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November 3, 1997

I don't know about you, but I found AMC to be almost completely unwatchable this week. And so, I barely watched it. There was just way too much of this Jake and Allie nonsense. Why does AMC insist on thinking we want to see these two? I can't even bear to look at them. They both are in serious need of haircuts for one thing. And this endless boring banter between them. Puh-lease!!! Give me strength! One week they are the only doctors at Pine Valley Hospital, taking care of everyone and working in every department, now they have one patient...Bianca. And they both care for her around the clock. In addition to that, they have time to run out to the prison to see Erica whenever Bianca asks them to. They are so fast forwardable it's not even funny. I just hope that we never have to see this stupid Iron Person competition. Who cares!

OK, Jake and Allie was one part of this horrible week, how about being subjected to a gross love scene between Mateo and Hayley? Why? They've been embroiled in this "investigation" for months, they never work, Mateo has a bigger chip on his shoulder than Robert Conrad! And now he's get love making on his mind? Oh gag! At least he's finally told his wife the truth. But will he apologize to Miles? Doubtful, but I would sure love to see it! All the times he got in Miles' face and it wasn't even Miles' fault! So Mateo will drop his bomb when he and Hayley are yet again on The Cutting Edge. I know the whole country is riveted by Mateo and Hayley which is why Tad asked them to be on again. Unfortunately, I have a sneaking suspicion that Liza won't know that Adam owned Corview when the accidents occurred yet and she will be in for the shock of her life. That's awfully sweet of Mateo and Hayley to break it to her that way, on national television. They are so thoughtful. After she was trying to help them this whole time, they should at least make sure that Adam had told Liza before spilling their guts on The Cutting Edge. And brace yourself folks, I think we'll be seeing that other side of Liza back in full force. I say welcome back! You were sorely missed! Just one request, if your going to divorce Adam, do it! I don't want to see another set of divorce papers ripped up!!

Erica and Gillian are quite a team aren't they? They have done more spying, snooping and investigating in one week then Mateo did in two months. And even better than that, they had success! Sure it's completely out there that they could figure this all out with only "nerd man" to go on. And like the boathouse, there seems to be a revolving door on the prison visiting room. Erica even gets to call the front desk to see if she has visitors. She might as well be serving her time at the Valley Inn! But who cares, I just want this storyline to end!!! However, just because Erica gets out of her prison browns for one day, it does not mean she's been sprung and just because she tells Edmund that Maddie is his, it does not mean this storyline is over. There is lots more going on here. Once Edmund confronts Dimbulb with the truth and demands another paternity test (um, Eddie dear, didn't Trevor say that he would get a court order for another paternity test when Dim was going after custody, and didn't you refuse? Not thinking then were ya hon?), we know Dim's not going to give in that easily. We've got Dim fleeing to Hungary with Maddie and Glo in tow. Glo, being dumber than rock, believes that they are going on vacation. And so many things are going to happen once they are in Budapesht. Tad and Edmund are going to follow them there. Corvina will be there. Dim will act as though it's a vacation so as not to tip off his rocket scientist wife. I suspect maybe even Skye will join them to try and make amends, but will fail miserably. And more and more, on and on endlessly. Even the Hungarian TV stations will get in on all it. I think our resident brainiac, GloHo, might finally see what is going on when she sees Tad in Hungary. Probably not right away, because Dim can do no wrong, doesn't hurt people and never lies. Right Glo. Like Mateo, I can't wait to see her finally see the light. What an idiot.

Halloween was kind of fun on AMC though. Kelsey made one cute little Xena and Scott had that great costume, Drunk College Guy. That party stuff was so funny. And you know, what is a party if you can't have it at the BOATHOUSE?!! Yep, open containers all over the place in a public area, that's legal. Kevin looked cute in his get up too. I liked how he came to Kelsey's rescue when Scott wouldn't stop talking to Kelsey's breasts. Scott had future date rapist written all over him in that scene. In other Halloween fun, they had the big Alice in Wonderland party for Bianca's homecoming to Linden. She had all kinds of friends her own age there too...Stuart, Esther, Myrtle, Jack, Allie. Even Allie and Jake had some Halloween fun this year, they got to dress up like doctors.

Just a couple things before I wrap up this week. When Jack was talking to Barbara this week trying to talk her into letting Bianca stay at Linden...when he said, "you've gone out of your way not to support Erica," what was he thinking?? Why should she support Erica?? Come'on Jack, wake up! She kidnapped a child and tried to pass it off as her own! Yes, she eventually gave her back, but why should Barbara be supportive of her?! That still confuses me. And we got to see that Allie is an expert in yet another area, hematology. She was instrumental in Erica figuring out that Dimitri can't be Maddie's father because of their blood types. Oh, and Allie broke yet another rule this week when she didn't turn Tad in for using Dr. Joe's computer. So who's on my last nerve this week? Can we tell? Well, you know what that means...Allie is this week's recipient of the I NEED TO BE SLAPPED AWARD. Allie wins for numerous reasons, some of them being, she still hasn't trimmed her bangs, her endless stupid banter with Jake, her goofiness (which I hate), her expertise in all things medical, her constant breaking of the rules at the hospital, and her competing with Jake in everything but insisting that all this time they spend together is not dating.