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October 13, 1997

The question I pose to you this week is where is all the romance? There is absolutely none on AMC right now, unless you want to count Trevor and Janet's date and I don't. I like intrigue and mystery just as much as the next guy, but why no romance, no candlelight dinners, no young love, no old love, no love period?! I don't get it. The only time in recent months that we even saw a love scene was between Tad and Gloria and we all know how that turned out. They didn't even show Glo and Dimmie getting it on, just a passionate kiss and a fade out. I want some love scenes! I want some romance!! I want a great couple to root for. I have none of that right now. I don't get it. AMC was at one time rich with great couples, couples you loved and wanted to see more and more of whether they were good or bad. They were entertaining to say the least...Edmund and Maria, Hayley and Mateo (at the beginning, now they nauseate me), Alec and Arlene (oh I loved seeing these two, some of AMC's best scenes in recent years involved them!), Kendall and Del (I loved anything Kendall did...go Buffy!!), Tad and Dixie (I don't miss Dixie really, but they were always so good together), Angie and Jesse (sweet and wonderful!), Greg and Jenny (one of my faves of all time, but not THE fave), Erica and Dimitri (in the beginning they were magic) and last, but never least, the best couple in AMC history (IMHO) Noah and Julia! Come on AMC, give us some love, some romance, a great courtship!! I'm tired of Laura's paranoia and problems...of Skye's jealousy...of Princess Antrashy's trampy ways...of Trevor even thinking it's feasible that he fall for Janet...of Brooke making goo-goo eyes at Jim...of Jake and Allie's oh so boring flirtation...of Jack's undying love for 580997, no matter what...of Belinda getting dissed out of romance all this time and it looking like she will be dissed again. The most romantic couple on the show is Stuart and Esther...let's hope their romance is allowed to blossom.

I know I always say this, but GO PALMER!!!! Oh I just love him so! The way he told off Opal, then did a double whammy tell off with Lucifer and that quack Chapman! I loved it!!! I knew my man Palmer, that crusty old coot, would come through for me. Just like I said, he never disappoints. And how great that Kelsey ended that poor me routine that was tired after about a minute and went to her best friend when he needed her. (Although her strange poetic musings that night she found Kevin were really wacko!) And now he's going to need her even more when they go to see Lucifer, who I thought left town, but somehow she still seems to be lingering. I can't imagine what he has left to say to his mother, oh my, did I really just call her that? Silly me...she has no motherly qualities whatsoever. Some family Kevin has. Which brings me straight to the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD for this week. I decided on Monday who was going to win this week and never changed my mind. It's Jason. That whole thing was a big waste, but I guess we had to see Kevin tortured even more than he has been. Jason hasn't learned one thing about the error of his ways while in prison, has he? I guess that was a little too much to expect. Seems to me the only thing Jason has been doing is working out, sheesh he was huge!

I'm totally lost as to how, why and who would bother to kidnap Laura. I don't get that at all and you know what, I really don't care. I hope she gets kidnapped and taken away forever. If I never have to see that dire expression on her face again, it'll be too soon. Boring boring boring. So boring, she will now be known as Bora. I'm with Scott, I'm not with Scott. I want to tell the truth, I can't tell the truth. Well Bora, the truth is being told for you. You could have saved yourself all kinds of heartache had you just come clean and told the truth. But then again, we know that no one on soaps can tell the truth...silly me for suggesting it.

And speaking of truth, isn't it about time that Adam started telling some? After losing her child and having the reason for it being the plane trauma, I'm sure Liza will join forces with Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber on their investigation of Trans Global. I highly doubt Liza will be standing by her man when she finds out that he was behind it all along. (Side note...glad to hear that Marcy Walker is indeed staying with AMC and it was just a rumor!) But maybe, just maybe, if Adam came clean and said that he wanted to do something about the planes, she might stand by him. But noooooo, he's just going to panic instead. That makes sense. Big and powerful Adam. Whatever.

So, now the dynamic doctor duo (DDD), Jake and Allie, are now experts on anorexia. Sure no problem, I buy that. Since they are the only two doctors at PVH other than Joe and Dr. Clader, I guess they have to be experts in everything. Oh wait, Bianca's doctor, Dr. Wyman, who we haven't seen yet, will also be a doctor at PVH. (Remember, Dr. Chapman's office isn't located at PVH.) I almost gave Allie the slap this week for getting on Travis' case about wanting to see another doctor. But then I decided to come up with a new award...The Kelsey Jefferson Waste of Skin Award. Allie, congratulations, you are officially a waste of skin. I can't believe she got that snippy with Travis though. Who in the world is she? Why should Travis just accept her diagnosis? And while I'm on the Allie bandwagon, just how many rules can she break at the hospital?? First, she let's Mateo in the emergency room to question the airline guy, then she creates the diversion by getting Glo to the hospital. Great way to start off your medical career honey. Maybe you should think more about staying on the hospital staff and not so much about competing with Jake in some stupid triathalon or whatever. And one last note to Allie...trim your bangs.

Ok, I need to end this seems as though someone has thrown a blanket over the cosmos...