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October 12, 1998

Be still my heart! One week Mama Santos shows up, the next week Petey's on. I about fell off my chair when Petey ran into the room to see his daddy. Proof positive that the kid really does exist. The funny thing was, Petey is finally on and Opal sends him to the kitchen to get some oatmeal cookies. Why does everyone bribe their kids with food on this show! Tad is constantly sending Jamie to the kitchen, the vending machine, or anywhere else where he could get food and not bother the adults.

Can AMC make this story any more obvious? I said last week that it was looking like Adrian would end up being Opal's son. I said then that I hoped this wasn't the case, but alas, it looks like I don't get my wish. Opal called Adrian over to her house, for what seemed like no other reason than to see him. Once there, Opal was feeling sad about Palmer and Adrian was consoling her, only to have Tad walk in. So Tad and Adrian get into an argument and Opal breaks it up by saying something like, "you two are arguing like a couple of children." You mean like a couple of brothers Opal? I love this relationship that Opal and Adrian have, but couldn't it be some other connection? Does she have to be his long lost mother? How many of these kinds of storylines do we need at one time? We've got Opal, Adrian's long lost mother; Kit, Jack's long lost sister; Raquel, Mateo's long lost wife who will have his long lost child. Talk about overkill. OK, that said... I love that Adrian will have a big storyline. I think it will be fun to see him and Tad develop a brotherly relationship. And I'm glad Opal's involved. But again... ugh! Couldn't there be some other connection??

In the midst of all the hubbub with Tad, Opal and Adrian, Adrian trips over Tad's duffel bag and ends up breaking something.. an ankle, a foot? Who knows, but he's in a cast. So Opal decides he should mend at her house, and she'll take care of him. Adrian is confused by her generosity but Opal insists it's because Adrian's father was kind to her when she needed kindness. Boy was he kind to her! Lo and behold, PC comes a waltzin through the door and demands that Adrian leave his home. Well, Opal is having none of that. Palmer and Opal argue about Adrian's presence in their home, but Opal stands her ground. Palmer wants to start over and Opal tells him to pack his bags and get out! You go Opal!!! She's been so great, and once again she gets this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. All the while Palmer and Opal were arguing, Adrian sat there with his foot propped up. Once they were both angry enough to leave the room, they left Adrian sitting there helpless. I loved when he said, looking at the bar just a little out of his reach, "If I could only reach that scotch."

Jack suddenly got awfully cold and mean. It's about time that he stand his ground with Erica. He finally reached his breaking point. And I can't say as I blame him. Erica thinking that Jack would be understanding about her sleeping with Mike was pretty ridiculous. She may follow the world according to Erica rules, but Jack doesn't. I have to admit though, I am stunned when he says things like, "she's just not worth it." Mike thinks he's going to set Jack straight by going to his room at the Valley Inn and pulling a gun on him. Of course he was joking about it, but yet again, there's a man at the door with a gun, then he goes into the room and doesn't shut the door. Why? So Erica can eavesdrop of course. She listens in on Mike and Jack's whole conversation. Once she bursts in, Mike takes his cue and quietly slips away so they can talk. Then Jack is served his papers to appear in court and once again leaves his door open! I'm getting so tired of people not closing their doors on this show! Of course, a big part of AMC is people hearing other people's conversations, so if the doors were actually closed they wouldn't be able to.

Edmund holds a press conference to announce to the world that Kit Fisher is Jack's sister. Once again, the goings on in Pine Valley seems to be national news. I just don't get why anyone other than the people of Pine Valley, and maybe the people of Charleston, where the Montgomery's are from, would care anything about this. Oh, and maybe a few people in Seattle. I wonder, if when there is a press conference in Pine Valley, they break into whatever soaps are on there to tell the world? Just as Jack is starting to believe what Kit has to say, Tad talks him out of it, and Edmund pushes him too far. I understand Edmund's been in the same boat that Kit is in now, but I would think that his loyalties would be with Jack and with Tad. He threw away years of friendship with both men to help this woman. It doesn't make much sense to me. Helping her, yes... but the lengths he's going to? No. I'm not a big Kit fan. I don't think she's lying about being Jack's sister though. I don't see her as a good match for Edmund. I think she would be better suited to someone younger. Like Ryan or Braeden. As a matter of fact, let's just say Braeden because I'm hoping that Gillian and Ryan will get back together. I have to say though, I did enjoy the scene with Erica and Kit. Kit actually showed some spunk in those scenes. I'm even going to give her this weeks LINE OF THE WEEK. She and Edmund were talking about Erica. After Kit called her a shrew, Edmund told her to ask Dimitri about Erica since he's been married to her, twice. Kit said, "Dimitri made that mistake twice? And you let him walk around unsupervised?" As much as I love Erica, I love it when she is put in her place.

We had two departures this week. First Kelsey. What a lame send off. She met with Ryan and told him she was moving to Deluth to take the weather girl position and finish her studies at night. Where was Joe, Ruth, Tad, Jake, Scott or Kevin? Why was there no one from her family to bid her farewell? I'll miss her, she was a great underused and underrated character. Also on the chopping block this week was Mike Roy. I loved how he went to see Dimitri before he left town. That was a great tie to how and why he came to town, to help Dimitri. I thought it was really cool how he basically gave Dimitri his blessing to go for it once again with Erica, telling him to watch over her. And Dim is up for the challenge! I was glad to hear that Mike came out of retirement and is going back to work as a spy. Heck, I wouldn't even mind seeing him drop by Pine Valley again someday, and I never thought I would hear myself say that! My favorite part of this though, was when Mike was leaving and Dimitri said, "I'll walk you out to your Batmobile."

I loved how Erica cried on Dimmie's shoulder after Jack rejected her. How about that great line that Erica had when she was talking to Dimitri? "I will never understand men if I live to be older than Methuselah" Join the club honey, but wait, aren't you already older than Methuselah? Oh I see a reunion for these two, and I can't wait! I love Erica and Dimmie together. And just look at the coming attractions. Brooke witness a moment between Erica and Dimitri and the next thing we know, Brooke and Erica are at each others throats. Hey, if Brooke has to be involved in this, let it be a triangle. I'm all for seeing more of Erica and Brooke fighting. I love when they are at each others throats. But all I have to say to Brooke is, you didn't want him babe, so butt out!

That Harold is one cutie pie of a dog huh? It's too bad that they are killing him off, but (and I know I'm going to get trashed for this) I find this storyline really lame. I was actually embarrassed for Robin Mattson (Janet) and James Kiberd (Trevor) that their big scene of the day was sitting on the couch, mooning over Harold and feeding him a ham sandwich. Now, I love my pets just as much as the next person, but this is ridiculous! I can't even focus on this storyline without wondering how the actors get through it without cracking up or rolling their eyes. And how laughable was it that, in the middle of talking about how he's going to divorce Raquel, Mateo and Trevor start talking about Harold! Believe me, I am an animal lover. I just find this whole storyline a big waste of time and talent. The best part of it was seeing that flashback of Janet when she drugged Harold. A flashback to a time when Janet was interesting. And now we have the Olson twins coming on to console Amanda, and Natalie coming back to take Harold to doggie heaven. This is me, rolling my eyes.

Just what is Gillian up to? She and Raquel had coffee at the mall and Gillian shared all the finer points of adultery with Raquel. Nice. She didn't even need to get that far, I was already giving Gilly the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award for befriending Raquel at all. What is she planning? Does she deliberately want to hurt Hayley? I guess she probably does since she thinks that Ryan has the hots for her. What I don't understand is why Raquel would want Mateo at all. He's been nothing but cold and mean to her. Who needs that? And while he's living large at Wildwind, he puts her up at the Pine Cone! Nice guy. But then again, Raquel is a loony tune. She's delusional and just plain whacky. How could she have never been with another man, yet she never even tried to look for Mateo until that article fell in her lap. I liked that she gave Gillian something to think about though. Gillian is so self absorbed, like Erica Junior really. But what Raquel said to her about love, it seemed to strike a nerve with Gillian. Of course, she has a romp with David this week so it must not have sunk in too far.

A couple random thoughts: I couldn't believe how Hayley was justifying Mateo's reasoning for not telling her about Raquel, to Trevor. I almost gave her the slap just for that alone. Great scene with Tad and Liza this week when Tad was singing his own praises for solving the big 50 year old mystery of the missing paintins. Well Tad, I hate to burst your bubble, but Adrian solved that. He figured out it was Palmer that had them. You just found Palmer. That's not exactly the same as solving a 50 year old mystery now is it? What was with Dixie moaning and groaning while rubbing an ice cube all over her chest?? Was that supposed to be sexy? Try again Dix.