 27, 1997

How could you not love the guy? Palmer, of course!! He gave it to Dopal again this week and good! I love how she thinks everyone wants her help. Doesn't she ever learn a lesson?? Come'on Dopal, who in their right mind would want you to run to their side in a crisis? Haven't we learned our lesson on butting in from the Kevin debaucle? Sheesh. The crowning moment was when Palmer brought up how Dopal had Jenny working at Foxy's!! Oh! I was screaming YES!!! GO PALMER!!! I have to do something I almost never do, and that is commend the writers for drudging up just a little piece of AMC history for us. That was beautiful!

I was thoroughly disgusted by Jim and Brooke doing the nasty. But not for the reason you might think. How could Jim sleep with her?! EWW!!!! ICK!!! GROSS!!! And that afterglow scene they had with Jim and Brooke...that took me from the depths of nausea to the heights of hurling. I think Gloria loses her nickname on this one, so we go from GloHo to BrookeHo. They are making my man Jim way too slimy for my liking. It makes me so mad. I want him around; I want him to be a bad guy too. But I don't want him to be so bad that he can't stay on the show. You know, like Adam bad. He does terrible things, but always has an out. My worst fears are being realized as they make Jim worse and worse and make him into the next Kinder...meaning that they made Kinder so rotten, that he had no out but death or prison. And it looks like they are doing that to Jim now. Why?? They lost a great actor like Michael Sabatino this way, and now they want to lose Roscoe Born too??? And you know, according to AMC, they ditched Skye because they wrote her into a corner with no way out. So, if they can't find a way out for Skye, which would be simple in my book, how are they going to find a way out for Jim? Skye did one thing, granted it was huge, but I still think she could still be in the show after all is said and done. I had heard that there is something in Jim's past that makes him redeemable. Well it better be good!! My guess is that it has something to do with his stint at Bellevue (remember he told Brooke once that he was there for a short time). So, please tell me that you all knew that Jim was in on the kidnapping scheme. It was so obvious! Mainly because Ricky, heretofore known as, in Tim's words, The Raunchy Dude, hasn't seen her since the picture taking fiasco. So how, from an article in the PV Bulletin about Bora does he find her at a pay phone on the street. Well, duh, because Jim called him and told him where she would be! He sent her out that way right into the Raunchy Dude's clutches. I knew it the whole time, but prayed I was wrong. My prayers went unanswered. I wonder how long we will have to endure Brooke trying to find out who the photographer is while she's shtuping him? Forever and a day is my guess, now that he got Bora to think of him as a hero as well and she will cover for him. Then again, Brookie is an investigative reporter; she does have resources. Oh I can't wait to see her smug pug nosed mug when she finds out who he is!!!

Dimmie is SO rotten and selfish! He finds out that Maddie isn't his and wants to keep her? Puh-lease!!! What a fuss he made when he thought Maddie was his and thought she should be with her natural father. Oh my, he and Erica are really cut from the same cloth aren't they? She doesn't think her daughter should be taken away from her, but she doesn't bat a false eyelash at taking Maria's daughter. And now Dim doesn't want to give Edmund back Maddie. So for being such a big Hungarian jerk, Dimitri gets this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. So the big scoop I uncovered earlier this week has Dimmie and Glo fleeing to Budapest. I don't have the details yet, but I have some ideas. I think, yes, Dimitri will flee to Budapest because Skye reveals the truth. I don't think Dimitri kills Skye like people are speculating. Yes, he threatens her numerous times, but I don't think that will happen. It could, I just don't think so. OK, back to Budapest. I think Dimitri is going to make this into a vacation for Gloria, who will most likely be completely clueless to all that has gone on. Dim will tell her that after all that has happened, they should get away, go hang out at Vadsal for a little while. We do know that they will see Corvina while in Hungary. Will she be privy to what is happening? Could be. Tad and Edmund will follow Dimitri to Budapest to get Maddie back, and maybe even Skye will go with them. She will want to help all she can before she leaves town with her tail between her legs. Will Edmund let her?

I've also gotten a scoop that as Jake and Allie grow closer, Jake finds out something about Allie's past that puts a strain on the relationship. What could that be? That she never attended med school? Nah, that would be too good. The expert on all things medical not knowing anything at all! Then again, why do I care what is in Allie's past. Come to think of it, I don't. Oh, before I forget, wasn't it just superb when Erica lashed out at Allie about not being an expert on anorexia and calling her "just an intern!" I loved it!!! It's about time someone told her she wasn't the be all end all of all doctors in the universe! Too bad Erica gave in so quick.

Adam's involvement is revealed this week. Tweedle Dumbest comes across the news accidentally which makes perfect sense since he hasn't really done any kind of investigating except for that smooth move with the tape recorder in the briefcase trick. I just cannot beat around the bush any longer, Mateo makes me ill. He gets in everyone's face. And now that he knows Adam is involved, he decides not to tell Hayley? So much for a marriage based on honesty. And he wants Belinda to compromise her principles and cozy up to Miles? What a jerk! He's got that one emotion down pat though...he plays a great indignant. Mateo is never happy, is never sad but he's always angry. I've heard that when Liza finds out, all hell will break loose. And why not, her husband is responsible for the death of their child! I'd be mad too. I think we will see the return of that bitchy Liza that we all once knew and I will welcome her back. This kinder, gentler Liza is just not my cup of tea. I like that she can show that human side, but all the time? No thanks...let's her back into that corporate, take no prisoners kind of woman mode!!

What's with the boathouse? What is this place?? Everyone and their brother goes there to hang out, to make out, to discuss the problems of the world, to confront those who have done you wrong, to break up, to make up, to picnic and to stare at the stars. This week it was like there was a revolving door at the boathouse. In one day, Scott and Bora went there to talk and break up for the bazillionth boring time. Andy went there to meet up with Dimitri and then they got Skye in on the mix. Jake and Allie went there to banter endlessly about nothing. When we first started seeing this place, wasn't it on Adam's property? I thought so.

I bet Trevor is not going to be too happy with the Tim Man when he finds out that Tim has been threatening Janet. Tim is the only one with any brains left who actually remembers what Janet has done to his family. His tactics are way off, but being a kid what can you expect? I suspect he has something to do with the scoop about Janet's past coming back to haunt her. Wasn't it last year when someone came to Janet's house on Halloween dressed as the crowbar killer? I can't remember who it was though. Maybe he will do that to her. I caught Robin Mattson (Janet) on the View this past week and she referred to Tim as her step son. Was that just a mistake or did she inadvertently reveal some big scoop? A Janet and Trevor marriage would be my worst fear realized!! PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A MISTAKE!! This cannot happen. Yes, Amanda would love it and be the happiest little girl in the world, but the days of staying together for the children are over! If that's the case, it would make Tim miserable, so what about him? Oh this makes me feel slightly queasy to think about it. If it does happen, let's just hope they told Amanda the full truth first, before she finds out from some little blabbermouth kid at school.