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October 20, 1997

First things email was down a day or so this week but it's back now. So if you were getting bounced messages or sent me something on Tuesday or Wednesday and haven't heard back from me, it might be a good idea to resend. Thanks!

I had a laugh attack when Allie walked into the Valley Inn to meet Jake for a drink. She looked like she stepped out of Saturday Night Fever and into the Valley Inn!! I think Dimitri might have just fallen in love with her at first site if he could have seen her in that oh so lovely purple frock. Can you imagine the possibilities here...Disco Dimmie would have had a total eclipse of the heart to gaze upon Allie. I bet she does a mean bump too!

I had mixed feelings about Judith's turn around. I hate when AMC does the full 180 degree change in all of 30 minutes, like they did with Opal. But I have to say, Judith's was more believable. She stressed that it was Sid who pressured her to write off her own son. And she finally cracked and said she couldn't do it anymore. With Opal it was a few words from Palmer, words she had already ignored a few times and she changed her tune. But Sid is sure not going to budge, huh? Oh, who cares; Kevin has one parent now. But speaking of Sid, he had the line of the week when he said, "oh Judith, go take a pill." That was hilarious! So, in honor of that great line, this week I give you the "Take a Pill" Award. And who better to be the very first (and probably only) recipient of that prestigious award than Sid Sheffield!! If anyone needs to take a pill, it's Sid. Good riddance Sid, go bond with your other know the one, the murderous bigoted one serving life.

I'm definitely switching to Brooke's ISP, wow, she got on the net with lightning speed! Someone tell me where to sign up for that. And to download picture after picture in 1 second is amazing. I listened and watched this scene very carefully numerous times. The guy on the phone did not tell Brooke the address of the website. So what did Brooke punch in as the URL or perhaps Personally, I think it was The guy did say that he was a regular on the Teen Nymph website as was the luscious Laura. That should have had Brooke wondering just who he was talking about.

Wow, Tim was out of control this week, huh? All of sudden he's got the biggest chip on his shoulder. He continues to make trouble for Janet, but I've heard that Trevor will find out about Tim's little blackmail scheme. So Janet and Trevor will need to decide if they should tell Amanda the full truth about Janet's past. Of course they don't know how Amanda will handle the news that her mother is a real live killer. I say tell her before she finds out in a much worse way. OK, that means she most likely will find out some other way. When it comes down to truth on soaps, lies always win. I was a bit shocked at Trevor getting in Tim's face about Laura's pictures. Is it just mean or what...I never thought that everyone would be so supportive of Laura. Especially the Phoebster. I know she was young and taken advantage of, but how does everyone else know she was taken advantage of? Maybe she is a tart (as Tim so eloquently put it), who likes to pose with the "raunchy dude" (as Tim so eloquently put it again). And speaking of the raunchy dude, wow, what a scumbag. He's not too bright though huh? He just kept talking away, even when Laura said he sounded familiar. So he just assumed she wouldn't figure it all out? And when she did, he got all bent out of shape. Hey Ricky, stick to your day job. In photos you don't have to speak.

Please, someone tell me how Tweedle Dumbest can actually be close to finding out about Adam? He's done absolutely no investigating unless you count staying away from your place of business at all costs investigating TransGlobal. Mateo will talk Liza out of a settlement with TransGlobal since he's right on the verge of putting it all together. Liza will also join in on the investigation much to Adam's dismay. I've heard that Liza is going to be none too pleased when she finds out that it's her loving husband behind this whole mess. I think things would have been a lot easier for Adam had he just told the truth to Liza in the beginning. Oh wait, I'm asking for truth in a soap, silly me. And poor Adam, he's going to get it on all sides. His wife, his daughter and son-in-law, and hold onto your seats folks...I know I've been waiting for this for a long time...Palmer and Adam's old rivalry is going to start heating up again!! YAH!!! More Palmer!!!! But back to Mateo, he was on my last nerve this week, but the clincher for me was when he got in Belinda's face at the Valley Inn. She was having a drink with Miles and Mateo came running over and said something like "First you defend Erica now you're having drinks with the head of Corview? What is wrong with you?!" If I was Belinda, I would have slapped him so hard! And because she didn't, I'm going to do it for her. Mateo gets this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD.

OK folks, I'm actually starting to like Gillian. I still think she's a tramp and she gets on my nerves because a lot of times I have no idea what she is saying. But, oh, when she yanks Dimitri's chain, I just cheer YOU GO GIRL! That's reason enough to like her. I also highly enjoy when she torments Skye. I still wish Skye wasn't leaving, but I find it fun to watch her squirm. She deserves to squirm, she could end this outrageously long storyline with five little words, "I switched the paternity test." (And speaking of that, watch for the lab tech Andy's return next week!! I bet he read about Dim getting custody of Maddie in the paper, because we all know that Pine Valley news is always national.) I don't even mind the Gillian/Tad combination. I didn't like her one bit with Scott, but that is more of a problem with Scott than Gillian, I've come to discover. He's just so boring. I love that Gillian is going to help Edmund. And speaking of helping Edmund, I really think that GloHo is starting to see Dimitri's true colors. Yes, she still keeps agreeing with everything he says like she's in some kind of hypnotic trance, but I noticed some very obvious discomfort from her when Gillian, Dim cousin, kept calling her Maddie's mommy in front of Mateo. I think Glo wants Maddie to know all her family and sees that her Dim husband is making that impossible. I'm guessing that Glo is going to be helping Eddie's cause before too long.