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November 30, 1998

Hi all! Thanks so much for all the great letters I've been receiving! I am still working on answering everyone individually and I hope to be done sometime before the millennium! I really appreciate every one of you!

Let's get on with it shall we? OK! First it was a wonderful week for AMC viewers, only three days to watch! Unfortunately those three days might as well have been called The Hayley and Mateo Show. I go through periods of not knowing who I hate more in this storyline... Mateo, Hayley or Raquel. Usually first and foremost is Mateo, but I have to admit, he hasn't been on my nerves nearly as much lately. In fact, I really enjoyed how he told off Adam. Adam who always thinks he can run everyone else's life when he can't even run his own. It was great how Mateo pointed that out to him. And I think Mateo is being really cool about wanting to be Max's father. I just wish he would tell his mother that she has a grandson! Where the heck is Mama these days anyway?? Now don't go thinking I'm getting soft, I still can't stand him. He has just had some moments this week that weren't his usual macho posturing.

Then there's Hayley. Oh woe is me Hayley. The woman it takes forever to get a word out of, then when she finally speaks, she won't shut up. Doesn't she know she's on a soap and that no one is ever unable to have children forever? Look at Maria. Come to think of it, why doesn't she talk to Edmund about this. He'd give her some hope. And if he can't, maybe good old sterile Palmer can tell her that it's always possible to have children. She screams, she cries, she whines, she burps, she wets. Hayley's world has come crashing down around her so often, she should be used to it by now. Suck it up Hayley, it can always be worse. Just wait, in a few months, someone else will probably want to kill you for some reason or another. Hell, maybe it'll even be Raquel.

Which brings us to our third contestant. The ever delusional Ms. Deer Caught in the Headlights. Doesn't she have that look to her? I just wanted to smack the crap out of her when Trevor told her that Mateo was dropping the annulment. She wouldn't listen to anything else Trevor had to say because all she could think of was that Mateo

wanted to be with her. Yeah honey, you're in for a big shock. And was she ever! Yes dear, he dropped the annulment, but now he wants a divorce. I think the girl has a few screws loose. She'd have to, to want Mateo so badly. Why would anyone want to be with someone who is constantly saying he doesn't love you? But that Max is one cutie pie of a kid, isn't he?

Onward we go, to Kit's rape. I know I said my theory on the rapist was that it would be Nathan Fisher, Kit's adoptive father, and I still think that that is a possibility. But now I'm thinking it may just be the bartender. This guy is a real sleazeball. He's talking about how she got what she wanted and all that kind of nonsense. He should be so smug, working at the Foxy's of the 90's. That's what we all aspire to pal. But just what is Tad's deal here?

My guess is that Kit accused him of rape back in Napa, knowing he never did anything to her. Otherwise his attitude about this makes no sense. I guess we will find out what is going on there next week when Tad finally spills the beans. I thought for a minute there that he was going to tell Jack at the Valley Inn. But Kit had Travis interrupt them so she could talk to Tad. How weird is this lovey dovey act between not only the three of them (Jack, Kit, Travis), but Jack and Travis themselves? I guess they can put the past behind them now since Christine is really alive and Travis can get off his high horse and stop blaming Jack. But the burning question is, how did Travis end up in that family? At least Kit and Jack resemble each other. Maybe they should check Travis's DNA.

Poor Ryan doesn't know what he's in for yet. I wonder if he thought he would be a suspect in the rape investigation when skeevy bartender man told him that Kit said she was raped on Halloween. He'd have to be a fool to not think so after all those people witnessed their uh... dancing that night. I know that Gillian stands by him and supports him during this ordeal and I'm so glad to hear that. The more I see them, the more I really love them together. But Ryan moving out of Wildwind? Where would he go? And if he didn't move out, would Edmund have thrown him out after Kit accuses him? I loved how Dimitri intervened for Gillian and tried to stop Ryan from moving out. And then Gillian, begging him to stay. You could tell he didn't really want to go. The poor guy is heartbroken. Even Eugenia asked him to stay. But he went. And I guess I don't really blame him. And after all that, how could Gillian go back to David???

Without further ado, I give you this weeks I NEED TO BE SLAPPED award. It goes to none other than one of my favorite characters, Palmer! He's being such a bad guy again and I have to say, I enjoy it. It's just a shame he's doing the same old thing, meddling in Dixie's life. Like Adam, Palmer knows how to run everyone's life better than they do. So he will keep Tad and Dixie apart. And he's got Pine Valley's Clint Eastwood wannabe, Braden, to help him. And oh isn't Braden the tough guy? He demanded that Dr. Hayward tell him what is wrong with Dixie. What did David do? He walked away from him. I loved it! What I don't get is why Braden never leaves the room when Doc comes in to see Dixie. But then, David told Opal to leave the room when he had to talk to her. Consistency please! But what's really bugging me about Palmer is that he suddenly thinks Opal is beneath him. He puts her down and makes fun of her. It's sickening! And he's constantly lying to her, while in the same breath he says he won't keep anymore secrets. She changed her whole outward appearance for him and he's still not happy. Who needs that crap, leave the fool Opal!

That brings us to this weeks PERFORMER OF THE WEEK. My man, Adrian. Oh, I just love him! He really gives it to Palmer. He takes no crap from Palmer at all. I loved how he stopped Palmer from going with Opal to see Dixie at the hospital. Then he watched PC all day in the hotel room, while playing chess with himself. Adrian is one smooth guy and I hope that AMC will run with his character. The potential here is great, especially with Belinda. Not only romantically, but how about working together? Spies or private investigators? Something cool, with lots of intrigue. Do you suppose Adrian knows that Opal is his mother? He sticks up for her an awful lot, almost like a son huh? I have to think he doesn't know though. It's got to be a shock for someone, and it's obvious that Opal knows.

Who is more stubborn? Tad or Dixie? First of all, when Dixie calls Tad, why wouldn't she just say right out that she's in the hospital? And Tad, why one earth would he lie about being on the roof? Is he that proud? How could he not tell by her voice that she was sick? Or does he think everyone in Paris sounds nasal? Why didn't Dixie say she's not in Paris? Why didn't Tad hear the heart monitor beeping? Why did Tad hang up on Opal? Why did Dixie lie to Opal? UGH!!!!!

OK, to wrap this up this week, my first week on my own site. Yipee!! I have to talk about the classic episode from Turkey Day. Oops, I better not call it that or Braden will want to stuff me with oyster dressing and cook me at 400 degrees. I loved seeing this episode! AMC reruns, what a concept! Maybe the people at ABC should strike more often. I'd be glad to watch an old episode now and again. Anywho, it was so great to see so many of the old characters who aren't around anymore. Like Mona. Wow do I miss her. She was so wonderful. And Langley. Although he was only in the background of this episode, I have always liked him. Also one of my favorite characters, Kendall. It was odd that she never spoke through the whole thing though. Derek was with Mimi, when Derek actually had a story. Natalie was on, but I'm sorry... Melody Anderson is no Natalie. I guess that's why she was killed off in that episode. Charlie was on and at that time he was dating big haired Hayley. Dixie was on and was with Faux Brian. Laurel was still a con woman. Trevor wore bad clothes and ugly ties, oh wait, he still does that. Tim was a little tyke, so was Bianca. Jack was overacting, oh wait, he still does that. Nick Davis was on! Love him. Opal had ribby cleavage, yuk! I loved the wedding, Dimitri and Erica are fab. Her dress was gorgeous and I thought it was a hoot how she didn't have to be told the marriage vows. Yep that woman has got them things down pat! And get this, there was actually more than one or two African American actors on contract. They had Derek, Mimi, Livia, Terence, Taylor, and Lucas. Amazing. And no Santos's!

Oh and before I go for this week, I have to mention AMC's kicky new version of their opening theme song. It's much more upbeat. I like that! And I'm wondering, remember when David went to the fertility clinic and the woman there told him that Adam owns it? Was that the woman from the caller ID commercial who likes chocolate chip cookies and bubble wrap? I kept thinking that whenever she was on. And oh! I almost forgot... this weeks

LINE OF THE WEEK. It goes to Adam. He and Tad were talking about Liza and Adam's interest in her and her child, which Tad is skeptical about. Adam said... "Tad, I've changed." I almost fell out of my chair laughing! Sure you have Adam, sure you have! And Palmer stopped lying!