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November 7, 2000

This week I'm not going waste one minute of time and go right into slap mode. The JELLYBEAN ANDRASSY LAVERY MARTIN COMMEMORATIVE SLAP AWARD this week goes to the writers of AMC. I'm thoroughly disgusted by MyAdrian's shabby exit. It seemed to be thrown together in about a day. What a slap in the face to Mathew St. Patrick. At SOS, Mateo was doing his usual job of cutting up fruit and talking to MyAdrian about Arlene disappearing. He asked MyAdrian if he wanted to do a little spy work on the side and locate Arlene. MyAdrian agrees, but then suddenly gets a call on his cell phone. It's his other mom, Alice Dawson, calling to tell him that the family needs him right away because his father had a stroke. MyAdrian, of course, says he'll come immediately and I'd expect nothing less. And luckily Tad and Dixie are there or we'd have seen him saying goodbye to no one other than Assholeo. He goes over and tells Tad and Dixie what happened and that he's leaving immediately. Then says that he knows Opal and Petey are still out of town so could he fill them in on what has happened. EXCUSE ME??? Ten minutes ago Opal and Petey were staying at Tad and Dixie's house with Junior and Jamie so Tad and Dixie could go out. Shame on you AMC! Shame on you for not letting MyAdrian see his mother on his final day. Shame on you for treating his character so shabbily for months and months.

When I think about it, I just shake my head. What potential MyAdrian had on the show. I found him interesting from the beginning. He and Belinda had such amazing chemistry and look what happened! She's gone and he is forgotten. MyAdrian, intelligent graduate of MIT, government spy, connected to one of the core families on AMC. In less than a year, he went from having everything going for him to being a bar owner with a whiny teenager girlfriend. The AMC writers really should be ashamed of themselves for treating Mathew St. Patrick so horribly. And while I'm at it, how about the horrible treatment of Scott? He didn't even get an exit scene! He's just gone. How lame is that? I think the last time we saw Scott was when he was reunited with Stuart or was it at SOS when Becca forgave him? I can't remember, but it doesn't matter really since he's gone. And what the heck, so is Stuart it seems. What total disrespect for Forbes March. Where the hell is Scott?? They haven't even referred to him. Has he gone to NYU? Is he still in PV? Is NuLaura going to ask about him now that she's back? I suspect Becca will be next to fade off into oblivion. She has four jobs, so when does she have time to find another guy to pressure her into having sex? AMC seems to revel in ruining characters. Look at what Gillian has become. Look at what they are doing to David. It's enough to make me sick. And can someone please tell me where the hell Stuart and Marian are???

OK, now that I got that off my chest, let's move on. After Tramplee and Leo see Bianca at the Blue Angel, Tramplee has a field day taunting Bianca so Leo sends her to SOS so he can be alone with Bianca. He takes her to the Boathouse where they can talk about what happened. Leo, he's such a sweetheart. He knows that Bianca will need to talk this all out, and he's ready to listen. She explains to him that she overheard the girls, Muffy, Buffy and Babs, talking about her at the Halloween dance and how the only reason she got the Miss Young Enchantment gig is because she's Erica Kane's daughter. Didn't Bianca know that already? Maybe she didn't, since she got upset and ran out of the dance, only to run into "that Stormy person" who took her to the bar. Once there, Bianca admits to Leo that she felt at ease and comfortable. Then she says it out loud for the first time, "I'm gay." What a relief that must have been for her. To finally be able to tell someone and know they will not judge and Leo doesn't. He tries to understand. As this weeks SCENE OF THE WEEK continues, Bianca tells Leo that she couldn't believe it herself when she finally admitted to herself that she was gay. She tells him that she's not going through a phase and won't change because this is who she is.

Bianca goes on to tell Leo about her girlfriend in rehab, Sarah. How close they were in friendship first, but it progressed from there. Sarah (who will be visiting Pine Valley and we will get to meet in late November - around the 30th) left rehab first and when she left she promised to write Bianca and keep in touch. Well the letters were few and far between so Bianca phoned her. Sarah told her that she wrote her a letter to explain everything. When Bianca got that letter, Sarah told her that she made a mistake and that she isn't gay after all. She tells Bianca that she doesn't want to be gay. Leo asks Bianca if that is what she wants... to be gay. Bianca tells him it's not a choice you can make, it is just who she is. She goes on to tell him that she doesn't want to hide who she is, but she's Erica Kane's daughter!

Over at SOS, Queen of the Oblivious, Erica Kane, is asking Hayley if she can use SOS for a photo shoot for Enchantment. Hayley tells her that she'll talk to Mateo about it, but doesn't see a problem. It's when Erica mentions that Leo and Bianca are her new Young Couple of Enchantment that Hayley is taken aback. Seems she realizes that this is something that Bianca wouldn't be into, but Erica doesn't. Then in a really unusual yet humorous moment, Erica is met with another Erica! It's Halloween in Pine Valley and someone at SOS dressed as Erica Kane! Too funny. You know, that reminds me of something... excuse me while I digress for a moment. A long time ago (about 9 years probably) I had a Halloween party and a some good friends of me and Mr. Diva (who was Boyfriend Diva at the time) wouldn't tell me who they were dressing up as, but would only say they were coming as a "famous couple" and then laugh. Low and behold, when we answered the door at their arrival, they were me and Mr. Diva! I remember opening the door, staring at my friend and saying... "who are you? me?" As an aside, Mr. Diva and I were Stanley and Helen Roper that year ;)

Anyway, while still at SOS, Erica happens upon Tramplee and decides it's high time she put her in her place. Yikes, bad move. Tramplee has newly acquired information about Bianca and it would be just like Tramplee to use it. So Erica sashay's over to Tramplee and tells her that now that Leo and Bianca are the Young Couple of Enchantment she should keep her distance from Leo. Tramplee is shocked in that "oh you've got to be kidding me" kind of way and tells Erica she doesn't know the first thing about her own daughter. Of course, Erica scoffs at her and then tells Tramplee that if she knows so much about Bianca, then maybe she should enlighten her. Jack then chimes in and tells Tramplee that if she knows something about his niece, she better speak up! Tramplee spills, but not about Bianca being a lesbian. She tells Erica that Bianca does not want to be a model. Again Erica scoffs at her and tells Tramplee that she is just jealous of Bianca and her life. Tramplee chortles, but doesn't say anything more.

Back at the Boathouse, Leo tries to encourage Bianca to come clean and tell Erica everything. And then delivers the LINE OF THE WEEK with his suggestion on just how to do it, "Go for the subtle approach. Plaster your walls with pictures of Melissa Etheridge and Ellen." But Bianca isn't as amused as I was and believes that Erica will stop loving her if she finds out the truth. Leo tells her that definitely would not happen, but Bianca isn't so sure. She doesn't want to let Erica down, or ruin all the dreams that Erica has for her. She goes on to tell Leo that Erica may think she loves unconditionally but there are always restrictions and conditions that Erica places. But Leo tells Bianca that her dreams count just as much as Erica's and she needs to be happy. And, in a nice use of history, Bianca mentions Kendall and how Erica never speaks of her. Loved that! Leo was shocked, he never even knew that Erica had another daughter, which was exactly the point that Bianca was trying to make. It's such a great talk, and Leo is a terrific "big brother" as he tells Bianca to make sure she calls him on his cell phone when she gets home.

Just as Bianca leaves, Tramplee arrives since Leo never showed up at SOS. She tortures him a little by insinuating that she told Erica about Bianca, but then admits to Leo she didn't say anything and that he can trust her not to spill. Leo is really proud of her, and thanks her for being discreet for once.

Bianca arrives home right before Erica is about to call out the SWAT team to find her. She wants to hear all about the dance but Bianca kind of blows off talking about it. So Erica tells her that she saw Tramplee at SOS and that she told her something very interesting about Bianca. Erica asks Bianca if it's true. Panic stricken, Bianca thinks that Tramplee spilled her secret to Erica and gets very upset, saying Tramplee had no right to tell her anything. But once Erica starts talking about the Young Enchantment campaign and how Tramplee seems to think that Bianca doesn't want to participate, Bianca starts to relax and realizes that Erica doesn't know the big secret after all. Erica even tells her that if she doesn't want to be a model, she doesn't have to and that she was trying to give Bianca the life she wanted when she was her age. That is a pretty big confession on Erica's part I think. She actually admitted that she was trying to turn Bianca into Junior Erica.

Erica goes on to tell Bianca that she shouldn't do things just to please her, but she should always be true to herself. When Erica starts to talk about how she always knew what she wanted to be and how she never regretted anything she did to get there, I actually heard her stomach growl! Did anyone catch that? It was pretty funny, and very poor editing. Anyway, Bianca says that if she could be more like Erica, everything would be solved. Which isn't actually true. You know, I firmly believe that if you make a change in your life, you don't ever solve all your problems, you just get new ones. But Bianca is young and this is how she feels. Erica tells her that she is proud of her and thinks she will be a great mother when the time comes. Bianca suddenly turns somber, which I don't get. Just because she is a lesbian doesn't mean she won't ever be a mother. Look at Julie Cypher! She let her good friend David Crosby donate his love in a cup not once, but twice! Why couldn't Leo (if they don't end up related) do that for his good friend Bianca when she wants to have a baby? Oh wait, if they do that then some crazed descendent of Adam Chandler would come in and switch the sperm and yadda yadda yadda, we all know that story.

For some reason, after this nice mother/daughter talk, and Erica talking about Bianca someday being a mother, Bianca decides she can never ever tell Erica the truth and instead she will try and be the daughter that Erica wants and agrees to be Miss Young Enchantment after all. When Erica realizes that she may be doing it for her, Bianca even tells her that she's not, but that she wants to give it a try. Stupid stupid stupid!!! Have we learned nothing from the party fiasco Bianca? She didn't want that either, and then when Erica gives her the out, she changes her mind then continues to bitch about how she doesn't want to do it. Is it any wonder that the first photo session turned out to be a mess? First of all NuLaura is there (more on her later) and she is very obviously taken with Leo and can't stop snapping his picture. Bianca and Leo play around and have fun while she snaps away. But when the real photo shoot starts, and geez, again with the tacky music as they put the "Vogue" by Madonna on. How lame, "Vogue" during a modeling session! Spare me. Anyway, suddenly Leo and Bianca have a case of stage fright and can't seem to get it together for the camera. Bruce the primadonna photographer gets all pissy and makes a reference to Leo being just like all the other male models and being "pink around the edges." Erica gets really angry that Bruce is insinuating that Leo is gay and tells him that Leo is perfectly normal. Ouch, that comment doesn't sit well with Bianca.

After the photo shoot is called off, Bianca suddenly decides that maybe she isn't gay. She wants to be Erica's ideal daughter. And while I think it is totally normal for a young lady in Bianca's shoes to question her sexuality and wonder if maybe she isn't totally sure, I think this came about too suddenly. Just the day before she was telling Leo she is who she is and isn't going through a phase and isn't going to change. One little comment from Erica and suddenly she thinks she may be wrong and wants to test drive a guy.

Last we left J. Joey Jake Martin and his idiot wife Jellybean, JJJ was getting all hot and bothered after delivering Leila's baby in the abandoned cabin. Let me clarify, I don't think delivering the baby got him hot, it was the hero worship by both Leila and Jellybean that got him going. So once WhinySpice leaves with Leila and the paramedics, JJJ turns to Jellybean and tells her that he cannot make love to her like he used to but he can hold her, kiss her and whisper to her. I'm sorry JJJ, you must not being paying attention, Jellybean is a horny woman, she needs more than a whisper. Then again, maybe he was paying attention because the next the we know, JJJ and Jellybean are naked in the cabin and Jellybean is blushing by what JJJ did to her. It seems as though JJJ is rather "cunning linguist" (thanks for that one TG!). And fancy that, based on this act, Jellybean tells him she loves him and agrees to move back in with him. Funny what an orgasm does to some women. In Jellybean's case, she can completely forget that Ryan is the love of her life, not JJJ. Jellybean suddenly bursts into a rendition of that old Peaches and Herb classic, "Reunited and it Feels so Good."

Earlier at Tad and Dixie's, David shows up trying to apologize to Dixie and Tad is not at all thrilled that Dixie let's him in and says he can stay. When Tad leaves the room, which is weird considering how much he hates David and doesn't want Dixie near him, he tells Dixie that he will apologize to Jake if it will help. And then tells her that he knows she quit because of the kiss, not because of Jake. Oops, Tad's back and he tosses David out. Tad is no dummy, and he is noticing that there is something between David and Dixie and asks Dixie what kind of hold he has on her and why she was staring at him "that way." Tad is very suspicious of the devious doc and thinks that maybe Dixie is sending him some mixed signals. She tells him that there is another side to David, a side with a heart. She then tells Tad that she and David are friends, just like he and Liza are friends. If I were Tad, I wouldn't find that a very comforting thought. Dixie then evades the rest of Tad's questions and talks him into going out dancing since Opal will be staying with the boys.

Well, David is already at SOS and spots Erica and Jack and goes over to join them. Jack isn't too thrilled, but Erica invites him to sit. David asks Jack if he would represent him in a case against another doctor who attacked him. David conveniently avoids telling them it was Jake until the last possible moment, probably hoping that Jack would take his side. But Jack never does and when David tells him that Tad and Jake used him for a punching bag, Jack tells him that he probably deserved it and will not take his case and to get over it. Erica is not too happy, but tells David that Jack makes his own decisions and she's sorry.

Tad is not too thrilled to see David there when he and Dixie arrive at SOS and notices David watching Dixie while they are dancing. What happens next is by far the MOST VOMIT INDUCING SCENE OF THE WEEK as David lapses into a fantasy dance with Dixie. This looked like something between what should have been a sexy dance and a seizure. It's so gross, I can't even cope. What I really don't understand is, if David is so infatuated with the Dixie he perceives as sweet, caring and loyal why does he turn her into whore in all his fantasies? Is he imagining the tigress within or some such nonsense? All I know is that it grosses me out. When David comes out of his Dixie induced trance, Tad meanders over to him to tell him that he saw him staring at Dixie and he will never get her.

Over at the Martin's... or should I say Joe's house since Ruth is only trotted out for the holidays, Thanksgiving being the next time we see her, JJJ and Jellybean arrive beaming and full of the joy of their reconciliation. Dixie suddenly has the urge to spill and goes outside with Jellybean to tell her about how she and David kissed. Jellybean doesn't even get a chance to tell Dixie how uh, orally stimulating life with Jake is, tries to comfort Dixie. She knows all too well how easily it is to fall into David's web of charm. She urges Dixie to stay away from David for good because he will get to her again. Dixie agrees to stay away from him and tells Jellybean she wants to tell Tad what happened. Jellybean urges her not to do that, but Dixie decides she has to be honest, that they promised they would always be honest with each other.

Once Tad and Dixie get home, a very upset Dixie starts to tell Tad the truth by telling him he was right and she never should have trusted David. Of course, Tad bursts in and doesn't let her say anything else, so she ends up not telling him.

David, in the meantime, has gone back to his office to moon and pout over Dixie when Nessie comes in to taunt him about his crush. He is rather annoyed at first, but when she reminds him what a skirt chaser Tad once was, a little light bulb goes off over his head and he ushers Nessie out. David decides he's going to slip Tad a dose of the experimental and stupidly named drug, Libidozone so that Tad will go back to his caddish ways and cheat on Dixie and then David can have her for himself. And as if weren't ludicrous enough, David decides to test the drug on himself first to see what happens. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't David, like so many others who settle in Pine Valley, a "world renowned" cardiologist? Don't you have to be pretty brilliant to be "world renowned?" So just when did David become so stupid? Not only does he test the drug, but when nothing happens he takes a second dose. The second dose immediately turns him into some kind of raving lunatic Mr. Hyde creature. Actually I thought he was going to turn into a werewolf or something! He dropped the vial, clutched his throat and started to choke.... fade to black.

The next morning we see a disheveled David wake up on top of his desk with his office in disarray. As he looks around in confusion, a Dixie clone named Nurse Amy comes in to rehash what a wild night they had in his office. David doesn't quite remember all that happened but little flashes of him tearing off Amy's clothes and pushing her onto the desk start to appear. When she starts to hint around about another tryst, David totally blows her off and tells her that if she breathes a word about their fling to anyone, he'll have her fired and blackballed so she never works as a nurse again. Amy is not too happy to have been used and tossed aside. David eases the pain by telling her that he'll give her a glowing assessment so she can chose whatever shift she wants to work. She agrees and walks out, only to walk back in a second later. She throws a sweater at him and says something like... "here's the sweater back that got you so hot." David realizes it's Dixie's sweater and sniffs at it again exhibiting werewolf/dog type qualities.

Dixie walks in to find David there ogling her sweater and asks for it back. She then tells David she came to clean out her desk and wants her medical files. David is confused by that but Dixie tells him she wants nothing more to do with him, and he is not longer her doctor either. David isn't thrilled to hear this and tells her that no other doctor can care for her like he can. Gee can you see it? It's so clear! Dixie's going to get ill with a heart problem recurring and the other doctor won't be able to save her and David will be called in to save the day! And before you non-spoiler types go nuts that I gave away what is going to happen, I'm only guessing! Anyway, the Libidozone suddenly kicks in again, David cowers from the light and tells Dixie to GO! Hmm, he is sounding more and more like a werewolf every minute. After she leaves, Jake comes in to ream him about his treatment of Nurse Amy... guess she couldn't keep her mouth shut after all. Sorry Amy, no glowing assessment for you!

After David gets rid of Jake, he orders more blood work on himself to see how the Libidozone is effecting him. He then talks geeky Gordon the lab tech to help him with the project, promising to cut him in on the profits but he has to make sure no one ever finds out. Gordon gets dollar signs in his eyes and agrees.

In some MEANINGLESS DRIVEL OF THE WEEK, Ryan meets Rosette, a divorced friend of Hayley's we've never heard about before. Who knew Hayley had friends? Ryan wasted no time boinking her. In fact, Ryan had called Liza over to the loft to talk and she arrived while Ryan was only half dressed and Rosette was walking out. That's OK Ryan, you can leave the shirt off. Ryan does in fact leave it off and tries to charm Liza and talks to her about her dreams. What he's really doing is trying to get her interested in Adam again by talking about love and romance. Liza is no dummy, most of the time anyway, and figures out that Ryan is working for Adam. She turns the tables on him and tells him that love changed him and she knows that he is trying to forget about Jellybean by throwing himself into work. Ryan denies it and says he is just trying to live his life. Was any of this even necessary? Probably not but I'm not complaining really, I love to see Ryan walking around without a shirt on.

Still celebrating their love, JJJ and Jellybean go to the Valley Inn for breakfast at the same time that Ryan is meeting with Leslie and Tad to discuss business. Jellybean gives Ryan that dopey stare when she sees him with Leslie, while Leslie bats her lashes and tries to come on to an oblivious Ryan. Tad arrives and Jake gets called to the hospital so Jellybean stays. Ryan had walked off to go see Rosette so Tad calls Leslie on her very blatant flirtation with Ryan. She doesn't deny it, but she rips into him for making fun of her when he was the town casanova. It's funny how people keep bringing that up, I guess it's so we think Tad will have to forgive Dixie when she inevitably hits the sheets with David. Tad tells Leslie that he grew up and is now a born-again husband. He then points out that she's got some competition as they watch Ryan and Rosette making out. By the way, Jellybean noticed too... not that it's any of her business anymore. Suddenly Jellybean, Rosette and Leslie are all in the ladies room at the same time and Leslie informs Rosette that she has competition for Ryan's affections. Rosette asks her if she would back off, but Leslie tells her no way. Jellybean got to hear it all. So?

Tad decided to sneak home for some afternoon delight with Dixie, but soon gets called away. He tells Dixie to change into something outrageously sexy and he'll be home as soon as he can. Well Dr. Horndog has decided he needs to see the object of his affection and sneaks into the house while Dixie is in the other room changing. He finds the sweater that got him all hot and bothered earlier and starts to sniff it again. But when he hears Dixie's voice, he goes to hide, knocking over a wedding picture of Tad and Dixie and breaking the glass. Dixie hears it and comes into the room wearing a slinky black negligee. Soon she sees David and tells him to leave. He tells her that he doesn't want her to get another doctor. Dixie can tells something is wrong with him, but he won't say what and funny thing, she doesn't make any attempt to cover her exposed body either. That must be some of those mixed signals Tad was talking about.

David gets more and more desperate and tells Dixie he cannot stop his feelings for her and that if he can't have her, he will die. OK, I'm going to die if I have to watch any more of this crap. This drug that David took made him more aggressive, not a simpering sniveling wuss! Since when does someone as strong and controlling as David beg at any woman's feet, especially Dixie's! Dixie tells David that she doesn't want him and that she hates him, ordering him to get out once again. But David is possessed and he won't leave. Just then, Tad calls to tell Dixie that he won't be able to make it home after all. Thinking she could actually fool David, she tells him that Tad is on his way him, but Dr. Horndog knows better. Dixie admits to having feelings for him, but tells him she would never betray Tad. Yeah right, anyone want to lay odds on that? David suddenly collapses and when Dixie helps him up, they share a very passionate kiss that makes me want to toss my cookies. Yep, I hated this whole thing. I find it completely absurd and out of character for all involved, but especially David. Drugs schmugs, he was desperate before them, and is more so now. It's sickening. That is not who David is.

At the condo, Hayley has a nightmare that Arlene is a witch who makes Mateo disappear. Did I say nightmare? Sounds more like a dream come true to me! After Hayley wakes up, Arlene actually does show up dressed like a witch and tries to apologize to Hayley, saying she wants to be her mother again. Hayley tells Arlene that her dreams of a family do not include her. Hayley gives her bus fare to leave town. Just then Mateo comes home and calls the police. Arlene begs for Hayley to help her, but Hayley says no way. Arlene takes off when she starts to hear sirens.

The next day, on the Wave set, Hayley is getting ready to go live. Mateo is there and wins FASHION DISASTER OF THE WEEK for that hideous chartreuse turtleneck. Blech. A drunken Arlene shows up and walks right onto the set while Hayley is doing a live show. Interestingly, neither Mateo nor Hayley gave security, if there even is security at WRCW, a heads up to be on the look out for Arlene. She just walked right into the studio where a live show is being filmed. And even more interesting, no one on the production staff stopped her from going onto the set. It took Super Assholeo to come and save the day by dragging Arlene off the set. Once off to the side, he dumps water over her head and tells her, again, that he's calling he police.

Then, in a PERFORMER OF THE WEEK moment, Arlene makes my wish come true as she FINALLY calls Assholeo on his controlling behavior. Geez, it's about damn time that someone does. She tells him that he can't stand it that he can't boss Hayley around. Too true honey, but he does it anyway. Then for some unknown reason, she kisses him, telling him she's so much like Hayley. Mateo gets indignant and again puts that damn finger in Arlene's face. Can someone please break that damn finger of his! When Hayley comes over to see what all the hubbub is, Mateo tells her that Arlene kissed him. Hayley hauls off and slaps her in the face, then tells Arlene that if she ever touches Mateo again, she'll kill her. Oh please, oh please, oh please, don't let this be foreshadowing!! If they kill off Arlene I swear **idle threat alert** I'll quit watching! This is what I do know SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! Stop reading this paragraph now!!! I'm pretty sure that Olivia Birkelund has not (yet?) been asked to renew her contract and last filmed on October 26 (which will air on November 22 if there are no pre-emptions that day). This is around when the yacht party will air, but I don't know if she is there. I do know that she and Hayley get into a physical altercation the day before though and she could very easily go overboard on the yacht and drown. Which is why I hope that Hayley's threat isn't foreshadowing. If she leaves, she leaves and it will suck. But I would love for the door to be left open for her. She's too good to lose! But then again, when is dead really dead on AMC?

OK, back to the show. Eddie tells Dimitri that he has sold Wildwind. Dispensing with any pretense whatsoever, Dimitri immediately tells Edmund that he knows all about it, since it was him who bought it. Ed is not happy about this at all and suddenly Alf appears and tells him that he has to kill Dimitri. Dimitri apologizes to Edmund, but tells him he couldn't let him sell the house and then tells Edmund he loves him.

Once Dim leaves the room, Eddie has a conversation with Alf and tells him that he hates what Dimitri has done but he would never kill him, instead he wants to kill Alf! Alf laughs and tells him he cannot kill him and continues to taunt him. Ed starts to scream for Alf to get out of his head just when Alex walks in. She asks him who he was talking to and Ed tries to cover. Alex is too in tune with the own voices in her head and tells him she knows something is going on and wants to help him. Edmund admits to Alex that he was talking to the ghost of Alf. Alex promises to help him. She is very understanding and realizes that all of his losses are starting to catch up with him. She tells Edmund that he should think about all the people in his life that love him, not Alf. Ed realizes that many do love him, and agrees to Alex's suggestion to see a therapist. He asks her not to tell Dimitri, and she agrees. Neither of them realize that Dimitri is outside the door and hears this.

Later, Dimitri tells Alex that he saw her talking to Edmund and wanted to know what it was about. Alex evades Dimitri's questions so Dimitri tells her that he thinks Edmund is losing his mind and is afraid that he will end up hurting them both. Alex thinks this is absurd and that Edmund would never hurt them. Well, she's sure changed her tune from a few weeks ago when she said the very same thing and Dimitri blew it off. Alex tells Dim she will not turn her back on Edmund, but Dim thinks Ed is trying to win back her love. Gee this storyline has gone nowhere fast huh? I suspect it will only get worse with Finola Hughes' maternity leave.

In more MEANINGLESS DRIVEL OF THE WEEK, Brooke offers NuLaura a photography internship at Tempo which she flatly refuses. She doesn't want to ride Brooke's coattails or have people thinking she's using Brooke. You know, I just have not warmed up to NuLaura. I'll give her more time, but I think AMC totally missed the casting boat and should have casted Erin Cattroll (Marilyn from the diner) as the new Laura. Anyway, thank you Brooke for asking NuLaura about her interest in photography and her past with Jim. NuLaura tells Brooke that she won't let her past ruin her life. Good for her. When Ed joins them, he offers NuLaura an assignment for Tempo and she jumps all over it. I guess since it wasn't Brooke offering, it was OK. Later Brooke tells Edmund that she feels sorry for Eliot, but has not forgiven him. Edmund relates something about his own anger and I'm sorry, I nodded off from the sheer boredom.

This weeks AMC gets a C- for all this icky icky Dixie and David stuff, and way too much Mateo for my liking. Loved the Bianca/Leo stuff though.